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A damaged bridge in Sandy Bay.
A damaged bridge in Sandy Bay.
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The youth arm of the New Democratic Party has highlighted the state of roads in the London area of North Windward.

“In view of the persistent plight of the people of North Windward over the years, it is rather unfortunate that no attention has been given to the repairing of roads in the London area, located between Sandy Bay and Overland,” S. GunMunro-George,

General Secretary of the Young Democrats said in a press statement on Tuesday.

“We urge residents to be on alert, as we know the devastation that could be caused by rains in this area,” the statement said, adding that Young Democrats in North Windward had been asked to be “ready to assist in any way possible, regardless of the political coloration of people in need.

“We are one people,” the statement said.

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“To the people of North Windward, there will be an opportunity for you to choose your next representative very soon; we trust that you will look at the neglect, disrespect and humiliation that have been meted out to you.

It is evident that the current representation has failed you all and has no intention or ability to address your situation. We will overcome this together and we will rebuild,” the statement said.

4 replies on “Young Democrats highlight state of road in London Village”

  1. Where ever one looks, be it Town or country, one sees nothing but sad images of communal and economic failure, rampant neglect, carelessness and twisted priorities!

    Jaded images that says Labour isn’t working and that a change is sure needed!

  2. Mica country Montreal, Quebec Canada says:

    As a former member also leader of the New Democratic youth arms, I am appealing to each and everyone that you all have a vital role and also a responsibility to proform to ensure good governance is a top priority in every day lifes. I do hope and trust that the people of the North Windward constituency would unite as one and as a society and select the right candidate for the nest general election . I know over the past also up to present there, are social,political and economical issues which were neglected and therefore this is the moment for everyone to focus and put their countty before party .

  3. Is it time for a right of middle revolution in SVG? There is undoubtedly a left wing revolution taking place at the moment. Its called the footpath block revolution, there are none. Even that big stone in the picture has been painted red as part of the footpath block revolution.

    Who ever placed that big red stone there may just get a knighthood. Most Vincentian recipients of knighthoods have got them for much sillier reasons. Not the Governor Generals of course, but the other honorary members of the dynasty got them for pretty absurd dynastically reasons.

    Or we could arrange for the stone to be knighted for services to the dynasty.

    I hope this is not deemed seditious.

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