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Minister of Agriculture, Saboto Caesar. (iWN file photo)
Minister of Agriculture, Saboto Caesar. (iWN file photo)
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Minister of Agriculture Saboto Caesar is calling on persons granted licences to grow marijuana not to cut down fruit trees in the process of preparing the land.

He said that the Medical Cannabis Authority includes a food security unit and has “a clear mandate that as we develop this industry that we do not risk our food security”.

He noted that a notice was issued recently saying that the authority will not condone anyone cutting fruit trees to plant cannabis.

“We have our inspectors who will guide you that you have to leave the fruit trees on the land. You have to leave the mango trees, you have to leave the guavas, leave the wax apples because at the end of the day, we want to maintain our presence in the regional and international market as an exporter of food,” Caesar told a press conference in Kingstown last week.

“So when you have a food security unit, these are some of the matters that we are going to address,” he said.

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He said the unit will also address the utilisation of land for cannabis where there is the possibility of having a diversified production system “where the person who is going into cannabis, if there is any land extra, that they can plant other crops so that we can cement our quest to have a more diversified agricultural sector”.

16 replies on “Don’t cut fruit trees to plant medical weed — minister”

    1. Big mango trees are un-harvestable therefore the fruit is not available. When fallen it feed animals and iguanas. Also the big tree fruit inevitably has the fruit fly lave/maggot living in it and the fruit when ripe is spoiled. That is why the US banned mangos from SVG years ago.

      But big trees serve other purposes than feeding humans. Trees help create rain as they expel moisture into the atmosphere: their roots draw it from the soil and their leaves return it to the air. Trees clean the air we breathe by taking in carbon dioxide through the leaves and then giving off oxygen we need to breathe.

      Cutting down trees adds to climate change.

  1. The only way you will get that to happen is to make it law with fines and jail sentences. Or you could write it into the licences.

    But the problems with that is the magistrates would show mercy and send them on their way, the laws would be abused by the judiciary.

  2. If you have granted licences on land that are fruit orchards or have fruit trees, then it is your fault for not inspecting the land and making it a term of licence.

    Virtually nothing grows under a mango tree, not even grass, certainly not weed.

      1. Duke its not the matter of just shade, it is so dry under a big mango tree, the tree pulls every last drop of water till the ground is like a squeezed out sponge.

        There are many things that like shade in preference to direct sunshine. That’s why some crops are grown under or among shade trees, purposely planted to shade.

        Most fruit trees require full sun 6 to 8 hours per day in order to produce a bountiful harvest of normal, full-grown fruit. But Guava and Pomegranate can tolerate some shade and still fruit well.

        Coffee is a shade loving tree that grows best under the canopy of the forest . It needs little direct sunlight . Direct sunlight after noon time can fry the leaves and kill the tree. Yo need to position your trees so they get morning direct sun. I have three coffee trees growing near my house that get direct sunlight quite late in the afternoon and are thriving.

        Many tropical flowers and bushes like or prefer shade or partial shade.

  3. On the news wire up there in England, some were unable to find the metal for the Cake and unable to see the trees for the weed. “Treasure hunter, 50, felt like he ‘was going to DIE’ after unwittingly eating prankster’s Cannabis-laced birthday cake that left 13 visitors to village hall’s metal detector convention in hospital – as woman, 48, is arrested…”

  4. Amos Greaves. says:

    Now tell me if I have a fruit tree on my land and I want to cut it down. Who can stop me? This is my property. Which law am I breaking?

  5. Jolly the principle of property law entails that the own of the land has right to the land which cannot be superseded by any other law . If a person were to plant a mango tree and he or she deems it to be a nuisance, then he has a right to cut down that tree if he desires. Remember Jolly we are govern by the principles of common law. So tell me Jolly how you can fine a law owner from cutting down a fruit tree?

    1. JB I must say I have not given any opinion here as yet regarding actually cutting down a tree. So why you have addressed your question to me I do not know.

      I cannot comment on Vincentian laws because I currently do not have the information on hand.

      But in most countries there are specific laws about cutting down trees at and over a specific girth.

      Usually it’s not just a fruit tree, but any tree.

      If a tree is causing damage to a building, or is partially dead or dangerous. Call the ministry of agriculture, ask there advice, they may even be able to help in the case of a fruit tree.

      I would adviser anyone contemplating cutting down a tree to ask the advice of an appropriate ministry or an attorney. Because if there are such laws in SVG [which I suspect there are] to cut down a tree will carry a substantial fine.

      JB your quasi advice is dangerous to say the least.

      In many countries where the ‘no cut down law’ is, people put pigs in to eat the roots and bark and kill the tree. Then because it is dead get permission to cut it down. I am sure there is also a law in SVG about keeping pigs in a private garden. And the process of eating the roots and bark will take months. There is nothing quite like the smell of pigs dung.

      Big trees are so important to climate change.

    2. Absolutely and completely wrong, written by an idiot for idiots

      “the principle of property law entails that the own of the land has right to the land which cannot be superseded by any other law”

      JB I really am controlling myself in answering this very stupid thing you wrote. Because if I write what would like to write Mr Chance would never approve it for posting.

  6. Jolly you are very ignorant, I follow your illogical reasoning all the time. When you criticized ,please quote your sources. I can certainly take you on from a legal perspective to show how void you are. Kenton will certainly not censor you if you indulged in a positive discourse. However, you deserved to be banned if you resort to name calling. Don’t go off the tangent and I can assure you will never be censored. If you do censorship will be come your way.

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