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Jolene Douglas

On Wednesday, Jolene Douglas became the owner of a Samsung Galaxy S10 handset compliments FLOW St Vincent.

Douglas who in 2018 received the award of Top Female Student After Remediation was elated when she found out of her good fortune. 

In 2013, Douglas’ performance at the CPEA was not what she was anticipating and had left her disappointed. This setback in her CPEA performance would serve as a springboard for Douglas in the future.

Having two older sisters who attended the St. Joseph Convent Marriaqua also filled Douglas with a sense of competition and she committed herself to excel in her academic journey. 

“Having sisters who were prefects at SJCM made me want to make a name for myself,” Douglas explained. After her transfer from the Thomas Saunders Secondary to the SJCM, Douglas felt right at home and ready to compete with her sisters academically. 

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Her CXC exam results included grade 2 passes in principles of accounts, textiles clothing and fashion, social studies, integrated science, agricultural science, information technology, and English A. She obtained grade 3 passes in English B and mathematics. 

Douglas credits her success to her mother’s dedication to pushing her and also her sisters for providing her a benchmark to strive for. 

The Murray’s Village resident now in her second year at the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College Division of Technical & Vocational Education where she has been pursuing studies in accounting. 

Douglas aspires to a career in accounting and is especially interested in forensic accounting. 

“Making mom proud, the family proud and even FLOW recognising the effort I have been putting makes me feel so proud,” said Douglas. 

The Flow Country Manager’s award was introduced over five years ago in an effort to encourage students who have fallen behind in their CPEA exams to strive for greatness,” the company said. 

“This award will always be true and dear to the Flow family as it shows that hard work and dedication brings great rewards.”