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The Christian Coalition SVG, a group of churches, will hold a March and Rally in Kingstown on Thursday, one day after a pre-trial hearing of a lawsuit challenging the anti-buggery laws in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. 

The event takes place from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., with the rally beginning at 12.30 p.m. at Heritage Square.

The theme is “A Call to Righteousness, Calling our Nation to God”. 

Bishop Stephen Ollivierre, of the Christian Coalition steering committee, said three areas of national concern will be highlighted.

They are: the challenge to SVG’s buggery laws of SVG, crime, and the family — rape/domestic abuse.

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The march will start simultaneously at Mahogany Square (Girls High School Bus Stop) and Little Tokyo, There will be joint prayer at the Court House, after which both groups will march together to Heritage Square.

The organisers are asking persons attending the rally to wear plain white tops. 

The Christian Coalition SVG is a collaboration of various churches, including the Association of Evangelical Churches, Seventh Day Adventists, Methodists, Catholics, and Spiritual Baptists. 

Gay Vincentians Sean Macleish, 53, who is based in the United States, and Javin Johnson, 22, who successfully claimed asylum in the United Kingdom in 2017 have brought the legal challenges against SVG’s buggery laws.

The men are arguing that the laws, leftovers from British colonial rule, are discriminatory, inhumane and against the basic tenets of the Constitution of SVG that protect the rights and freedoms of every citizen, and that they were removed from the UK some time ago.

7 replies on “Christian Coalition SVG to rally in support of anti-buggery laws”

  1. OK H. Nigel Thomas of Quebec take note of this advocacy. Yuremein will never be turned into a Buller State.

  2. So the same hypocrites who stood by silently during the rape rally, and most importantly during the spate of murders, rapes, and child molestations, really want us to get behind them now?
    Consenting adults in the privacy of their homes is a bridge too far; yet we constantly hear rumors of ppl having to go to this and that office and sell their bodies and souls in hope of a job. One of their own was convicted for destroying more than one generation of a single family, and not a blasted squeak from any of them, they make me sick.
    I have zero respect for any of those hypocrites on that body who remain silent, including a cousin of mine and one of my childhood friends. #gtfoh

  3. There are those in government here and in the judiciary, who are sure caught on the horns of a dilemma in this matter of the legalisation of homosexuality.

    On the one hand they tell us that they are both moral and godly however, they know that the assurances that they have given to their foreign aid donors, cannot be squared with the views of the majority of the Vincentian people’s position on homosexuality.

    In the circumstance however, perhaps they could take some direction from that former Stoic, EMPEROR MARCUS ANTONINUS in his Meditations!

    1. From my grandfather Verus: the lessons of noble character and even temper. 2. From my father’s reputation and my memory of him: modesty and manliness. 3. From my mother: piety and bountifulness, to keep myself not only from doing evil but even from dwelling on evil thoughts, simplicity too in diet and to be far removed from the ways of the rich.

  4. The Christian Coalition S.V.G are not the only people remaining in the world who are thoroughly against the wholesale abandoning of once internationally held moral values.

    Some Christians and other angry activists in Georgia have burnt an LGBT flag in the Georgian capital Tbilisi while Protesting against Oscar-nominated gay film ‘And Then We Danced’ premiere. The Story of the film features two male dancers in Georgia’s national ballet.

    “The anti-gay protesters chanted ‘Long live Georgia!’ and ‘Shame!’ as they burned the rainbow flag while an Orthodox priest recited a prayer”.

  5. I cannot understand for a moment why the minority should rule the majority. I don’t care a darn what the do in their private bedrooms, but don’t ask the government to change the laws to accommodate their values. What about the values of the majority?

  6. Anthony Patterson says:

    One must respect the rights of all human beings made in rhe image of God to freedom of thought, speech, worship, and expression. Also freedom from violence, discrimination and prejudice. This must however be balanced against the society’s rights including our children’s rights to the best and most wholesome family environment. The challenge to the buggery law is a misguided and dangerous step toward same union legalization and its associated pernicious consequences. It is a slippery slope toward a degradation of the human identity and the family structure. It is a recipe for social and moral confusion and disorder. There is profound ancient wisdom in the enactment of buggery laws which is lost on the self-seeking mindset of the proponents of buggery and the LGBTQ agenda today. LGBTQ ‘rights’ cannot be superior to the rights of the society to self-preservation and protection of our children against this demoralizing ideology. Many former LGBTQ persons are warning about the dangers of this lifestyle receiving widespread social acceptance. The human being has a tendency toward self-destruction under the guise of freedom and self-expression. At its root there is a self-deception that makes danger appear beneficial and life-affirming when it is actually decadent and deadly . Well-thinking, right-thinking and conscientious people in society must oppose this challenge to the buggery laws. To do otherwise is a betrayal of our children and to alllow a lethal poison to penetrate and eradicate the root of our social order. The faithful and God-fearing people of SVG must wise up and rise up against this threat to decency and defend the rights of our children and families.

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