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Burglary Jeffery Jordon hides his face as he is escorted to prison after his arraignment on July 23. (iWN photo)
Burglary Jeffery Jordon hides his face as he is escorted to prison after his arraignment on July 23. (iWN photo)
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A 27-year-old Kingstown man returns to the Serious Offences Court, in Kingstown, on Monday to be sentenced for the theft of EC$50,435 worth of jewellery from a store in the city.

On Tuesday at the same court, Jeffery Jordon, who is originally from Mesopotamia, admitted to committing the crime between June 22 and 24.

Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne told the man that she needed some time to consider his sentence and ordered that he be remanded in custody until next Monday.

Jordon also pleaded guilty to a charge that on July 21, in Kingstown, he had in his possession 132 grammes of cannabis with intent to supply.

He was ordered to pay the court EC$250 forthwith or spend one month in jail.

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On Sunday, July 21, about 6:30 p.m., police, acting on information related to Jordon, who was wanted for burglary, went to Melville Street, Kingstown, where they met him on a table near Ace Hardware.

As the defendant stood up, detective Corporal Noel, who was the leader of the party, saw a black plastic bag.
The police officer opened it and saw plant like material resembling cannabis.

When cautioned, Jordon told the police officer, “Ah wah man just give me ah piece of weed.

The facts of the burglary case are that Lancelot Morgan, of Calliaqua, owns and operates LMS, a jewellery store located in the PH Veira Building on Bedford Street.

On June 22, about 4 p.m., Morgan secured the store and left for the weekend.

When he returned about 8:30 a.m. on June 24, he found that the store had been burglarised and a quantity of jewels missing.

The missing jewels were: one gold pendant, value EC$450; eight gold rings, value EC$17,385; five gold wedding bands, value EC$6,450; five gold bracelets, value EC$7,850; 15 pairs of earrings, value EC$1,280; one gold MK watch, value EC$1,460; seven gold chains, value EC$6,785; five gold engagement rings, value EC$3,875, three Petit Bordel Secondary School rings, value EC$2,100; and four St. Vincent Grammar School rings, value EC$2,800.

Morgan reported the matter to the Central Police Station and Detective Constable Haywood launched an investigation.

During his investigation, Haywood received a gold-plated ring from a local jewellery store and obtained certain information.

On July 21, Jordon having been taken into custody, was interviewed by Haywood about the burglary and he volunteered a statement, admitting to the offence.

Senior Prosecutor Adolphus Delplesche told the court that police had recovered a gold-plated bangle. 

In mitigation, Jordon told the court that when he got the jewellery he gave some to one Tevin Williams, who he said was watching the road while he was committing the crime.

He said Williams is working with the police and called the police to arrest him on Sunday night.

Jordon also told the court that he gave someone in Mesopotamia a ring and a bangle.

In response, the chief magistrate told Jordon that he was very bold-faced, noting that he had said when he got the jewellery.

She noted that the man has several convictions for burglary and asked him if when he committed those crimes if someone had lifted him and taken him there, alluding to his attempt to deflect blame.

Jordon said that was not the case.

“That’s all you do,” Browne said, referring to the man’s convictions for burglary, adding that his most recent trip to prison was in April 2019.“You just think people’s things are yours and you just going and sell and you are just blasé about it,” she told the man, who had one previous conviction for drug possession.  

6 replies on “Burglar steals $50,000 in jewellery from K’town store”

  1. Why wasn’t the name of the store mentioned? in the list of items taken, none of which was said to be gold plated and the price of the items taken does reflect the authenticity of the items, as your merchandise been stolen you not report and claim for the real thing. the owner should be investigated

  2. ok my bad after reading for a second time I realised the name of the store and owner was mentioned but it still doesn’t change my opinion on the so called gold jewelry

    1. I agree with you, the proprietor is claiming GOLD the Police recovered GOLDPLATED, should there really have been a prosecution? Nuff said

  3. Anthony Valentino says:

    The owner is lien about how much the jewerly really cost.. jewerly is very nice to own.. But these jewerly stores up the cost of the gold items 3 times over the real value… Be very cautious when buying jewerly of pertaining to any precious metal… That it may be… Silver gold platium etc…. Do not wayyy over pay… Make sure you are getting a good deal.. Then when you want to sell it.. For whatever reason.. They ass rape you… An give you less than half on what the value really is… On the jewerly.. Or precious metal substance if it a coin bar… Etc….

  4. If he said its gold then it’s gold. He doesn’t have to prove anything. Talk about the thief and what he did and not about the accuser. Vincentians are making excuses for criminal as if it’s an acceptable routine.

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