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A LIAT ATR-72 aircraft.
A LIAT ATR-72 aircraft.
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For yet another time, cash-strapped regional carried LIAT is promising to continue serving the region despite it latest financial challenges.

The airline ‘s Chief Executive Officer, Julie Reifer-Jones said on Friday that   LIAT was “disappointed to again see media reports circulating about the airline being on the verge of collapse”. 

Reifer-Jones said LIAT was in the midst of a restructuring exercise which included sensitive discussions with its stakeholders.

She said the media reports were not only damaging to the airline but eroded the confidence of the travelling public, even as she acknowledged that LIAT continued to face challenges in the context of the region’s economic prospects as well as other factors which were causing a decline in intra-regional travel. 

Reifer-Jones noted, however, that the airline continues to operate its full schedule of weekly flights to its 15 destinations.

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She expressed the company’s commitment to the region, adding that LIAT’s improved on-time performance and customer service were being recognised by the travelling public. 

She emphasized that the airline’s priority of providing a safe and comfortable flight experience was paramount and LIAT would continue to aim to improve its services.

Reifer-Jones also advised that discussions with governments across the LIAT network were continuing as the airline negotiates with territories to contribute through a minimum revenue guarantee model. 

This would ensure that the airline was on a sustainable footing as it continues to serve the region.

The chief executive officer also stated that LIAT’s schedule over the last six to eight weeks has been impacted by various weather systems as is expected at this time of the year. 

During the hurricane season, some flights will be delayed or cancelled but LIAT is committed to restoring service in a timely manner, Reifer-Jones pointed out.

LIAT operates 491 flights weekly across its network of 15 destinations with a fleet of 10 ATR aircraft.

5 replies on “LIAT again promises to continue flying despite challenges”

  1. Our government is in a dilemma I’ll say:We either throw away money we don’t have to keep LIAT flying or we put that same money to fix our hospital and clinics which are being neglected. The ultimate leader would prefer to bolster his image as a great leader so I’m betting his first priority would be LIAT.
    Hope he begged the EU delegation that visited Vincy for help in repairing the hospital and explained why he’ll rather spend money on LIAT.

    1. I agree Mike. Our PM has very messed-up priorities. If Liat fails we will have a short-term immediate terrible situation where a few of the local Caribbean airlines would certainly try to and be somewhat successful in taking up the slack until something else more permanent could be established.
      The problem with Liat is that the SOP it runs is essentially dictated to it by the shareholder governments, causing some of the hardships for it. The main reason why it is continually failing is because the governments use the airline more as a cash-cow rather than an essential service. Look at why the cost of Liat flights are so high…Taxes, taxes, taxes!!!! Ralph Gonsalves is the man in charge of the shareholder governments stake in Liat. I do not know what his salary is for this position but I have noticed that every financial endeavour he comes into contact with either collapses or is in perpetual trouble, but never seems to harm his financial situation.
      If the Opposition wants to win the next election it would serve them to look very closely at the TREND(s) of our PM and all financial dealings he is involved with. I am not saying any laws are broken but see who wins, who loses and follow where the money goes. Has the PM ever lost? What has the country ever gained except higher costs and more poverty?

  2. Well MIKE WEIB, time for a radical change not only at LIAT but also in the Government here in SVG. Who oh’ who but grinning fools would put up with a grubby family dictatorship for so long, and with so little to show for it in return.

    What do we get but constant international begging, lack of personal security, a dilapidated townscape, over half the nation out of work and poor health care too boot from such equally poor economic planning from a bunch of scammers and confidence tricksters.

    A grubby family bunch, truly very deluded about their unrivalled wisdom and egotistical aspirational hubristic twaddle about themselves, as our God given saviours. What fools Vincentians have proved themselves to be!

  3. Regional ferry service is way overdue I guess all the blowhards will wait till somebody else come along and see the potential and then you will hear the blowhards.

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