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Vincentian Royal Navy sailor, Nicole Duncan.
Vincentian Royal Navy sailor, Nicole Duncan.
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Vincentian Nicole Duncan is standing taller than her 5 feet 3 inches after being awarded the prestigious British navy Sapphire trophy. 

The Vincentian, who hails from Coulls Hill, was presented with the trophy on May 31.

She was the only female among 58 males until the seventh the 10-week recruit training.

The award is bestowed upon new recruits, like Duncan, who exhibit determination, respect for others, courage, loyalty, integrity, discipline and overall improvement.

The sailor said the 20-kilometre walk and rope climb were some of the most challenging in her training but she was thrilled to learn aspects such as marching in formation, firing live rounds and navigation.

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The 30-year-old expressed gratitude to the Royal Navy programme, her fellow recruits and tutors aboard HMS Raleigh but believed that it was her faith in God that has been propelling her. 

The mother of two young boys, Gaizka and Vishwa also credits them, her family, fiancé Andrew as well as Beverly Delpleche for encouraging her.

The graduate of the Troumaca Ontario Secondary School and the St. Vincent School of Nursing admitted that it was never really her intention to join the military, as she was initially pursuing a career in nursing.

Duncan explained that she waited for years to get a placement from the Ministry of Health as a nurse but after receiving no response, she used her disappointment as a sign that she should enroll in the British military.

After the completion of her 10-week basic training, Duncan is now enrolled as a chef and is attending the UK military culinary school. 

She said she decided to sign up as chef based on the high demand for persons in that unit and because she had always enjoyed cooking. 

Duncan advises persons desiring to improve their lives to look into a career in the Royal Navy, as there are many opportunities to advance and build a career. 

3 replies on “Vincy sailor wins Royal Navy award”

  1. Though many here out of ignorance and misinformation, would not like to hear this, but let me say
    “Please comeback Britain all is forgiven”!

    We are more desperate now than we have ever been in the last 18 years. Out of work and no money in the pocket.

    Caar find wok, caar buy bread an carr even buy ah tin ah sardines. Tings hard, hard, hard even marga dag ah walk an bark all day lang as im belly rumble!

    So do come back an save we ….. terrible tings ah happen ah dis yah yard ……all is forgiven, please do come!

    1. I understand entirely James. There is a small island chain off the East Coast of Africa, much like our country of Saint Vincent but this colony belongs to France. Sorry I forget the name. However this country continually vote to stay a part of France and not get independence. Needless to say they are far better off economically than Saint Vincent.
      Since we are already “independent” even though we are in fact dependent on charity and loans from wherever we can get them, we should at least have the intelligence to make the best of our situation instead of all the begging. Instead we have very poor leadership, as we also had poor leadership under Mitchell.

      Our leadership fails to play the hand that was dealt to us. Instead of, for example playing a strong agricultural hand we play Tourism, which is the hand dealt to our neighbors. You can’t play as if you have your neighbor’s hand and expect to win. We can get even more creative than that: Unemployed people can in fact be seen as a resource! This is manpower ready and able to be put to use to the nation’ s advantage, (although many of these people are certainly unwilling to work). There is a vast amount of wealth to be made in Saint Vincent, but so much has to be done to get there. Unfortunately it is frustrating to see that we are perpetually going in the wrong direction believing we can borrow and spend and then tax our way to prosperity instead of encouraging investment with fair policy and then going to work and earning it like Singapore has done. The first thing we need to do is look at our very insane Customs Duties!!! Huge taxes on anyone bringing in machines that create products and jobs. In many countries the governments actually pay people to buy machines that help the country. For example: I have heard even Canada will pay part of your costs for land and machines for farming enterprises, (although I would not recommend this for Saint Vincent)!
      We certainly have very big changes to make. Instead of making changes that take vast amounts of money from the Private Sector so that the government can get all the fruits of labor upfront, the government needs to equilize the ballance if the country is expected to ever go anywhere! Again look at the very low taxes of Singapore, the wealthiest nation on earth with all the best Social benefits as well! They did that with low taxes, not high taxes!

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