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Central Police station
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Police officers stationed at the Central Police Station, in Kingstown, have to live in far from favourable conditions, as evidenced by the photos in this post.

On Tuesday, a source sent to iWitness News these photos of the conditions at the police headquarters.  

Since coming to office in March 2001, the Ralph Gonsalves Unity Labour Party administration has improved the conditions at many of the nation’s police stations.

In some instances, the government has constructed modern building to replace police station that had fallen into disrepair.

However, after almost two decades, that attention has not reached the nation’s police headquarters.   

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12 replies on “Deplorable living conditions at police HQ”

  1. My dogs living better condition than the people who we depend on to keep us safe while we sleep and when time come for them to rest ,in this pig pen they must , shame on the government who says that they love the police.

  2. Rawlston Pompey says:


    The ‘…Dr. Ralph Gonsalves administration’ is no more to be blamed than are the;

    (i) …Commissioners of Police, past and present; and the

    (ii) …Police Welfare Association itself.

    Chairman Sergeant Brenton Smith and two other Executive members Constables Kenroy Martin and Jermaine Roberts are to be exonerated.


    These conditions continue to exist when ‘…Treacherous Members’ reportedly caused them to attend Orderly Rooms on disciplinary charges, inter alia ‘…Mutinous Behavior’ [See IWN: August 15, 2017]. The treacherous members were the architect of their own frustration and misery.

    These resulted when the Executive had decided on a strategic approach to force the authorities to address these very troubling welfare issues, and someone reportedly leaked the ‘…WhatsApp Discussions’ to social media [IWN: July 13, 2017].

    Now, adding insult to injury, members of the upper echelon and a junior officer and a member of the ‘PWA,’ attached to the ‘…Cyber Crime Unit,’ Corporal Gibson have been lined up as witnesses to give evidence in disciplinary proceedings against those that have the welfare of their members at heart.

    Ironically, the upper echelon witnesses in the disciplinary tribunal are;

    (i) …then Deputy Commissioner Collin John, now Commissioner of Police;

    (ii) …Assistant Commissioners Benjamin and Sampson; and

    (iii) …Superintendent Fergusson.’

    From a professional perspective, these senior officers may have been used as ‘…pawns.’

    Former Inspector of Police Adolphus Delplesche may now ask, ‘…How these pictures look?’

    He cannot now say ‘…Read the Book.’ Maybe ‘…What the men upstairs have been doing since August 2017?

      1. Rawlston Pompey says:

        Seemed that way JG.

        In other regional Police Services, officers hand-picked for senior positions have found themselves being constantly used ‘…if the means satisfies the end.’

        Most are easily manipulated to act against their subordinates, simply to remain in ‘…good graces, but primarily to ensure continued tenure.’

  3. On 8th Jan 2012 I wrote an opinion article “Put our best foot forward as a people’

    In that article I highlighted the unfortunate state of our main Police Station:-
    “Yes, crime exists, as it does across the world, and the main reason for much emphasis to be placed on the motivation and education of the Police, including the renovation of the Central Police Station, such historical buildings should not be left in their current state. Your environment is a representation of your character.”
    I can’t believe that our Police have to live in such ‘Deplorable conditions’ any where much less our MAIN Head-Quarters..

  4. It looks like the roof leaks. We all see that the government has a problem knowing what to prioritize.Look at how the Customs now live in luxury and how much bigger the Customs Department is now compared to how big it was before the ULP. I think the police lack intelligence and are poorly trained and poorly administrated. Do you know the expression:
    “Treat them mean to keep them keen.”
    The police falsely support the ULP instead of the people the Constitution and the country. Look at how the government treats them! By allowing them to beat-up citizens and insuring the police never get prosecuted for it is not Labour Love. Even if the Police Station were not in such a state of disrepair it is imperative that drastic changes be made to our deplorable state of policing in SVG.

    1. Police are also afraid of dynastical malicious spite if they speak out about the dreadful conditions. Perhaps they should blame the British and describe as post slavery dirty police station syndrome.

  5. Still don’t know why the Police officers are putting up with it. First the hospital now the main historical police headquarters. The fish stinks from the head.

  6. What was spent on the recent trip to India would have completely refurbished the Station and Barracks.

    Its a disgrace, the photo’s are almost beyond belief, but then this is SVG and we do have a ULP government.

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