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Gregory Decaul, a repeat burglar, was chopped to death in Kelbourne on Monday. (iWN file photo)
Gregory Decaul, a repeat burglar, was chopped to death in Kelbourne on Monday. (iWN file photo)

Police are investigating the chopping death of a Campden Park man who was killed in Kelbourney Monday afternoon.

Initial reports are that Gregory Decaul, 49, of Mahoe, Lowmans Leeward, died after being chopped during a burglary.

He is said to have been chopped by the homeowner whose property he was reportedly burglarising.

Decaul, a painter, has a history of burglary, having been convicted of the offence on several occasions.

Police had shot him at least twice while trying to apprehend him.

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This is a developing story and iWitness News will update, accordingly. 

Correction: The initial version of this article said that Decaul was shot. Subsequent reports confirm that he was chopped.

16 replies on “Man chopped, killed during burglary”

  1. At least, other home owners need not worry.
    Others will be caught given the fact that home owners use much wisdom in protecting their lives and properties.

  2. Good Riddance!

    The Law of Old Rome was that, if one was to catch a thief burglarising one’s property during the night, one had every right to kill that thief.

    Sadly, there are some individuals who do not respect the “property Law” of God and takes it upon themselves the idea that, whatever is yours also belongs to them too!

    Good Riddance to this unreformed criminal! One less thief who had made the lives of others in SVG a thorough misery! Good Riddance to him!

  3. Oh boy…..I remember vividly your last visit to the court and the warnings that were given to you by the Chief Magistrate…well bro…you didn’t listen a word she said… !!

  4. Observer you cannot say good riddance when you don’t know the factstatus on the case. Let am investigation be done before you cast judgement. Justice mist be tendered by Mercy.

    1. Hashtag Prince says:

      Mercy my Axx!!! De man was a consistent, blatant, unrepentant t’ief!
      Satan giving him a smiling welcome to Hell’s Gates.

  5. All of you all who are say bad and negative things about my cousin.can go […] to hell .at the end of the day no one has the right to take anyone’s life.yes people make mistakes in life.but who are we to judge and crucified anyone.he is a father of 3 children.who now have to grow up with out a don’t know his circumstances of why he did what he did.only god knows the demons he was dealing with himself.many of you out there have many skeletons in your closet.i am not condoning my cousin actions.but he definitely did not deserve his life to be taken like that in such a manner.i hope the person who took his life see his face every time he close his eyes and haunt him for the rest of his life

    1. Woman shut up you talk about everyone must go to hell will that’s where your cousin is going to hell with his father satan..he just live to terrorise people life you can’t plant and someone else you think it we say back home moon nah run till day catch he got what was coming to him..oh and you talk about him leaving 3 kids behind he didn’t no that when he goes about doing his wicked act..please woman..

  6. David Wilson says:

    Every one will reap what they sow one day. Why do some people choose to do the wrong things in life we all have a choice in all that we do let this be a lesson to othes on tthat path do what is right and. good we all have a choice in everything we shall do make st Vincent and the grenadine safe again with Jehovah God all things are possible.

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