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The campus of the Division of Technical and Vocational Education of the Community College, at Arnos Vale.
The campus of the Division of Technical and Vocational Education of the Community College, at Arnos Vale.
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Students of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College, Division of Technical Vocational Education were sent home recently after being inspected by lecturers as it pertains to their uniform. 

With the nation knowing about the professional ambience of this division, some students were spoken to and treated in ways that didn’t show professionalism at all.

Another issue is, why send students home in the middle of school day because of a simple issue of them not having the “appropriate” uniform.

Uniform has been a perpetual issue in every faculty in St. Vincent and Grenadines but how it is dealt with and what lecturers/teachers say to students is very sorrowful. One’s attire should not be the main focus at schools. Building a teacher/student relationship and making sure everyone understands what I bring thought in school should be the goal. 

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Students should understand what the Division of Technical and Vocational education is doing, they are preparing you for the world of work and modesty is the best policy but lecturers/teachers should understand that respect goes both ways. For example, a student was told that it was because of their “solidness” why their uniform is unable to fit properly. As we can see, this is an issue of discrimination. Another student was sent home because their uniform pants was too long. What exactly is a perfect uniform?

A report was made that lectures went as far as measuring students’ pants and skirts. 

Giving that the rules and regulations have been given to the students, discrimination should not be present and I urge that this issue is fixed.

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14 replies on “What’s a perfect uniform at Technical College?”

  1. Let’s be mindful that this Division of combined college has always carried a standard a cut above the rest. I’m not advocating for discrimination, but we do realize that when you give an inch, some folks take it to mean the yard is now theirs. I had discussion with an employer who always patronized the Technical college but is skeptical now as he said, I got a not so nice batch the last time, they paid not attention to rules and regulations. Keep your head up and learn, be proud to be part of something that still has rules and regulations. A perfect uniform is one that conforms to what is laid out in the rule books.

  2. Honestly I do not believe in uniforms, our educational system is stock following a part that use to work in the past while everything else meaning the working environment has been changing. I do understand trying to teach preparedness for the work field, at the same time are we asking ourselves is what we are doing now working? We are way to focus on the strict classroom system that we forget to teach the relevant things for life, like learning how to budget your income, or how to invest your money or how to avoid debt. I learned these things out of school. Sadly I spent 14 Yrs of schooling and only the first 6 Yrs were relevant. Nothing from college or high school created my career. I had to take courses and other self teaching tools just to learn what I do today! Not saying its all a waste of time, just saying the entire structure and focus of the educational system should we revised and focus on more relevant things of our time that will actually help someone coming out of school into the working force

  3. Yes I am one of those person they sent home saying that my pants was too long and it ain’t even long‍♂️Madness first time in my life I’ve heard that before, We come to school to learn not to study pants and another thing is that I been wearing a camouflage bag since year 1 now they saying I have to change it

  4. I still don’t see how students uniform affects their learning. Teachers these days are focused on the wrong things, instead of focusing on what should be taught they want to send home man for uniform. That make sense?

  5. Students should adhere to the college uniform code of conduct. I do not see them not adhering to the rules as a simple matter. I do agree that the teachers should show the students respect. Teachers show not be commenting about a student size in relation to their uniform.

    1. I totally agree with you. What if all the people who has to wear uniforns, police, Army etc decides they don’t have to? I attend Technical in the 70’s and uniform was always worn proudly and decently.

  6. Uniforms are not only worn In school but also in many non educational institutions. Although it may be difficult for some to see the purpose they do serve many and it is not because these institutions are stuck but one of which is to create uniformity across the board and to help reduce these subjective disparities between what is appropriate to wear or not. If you minus the uniform I doubt this issue of appropriate school attire will disappear. I to attended Technical college and when I did the specifications for my uniform was given to me. Furthermore, maybe the teacher was commenting on the uniform in relation to the student size (BE CERTAIN), maybe these are not just matters of discrimination or but mostly simple disrespect from both parties and not just one, because some student do know when their uniform is beyond appropriate, it do not require statistics or science to recognize it.

  7. Dress appropriately in your damn uniforms and stop bitching. Follow the rules thst will prepare you for the workforce. You are complaining now, just wait until you go out in the real world and you will appreciate the training you got. STOP BITCHING.

    1. Ya idiot? Did they say the students don’t dress appropriate? Clearly the pants and skirts are perfect but there’s still a problem

  8. I think that relevance should be paid to implementing processes and procedures for updating the school curriculum to focus on global readiness, changing needs in careers, jobs and employment market skills readiness, what the markets need in the terms of skill sets, aptitude, attitude, relevance and knowledge. Uniforms are set and initiated to tone down competition among students and to bring uniformity, bring in a sense of balance and to prevent discrimination whereby students are prejudged based on others sense of acceptance and be based on what they wear rather than what they know.

    I cannot see how uniforms should be used as a measuring gauge or tool and what it does to prepare one for the workplace except in organizations that use them to identify between employees or staff from non-employees and the importance because most ordinary jobs do not require wearing uniforms. Shaming a student because of how his/her uniform fits is inappropriate, rude and not relevant. Uniforms are a hand me down from the colonial system although I admit they make the students look more tidy.

    So, let us focus on global skills, aptitude, ability and present and the future changing market needs within the international and growing global markets. We have little or no excuses now because we are exposed to global technologies. We are exposed to research that is being done on computerized systems and available and accessible almost instantaneously.

  9. Uniforms are neither good nor bad, I think; neither ought they to be a central theme in a practical life that is marked by far more compelling issues. To further complicate a practical life by imposing disruptive measures and creating consequences that teach nothing is at least frivolous. Frivolous could run right up to idiotic.

  10. Students know what the uniform is and how it should be worn. There are rules that must be followed in order to maintain a sense of order, especially when dealing with hundreds of teenagers who are always testing the boundaries set in place for them. The school should be FIRM with this issue. The uniform must be respected. Students know what the uniform is, but yet they CHOOSE to not abide by the rules by buying or making clothes that don’t fall within the rules and wearing them to school. Often times they spend extra in order to accomplish this. Utter foolishness! Letting small things slide with students is how schools descend into lawlessness.

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