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rape investigation
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A woman, said to be in her mid-50s, was allegedly raped by six men in Kingstown during the pre-dawn hours of Saturday.

A well-placed source told iWitness News that the woman was liming at Heritage Square with a male friend earlier Friday night.

The two of them went to a food outlet then to the Reclamation Site, where six men reportedly raped her.

The six men are said to include the one that the woman was hanging out with at Heritage Square.

Police have five men in custody in connection with the crime and are seeking a sixth.

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iWitness News understands that the Sexual Offences Unit is investigating the report.  

21 replies on “Woman gang-raped in Kingstown”

  1. Hashtag Prince says:

    What is happening to the men in SVG?? Acting like thirsty vampires!!??

    Raping and assaulting women and young girls.

    I guess these guys have no sisters nor mothers. The respect for women is at an all time low.

    Sad, sad, sad!!!

    1. I agree Hashtag! I do not know how anyone can deny that we have a Rape Culture in Saint Vincent. Ultimately I would not want to be in the top leadership position of this country whenever these things occur. I believe that the police and justice system are beginning to take rape more seriously. Obviously not seriously enough.
      It may take a rape to occur to the daughter of a high government official before more effective solutions begin to come to mind in the head of these “big-wigs”. No matter what they believe, Police Beatings do not solve or deter any crime.
      We may only be hearing about this case because the police have suspects in custody.

  2. Urlan Alexander says:

    Unless the Rapist in Chief is out on trial for the crime committed on countless women. The country will remain with having rape on the agenda on a regular basis.

  3. Prince it has always been so. If all the scumbags were locked up in SVG there would be hardly anyone left walking around.

    Even PM Gonslaves has been accused of sexual assault and charged with rape. Stick that in google search and see the results.

  4. And are these men getting more than the 100 years they give the few fellas cause they are capable of doing thise again and again

  5. You mean what is happening to the government, police, legal system and the civil society in SVG??? There are men who are jackasses or worse all over but seems like folks in SVG pretty much do what they want to the women.
    Maybe it is time for vigilante justice.
    I would ask, what happen to the fathers, brothers, cousins etc of these young ladies and girls. Why don’t they take matters into their own hands and deal with the culprits??? Enough.

    1. Rayie, as abhorrent as it is, we must tread very carefully when we see solutions in actions like vigilantes and other actions outside the law. I fully agree with you that it appears as though civil society has been broken in SVG but we must allow our legal systems to deal with such beastly behaviour and yes, the government needs to do much more to protect their citizens.

  6. I’m fed up with the dog life behavior the men in Saint Vincent is demonstrating.stop behaving like dumb animals and respect women girls and babies.

    1. Women and young ladies should have more respect for themselves. Respect is earned. Respect yourself and others will respect you.

  7. Did the Bible say things will get worse? Whether we believe it not, seems like it is getting worse every day.
    And the good book says, the heart of man is desperately wicked.

  8. Maria da souza says:

    God have mercy upon us our men have gone evil cold and lack compassion for the women in our small island judge us o lord so that the hearts of the men can turn back to you as fathers and protectors instead of abusers

  9. The penalty for rapes in SVG is about the same as smuggling chewing gum in Singapore. If you smuggle chewing gum in Singapore you could be fined over five thousand dollars or a year in jail and if you rape in Vincy you have a very good chance of getting off or serving a light sentence. That’s why this kind of behavior will never be curbed in SVG
    Very sad indeed.

  10. King Chatoyer says:

    Is it a situation where the chickens have come home to roost? Just asking, did she sent mixed messages? Is it a situation synonymous to the Mike Tyson rape case? Again I am just asking to think outside of the box. Do not shoot the critical thinking.

    1. so even when 6 dogs gang rape a woman you feel that she is at fault. Shame on you!! you should be ashamed to identify with that name of Chatoyer. STOP giving excuse for the persons who commit these crimes. You justifying the actions not thinking outside of the box. Shame on you!

    2. King Chatoyer, I am not sure if a woman would send mixed signals to be brutalize this way. Unless the signals are clear she should not be touched. Basically what you are doing is blaming the victim.

  11. King Chatoyer says:

    A lot of Vincentian women indulge themselves in double speak, they say no when they mean yes. You often hear the expression leave it there (day) then. If you don’t take the pie, they say your are doan (foolish ) or call you a mumu man a negative connotation in the local lexicon.

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