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Terrano Samuel on his way back to prison on Wednesday. (iWN photo)
Terrano Samuel on his way back to prison on Wednesday. (iWN photo)
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The Troumaca man who was on Sept. 11, 2018 caught on surveillance camera assaulting a woman in Indian Bay has pleaded guilty to charges of attempted rape, abduction, indecent assault, and assault occasioning actual body harm.

Terrano Samuel, who was 19 at the time, pleaded guilty when he was arraigned before Justice Brian Cottle at the High Court in Kingstown on Wednesday, as the criminal assizes opened.

Renee Simmons, who was representing the Crown in the case, asked that the hearing of the facts and sentencing be adjourned.

Simmons further asked that a social inquiry report be prepared on the defendant.

Samuel, who is also known as Tone Boss, pleaded guilty to charges that on Sept. 11, 2018, at Indian Bay, he attempted to rape a 32-year-old woman.

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iWitness News is withholding the woman’s name because of the nature of the crime committed against her.

Samuel further pleaded guilty to a charge that on the same day and place, he, by force, compelled the woman to go from the road to the Old Casa de Columbus Hotel at Indian Bay.

The third count of the indictment was that he assaulted the woman, causing actual bodily harm, while count four was that he indecently assaulted the same woman.

Justice Cottle put the sentencing hearing for Oct. 18, 2019 saying that the Social Welfare Department has asked to be given at least one month to prepare social inquiry reports.

The attempted rape charge, the most serious of the charges against Samuel, carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment, which is a notional sentence of 30 years.

However, persons who plead guilty at the first opportunity are liable to a discount of up to one-third on any sentence that the court imposes.

The sentence is also adjusted for the mitigating and aggravating features of the case and the offender.

The video of the attack — circulated on social media ahead of Samuel’s apprehension — shows a man, later identified as Samuel, loitering near a building near the beach at Indian Bay.

As the woman approaches the building from the direction of the beach, the man runs up to her and attempts to grab her.

The woman fights back but the man manages to drag her to another section of the building, out of view of the CCTV camera that recorded the incident.

A few seconds later, the man walks back into view of the camera with the woman a little behind him.

The woman, however, goes back out of view as she went back in the direction in which the man had dragged her.

The man then picks up something from the ground, walks in the direction in which the woman had come initially, before turning suddenly and walking in the direction in which he had dragged the woman.

The video ends at this point.

Also in September 2018, Samuel was charged with criminal trespass, wounding and indecent assault.

Police have alleged on Aug. 6, 2018 about 2 p.m., at New Montrose, Samuel, armed with a knife, entered the dwelling house of a 90-year-old retiree and indecently assaulted a 53-year-old woman “by accosting her inappropriately”.

Police have further alleged that in the process of carrying out the offence, Samuel stabbed the 53-year-old woman on the left leg with a knife.

iWitness News is unsure about the status of those matters before the court.

8 replies on “‘Tone Boss’ pleads guilty to attempted rape, abduction”

  1. IWN is withholding the names of the victim because of the nature of the crime, while on the other hand they will publish the graphic details of a sexual assault on a child. Way to go Mr Editor.

  2. it time to send a strong strong message to other would to be rapist. their cirme and sexual assault against women and children will. be dealt with very seriously and severely the law must do justice for these despicable crime against all females and children we will be looking to see what sentence is given and i do hope the judge will let the law previl . enough of this sexual Assault and rape !

  3. I don’t see him getting no less than15 years, that’s enough time to try to make a complete turnaround with his life.

  4. I did not know that attempted rape had a max penalty of life. If this is true, then why do so many violent sex offenders walk our streets? Charges for drug offences, such as cannabis need to be adjusted in SVG but these sex crimes may need to be seen more seriously.
    There are a few certain lawyers in SVG that seem to be able to get criminals, including rapists, very light sentences. Ifind it frustrating if judges ask these lawyers for “advice” during trials. We have all witnessed that when an offense is committed against these lawyers, such as stealing oranges, they DEMAND the maximum penalties. These same lawyers talk about the inequality of how the laws are applied when they themselves are a major part of the problem! They use smoke and mirrors to have most of the public fooled into thinking they are great lawyers when all they are is dangerous, elitist, con-artists that do far more harm to the country than good.

  5. Such a young man and cannot naturally form a relationship with a female- surely no woman shortage in SVG… what a disgrace to his family and community- he needs to be slapped hard several times in the face … I wish I had that opportunity to slap him…if it was my son I’d want to kick him even

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