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Governor General of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Her Excellency Susan Dougan speaks after being installed on Aug. 1, 2019, Emancipation Day. (iWN photo)
Governor General of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Her Excellency Susan Dougan speaks after being installed on Aug. 1, 2019, Emancipation Day. (iWN photo)

An opposition lawmaker says that the government has embarrassed the newly installed Governor General, Susan Dougan.

St. Clair Leacock, who is Member of Parliament for Central Kingstown, says that as a result, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves has to give a three-fold apology.

He wants Gonsalves to apologise for having the head of state sworn in on Emancipation Day, Aug. 1, for not inviting the opposition to the event, and for “embarrassing the governor general” by not inviting the opposition to her installation.

Speaking on his New Democratic Party’s radio programme on NICE Radio on Wednesday, Leacock, who is one of the party’s two vice-presidents, said:

“I conclude that that is an embarrassment to the governor general because, clearly, it is not of her making,” he said of the fact that the opposition was not invited to the event.

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“And she would not have wanted to have a swearing-in that appears to be partial or partisan which only a political party, because you can’t say the Parliament now, you have to say members of the Unity Labour Party were present, to the extent that the Leader of the Opposition was not present, and members of the opposition, you cannot describe the gathering of members there as the Parliament,” he said.

St. CLair Leacock
Member of Parliament for Central Kingstown, St. Clair Leacock. (iWN file photo)

He said that the governor general is above the partisan fray, and without drawing her into it, he believes “she would find an appropriate way to express her regret that that is the how the matter was handled.

“So I allow that for her without dragging her into it,” he said.

Leacock, however, made no such provisions for other government officials.

“But you cannot excuse the Prime Minister’s Office, Foreign Affairs, and the House of Assembly. They will have to publicly apologise and I will bring it up formally, when we go to the Parliament, with the Speaker whether this was an oversight or whether this was deliberate and request of them an open apology to the opposition for not being invited to the swearing-in…” he said.Leacock is among a number of persons who have noted what they see as the inappropriateness of installing on Emancipation Day, a representative of St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ former colonial masters. 

16 replies on “MP wants gov’t to apologise for ‘embarrassing’ new GG”

  1. Leacock has a point because she is supposed to be the GG of all Vincentians and the Opposition should have been invited. But keep in mind she is Ralph’s GG and not Vincentians. How can anyone respect the new GG when she is definitely not a representative of Vincentians?
    There is nothing new here based on the vindictive, malicious, dishonorable and dictatorial behaviour of this government.
    I wonder how my friend Louis took this. This is a position the boy for Black Gal wanted badly. Ralph made sure he was never in the running.

  2. Rawlston Pompey says:


    This might be seen as ‘…A Way and the Day’ for someone to ‘…Blow Steam.’

    It might be useful for every parliamentarian to ‘…Emancipate his mind from Mental Slavery’ [Robert Nesta ‘Bob’ Marley] and to ignore trivialities.

    Sure there are more fundamental national issues such as the ‘…rampancy of crime’ and frequency of violence now allegedly being perpetrated by a protective agency of the State, universally known as ‘…Police Brutality.’

    These appear more of the ‘…people’s business and concerns’ than that which he seeks to highlight, either personally for himself and his affiliate organization.

    The good MP might wish to direct his parliamentary attention to these, than to speak to such trivialities, as the ‘…new Governor General being embarrassingly sworn in on Emancipation Day- August 1, 2019,’ while at the same time bitterly complaining that the ‘…Opposition was not invited to attend the swearing in ceremony.’

    Hope that the good ‘MP’ may devote some time to read this comment before he gets to Parliament.

    Such might be supplemental, and could be efficiently used as ‘…Thermal Energy.’

    It begs the question, ‘…Had the MP and his organization been extended an invitation, would they have declined and say, ‘…We are not going anywhere on Emancipation Day?’

    1. It matters not if they would have rejected it, your question is hypothetical and is rather a rather stupid comment. Whitewashing of the facts is unacceptable because it confuses the minds of some of the ignorant people who read the comments of ignorant posters like yourself.

  3. Why is the MP even concerned about this? yes, he has a valid point but the new GG in her newly esteemed role should have questioned the PM, as to the noticeable absence of the opposition, when she was privy to the guest list which was obviously before the date in question. Afterall, her role as GG is or well should be one of impartiality, but then again who knows!

  4. On this issue Mr. Leacock I will have to agree with you. I can’t see how not inviting the Opposition to this event could be an oversight either. Am also hurt that it happened on Emancipation day of all days. This was an insult to the Vincentian community especially people of African descent. Regardless of what people think of the monarchy and the outcome of the referendum the fact is that slavery was a painful part of our past. This fact may have been lost to this Government or maybe they just don’t care.

  5. Mr. Leakcock I have to agree with you 100%. I cannot believe that this was really done to HM Loyal Opposition. And I believe it was purposely done, so no amount of obfuscation will suffice. I have my issues with the NDP but when wrong is blatantly obvious, it prevails when people say nothing. I want to hear; no, St. Vincent and the Grenadines need to hear PM Gonsalves on this matter ASAP

  6. OMG: ULP apologists gone mad again! A person like Rawlston P. can use Marley’s most profound lyric to suggest that the inauguration of the Queen’s representative on Emancipation Day is a trivial matter. Isn’t this precisely what Marley was hoping would not happen. After all who is the Queen but the ongoing symbol of the disgusting and dehumanising period when Europeans enslaved and later colonised Africa and the Caribbean for their economic benefit. RP should be ashamed of himself!
    “Doublethink is the ability to hold two completely contradictory beliefs at the same time and to believe they are both true.”
    Then again … MUSE showed that a few Vincentians can think outside the narrow confines of their political affiliation.

  7. Of course Mr. Leacock is correct in exposing this. It seems our Prime Minister will do anything to discredit and diminish the Opposition. I have to admit this seems to be a policy and attitude of arrogant dictatorship. Frankly, although I very much support certain things Gonsalves stands for but over time I have seen his character and I can no longer support him. If I compare the character of Friday to that of Gonsalves, there is NO comparison!
    Gonsalves himself is a man of contradictions. He talks of independence from the UK and at the same time he is “kissing-up” to the position and office of the GG.

  8. Hashtag Prince says:

    Totally despicable and of poor taste.

    I love the ULP but this is dictatorial in nature and dishonorable to the Parliamentary scheme of things!

    Something wrong with somebody’s head. Time to pass the baton Mr Prime Minister…. after a straight apology to SVG!

  9. Mr. Pompey are you really serious? Each and every Vincentian should be deeply concerned about any Governor General being installed without the opposition Party being invited. The people of VINCY need to pay close attention to what is going on. A little cut left unattended can lead to amputation of a limb, or the loss of life.

  10. The major should be more concerned about the fact that crime and unemployment is one of the highest in his constituency for a long time. What is his solution for this? He has not done a thing for Redemption Sharpes and Greenhill to address this plague . Major let me hear you address this matter and not so trivial issue as the matter concerning the GG inauguration.

  11. As a Vincy,I do not support no GG who was appointed by their master from a far away land. All GG should be voted in by the citizens of SVG. Black people should stop bowing to white people! Stop! Stop! Stop bowing down to white people. The Queen of England appointment of the GG is joke in 2019 of the citizens of SVG. Woke up SVG. White people are not better than we black people!!!!!!!

    1. KIng, I think you are a bigoted racist and no one should take any notice of you or heed your silly advice.

      May I suggest that the majority of white people are certainly better than you and your nasty racist views.
      There are I am sure white people with nasty bigoted views also, and you are no better than them.

      I am sure C ben David would like to comment but he declared recently on News784 Said he is finished with IWN. Wrote he will have nothing more to do with them.

      1. You are still asleep. You should awoke yourself from the brainwashing on issues that affect citizens of SVG. All GG is puppets to their white masters from Britain. Is no way on Earth I would ever respect a puppet as leader. I am not NDP nor ULP. I am a Vincy for life! I want what’s best for our country and citizens. Britain and their Queen should not be calling no shots in SVG. No white people from a far away land have black people interest at heart. White people only want power to be above black people. I base in the United States. I study history.I love my country SVG!!!!!!!!!!!

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