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Sex Offender
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An anti-violence group is calling on the government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines to enact a sex offenders registry into law with provisions for strict enforce of penalties for any violations of the law

The call comes from Leave Out Violence in SVG Association (LOVNSVG), which says it has a mandate on domestic and sexual violence against women and children.

The group says its call is supported by concerned Vincentians. 

“St. Vincent and the Grenadines presently does not have an official sex offender’s registry. Therefore, Leave Out Violence in St. Vincent and the Grenadines has taken an urgent social media effort to petition the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines for implementation of a sex offender’s registry and is calling on all concerned Vincentians to let their voices be heard by signing the petition,” said Nailah John, the group’s president.

“It is critical that individuals understand the serious nature of having such a law in place. The sex offender’s registry will act as a deterrent informing and alerting society to the whereabouts of those who have committed such hideous acts against children,” John said. 

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“Leave Out Violence in St. Vincent and the Grenadines believes that other rehabilitation programmes, for both victims and perpetrators, must also compliment the registry. 

“The petition highlights some of the incidents of sexual violence against children and outlines why it is important that all Vincentians see this as a duty to their country and lend their support,” John said.

Persons interested in getting more information about the petition can send an email to [email protected], the group said. 

Last November, the police chief told the media that there is a sex offenders’ registry in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, but it will not be published.

Colin John, who has since been confirmed as Commissioner of Police, said that the police force believes that it must balance the public’s right to know and the offender’s human rights considerations.

 “Because we know St. Vincent and the Grenadines where we are a small community and I have seen, from time to time, persons who were labelled as sexual predators came into some problems where they were unable to live in certain communities, persons resorted to vigilante justice, they were deprived for of the opportunity to rent a house because no one in the community wanted them in that community,” said John, a lawyer and former prosecutor.

“So we have to balance the right of the person to live and associate with giving information to the public to protect them or for them to be on guard as to persons with that type of behaviour being close to them,” John said. 

3 replies on “Group calls for public sex offenders registry in SVG”

  1. Great idea. However this is not going to happen, cause it’s the policeman, it’s the politician, its the teacher, it’s the lawyer; throwing rod on the underaged girls and boys…

    Not going to happen cause its the senior civil servant who molested their co workers; […]

    Again, great idea.

  2. I don’t agree to that.beacuse only the poor man who can’t defend themselves would be an that list.the Politisans who is been acuse of rape would not be there.the preacher men who have been acuse of sexing little girl and boys will not be there The big business men that sexually molested there workers and get off won’t be there. Hlngh ranking police officers names would not be there.Teachers who molest girls and boys will not be there.becuse they can get their way out.l am not defending those that can’t get there way out. I am happy that they can’t.B I am saying this a very serious problem and to many times the fortunate get away levein there victims to suffer for the rest of there life in a mental state of better Ness.So we should have DNA test done and fear Ness in owr justis sistem. Regardless of who you are and your position and money . and if you found gelty you do the time.And if after you come out you do it again then you cut the pines off and that’s it.

  3. Its time enough for us as a nation to stand holistically on the issue of child sexual abuse. We must hold our parliamentarians accountable for the well being of our weak and vulnerable, after all the judges and magistrates can only play the hand they are dealt. How can a grown man find it comfortable to have sex with a nine and ten year old in the present of another minor we are far becoming a sick state. Thanks for tj is group to start this campaign we need the churches to get involve asap

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