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Members of the Sexual Offences Unit.
Members of the Sexual Offences Unit.
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In the first year of its existence, the Sexual Offences Unit of the Royal Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force has investigated 174 cases of sexual assault, made 90 arrests, and have had two completed trials, both of which ended with convictions and custodial sentences.

The unit celebrated its first anniversary on Wednesday, under the theme “See something, know something, say something; stop all sexual abuse”. 

The unit was launched on Nov. 6, 2018 with nine officers — seven females and two males. 

It presently has eight officers who investigate most of the reports of sexual assault throughout St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Apart from investigations, the Unit has embarked on an educational drive by visiting several schools and held discussions on sexual abuse with students, teachers and parents. 

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To commemorate its first anniversary, members of the unit and Commissioner of Police, Colin John attended a church service last Sunday at the Methodist Church Hall. 

This was followed by a number of activities and lectures on sexual abuse and methods to prevent and counter sexual abuse.

13 replies on “Sexual Offences Unit tackles 174 cases in first year”

  1. Urlan Alexander says:

    Congrats! However it would be very good to see if this unit will be able to arrest the “Rape Boss”. He is known to them and members of that unit can attest his advancement. So let us see what “mettle” the unit is made of and the “balls” that the ladies have in bringing “Rape Boss” to justice.

    1. What are you guys really celebrating? there are so much young children and women out there that are mental damage from sexual abuse from their family members, friends,bosses, prime minister, police, ect, the list goes on.

      You 174 need to stop giving yourself a pat on the back for not doing anything.

      What you all need to do is put a team of counsellors/ psychiatrist to help those people that are mentally damaged from the abused they went throw.

  2. More Stat p

    We need more information.

    How many Females
    How many Males
    How many are false
    How many are still pending.
    How many Dismiss
    positions of accused. Ministers of Religion, ministers in government, police officers, teacher s, farmers, civil servants, managers, lawyers, and others.
    please give us the facts.

  3. Me hear dem say, dat dis yah ah one sick, sick country dis yah, wen de people carr keep dem lickle gal pickney safe fram roaming eye predators who really belong ah jail!

    An watch yah na, dem say devil ah find tings fo idle man fe do. Well now government ha fo find prison cells fe dem sick predators fe go!

  4. Is this unit also set up to deal with past unsolved cases. Are they able to resurrect cold case enquiries.

    Would they be able to re-investigate all of the cases whereby numerous women have complained about Ralph E Gonsalves?

  5. Hope you all now help your very own who is still crying out for help, after being given an assurance kiss. Then a rally, maybe a party in celebration. Pls Pls start Yr. Investigation now.

  6. this is a very good step in the right direction and long overdue. Now whats needed is the sex offenders registry and share data with our regional neighbors .

  7. Only 2 convictions with custodial sentences from 174 cases? That is not a very good record! What if the headlines would read:
    “Two convictions from 174 cases in one year.”
    With all the sexual offenses in SVG that would be considered a total failure!

  8. This is highly commendable work. Unfortunately, I was told of incident in SVG quite recently of a rape where the police badly miss handle the crime scene. Not only did the police poorly managed crime scene, their utterance was very psychologically damaging to the victim. There comments and failures were tantamount of neglect of duty and warrants serious disciplinary action.

    The Royal St. Vincent Police Force is in dire need of a proper forensic support unit. This must first start with a clear objective, proper structure, and strategy. The crime scene is the most vital part of an investigation and will determine the outcome of the case if not properly managed. Contamination of the crime seen results in doubts being cast on the integrity of the evidence recovered.

    There can be several crime scenes in a single incident. These can be the individual himself, his vehicle, the location where the crime took place and locations where the victim and accuse visited. A forensic strategy has to be develop for each. Wearing of decontamination suits is a must as well as proper packaging and handling, and preservation of the evidence recovered.

    Each Police Station should have a team of forensic support Officers, whose role is to secure the crime scene and process the evidence to obtain maximum value. Significant value should be placed on collecting DNA evidence and elimination samples. Though very expensive to process, DNA is the most damning evidence.

    SVG should establish a strategic partnership with a Laboratory in Taiwan or another country to expedite the processing of forensic evidence such as DNA. Despite the many challenges the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force seems to be heading in the right direction under its new leadership.

    1. The shame is that our police force is next to useless in detecting. Unless they have someone to beat a confession from they are totally useless.

      There should be a statement from the minister, who happens to be Ralph Gonsalves, that the beatings must stop. But that will never happen because the Act that protected the public from such beatings was removed at the behest of Gonsalves. That act was called PACE, whilst every other country in the world adopted it SVG disposed of it.

      Dirty politics have resulted in a dirty police force with dirty behaviour.

  9. Well what do you all expect when the head is rotten. One law for he and another law for the rest, or is it as simple as black and white?

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