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By Kimani Wiseman

Trees are like the human heart that circulates blood throughout the body. Without it, we are “doomed”. 

Trees provide a habitat for a variety of species. In Stvincent and the Grenadines some of these species are snakes, iguana, manicou and birds such as the Amazonia Guildingii parrot, pigeons, banana quit, blue- black grass quit, purple throated carib, black- faced grass quit, Antillean Crested Humming Bird, grey king bird, yellow-bellied Elaenia, common black hawk, barn owl, and eared dove. 

I would strongly recommend that the relevant authorities in St.vincent and the Grenadines explore the possibility of establishing cable rides in the forest for watching the various species of birds in their natural habitat. A reasonable fee can be charged to tourists and to locals to go on these rides. This would greatly enhance the tourism product that we offer and it would generate more income into the economy.

Deforestation is wreaking havoc on a lot of species around the world, putting them at risk of extinction. Do you remember the blue macaw bird better known as “blue” in the movie Rio? A CNN news article on Sept. 9, 2018 said the Brazilian bird is now extinct in the wild. The article further went on to state that deforestation is a leading cause of the macaw’s disappearance from its natural habitat and only 60- 80 macaws live in captivity.

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Trees help to hold the soil firmly together and prevent soil erosion from wind and rain. In Haiti, deforestation is extremely high. Hence, when there is a storm or hurricane, a lot of soil erosion occurs, which destroys a lot of properties and loss of lives. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), erosion affects over half of Haiti’s territory with 6% of the land, or 166,500 hectares is considered to be severely eroded. When hurricane sandy struck Haiti in 2012, it resulted in flooding, landslides, and extensive destruction of infrastructures and livelihoods.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, which helps to combat climate change. People are literally baking from heat waves as a result of climate change across the globe. A BBC News article on Aug. 5, 2019 stated that July of 2019 was the warmest month ever recorded worldwide. 

The article went on to state that scientists say that it is the latest sign that earth is experiencing unprecedented warming. In July 2019, temperatures in Paris reached a record high of 46 degrees Celsius. In the UK, temperatures reach an all time high of 38.7 degrees Celsius. As a result of the warm temperatures experienced across the globe in July 2019, Greenland also lost 11 billion tonnes of ice in one day, equivalent to 4.4 million Olympic swimming pools. This is sad news for the entire world because all this ice is going into the ocean which is going to cause sea level to rise even further. Do you still believe that climate change is a hoax? And what are you going to do to reduce earth’s temperature?

A new study carried out by researchers at Swiss University and published in the Journal Science has calculated that restoring degraded Forests all over the world could capture about 205 billion tons of carbon in total. Ethiopia has broken a world record by planting 350 million trees in a day in July 2019. More countries across the world definitely need to follow in the direction of Ethiopia. Trees play a major role in attracting rain on planet earth. Trees give out water from the leaves during transpiration which rises in the air and form clouds which makes rain. More trees mean more rain.

Here are some tips for conserving forests around the world:

  • More recycling of paper should be done and businesses can use electronic billing, which would uses less paper. Less paper being utilised would protect the forest from deforestation.
  • Selective logging — the practice of cutting down one or two species of trees while leaving the rest intact.
  • Stronger laws need to be implemented for persons caught destroying the forest.
  • Reforestation which involves replanting an area with trees and afforestation which is establishing a forest on lands not previously forested.

Nobody wants to go to hell when they die but if we are not careful we are turning planet earth into hell with all these heat waves and loss of biodiversity. Humans are the perpetrators for all these environmental issues we are experiencing in the world today from deforestation because we are not practicing conservation. Do some introspection and ask yourself this very important question: Is this the planet that you want to leave for future generations with all these environmental problems we are currently experiencing? It is not too late we can still make a difference. If each one of us was to plant at least one tree in our back yard or at our school it can bring about change. Trees should not be seen as an object that has no value in the environment but as a gift of life to help us solve some of the environmental issues we are experiencing around the world.

6 replies on “Trees — a gift of life”

  1. You are doing a brilliant job by highlighting the real reasons, consequences and what we can do to reverse this course.
    Keep up the excellent work!!!

  2. B Sc. Sociology with a minor in International Relations says:

    This is an awesome article on our unique ecosystem. I like the idea of the cable rides through the forested areas…which can eventually be a new product to our tourism…Health Tourism. Preserving our trees will definitely slow down the rapid pace at which climate change is happening.

  3. The idea of a cable tour through our forests is an amazing one and was recommended as an alternative to cutting a road through the I retiro as a cross country Road. Such a cable car ride would be a boon for tourism as nature lovers pay to go see Amazona Guildingi and other birds in their natural habitat.
    Good article Kimani

  4. Trees certainly are important. Since I came to Saint Vincent I have planted over 1000 trees on the 3.7 acres I bought and I have been instrumental with individuals and agencies in propagating over 100,000 other trees in Saint Vincent. When Cannabis starts to take hold in the country many thousands of trees will be cut down to grow that plant. I am in favor of medicinal Cannabis but not deforestation. It seems the terrible deforestation that may occur has not been considered by our legislators.
    Trees are more vital than what is mentioned in the article. As the Global Warming hoax continues to be perpetrated on society, lands are being deforested by those same people to conduct “fracking”. They also want to spray Aluminum Oxide and other toxic chemicals near the Stratosphere, saying that the particles will reflect the suns rays and reduce CO2. These chemicals fall to earth and are toxic to all plant and human life and will cause more harm than good in various other ways. Those supporting Global Warming and the present stated Climate Change Agenda believe we can battle the environment and fight God.
    CO2 is not a pollutant and the CO2 levels are presently some of the lowest in the earth’s history. READER! Please look up PHOTOSYNTHESIS and find out what the main molecule is to create oxygen to combine with Nitrogen in order for us to breath…CO2! There are so many PAID-OFF and FAKE scientists in the world, to include Saint Vincent. All that I learned in ecology and Climatology in the University of Washington in the 1980s is becoming black-listed in order for those in power and in the wings of power to control us “useless eaters”. We may excuse the politicians for being dumb about science but they are in it to get more taxes and not for thier countries or thier people
    the founders of Greenpeace have both said it is a fraud. Those that do not go along lose thier jobs and credibility. Hillary Clinton said people that do not go along should get the Death Penalty!

    I will be amazed if Kenton publishes my comment because what I have written is considered heresy of the highest order! Instead fighting against God is what is being promoted

  5. The author mentions “transpiration” as a way plants expel moisture into the atmosphere. This process also gives off heat. I wonder when the Carbon Nazis are going to say this contributes to Global Warming. Transpiration is not as simple as that. Transpiration is stated to occur during ours of daylight but thier are exceptions such as pineapple where transpiration occurs at night. They may call this CAM Transpiration.

    Most rain come from evaporation from the oceans, not plants and BECAUSE THE EARTH IS GOING THROUGH A COOLING PHASE AT PRESENT, NOT GLOBAL WARMING, there is less heat, meaning less rising moist air, while coming into contact with mountains such as in Saint Vincent as the earth rotates, Cool temperatures result in less rainfall. Pressure, Saturation, Condensation nuclei, etc… is also to be considered but less rainfall is more associated with Global Cooling, not Global Warming. there is more moisture in warm air than there is in cool air.

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