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By *Sean Macleish

I think a lot of people are irate at the audacity of two gay Vincentians filing a case, because decriminalising homosexuality in St. Vincent and the Grenadines takes away their legitimate right to despise and shame their LGBT neighbours.

LGBT citizens in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and most of the Caribbean have long been a reliable target for displaced anger (created by and encouraged by the church) and people don’t want this entitlement struck down because they don’t have the tools to face the truths of their own existence.

So, they march.

*(Editor’s note: Sean Macleish is one of two gay Vincentians who have launched a Constitutional challenge to the buggery and gross indecency laws in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.)

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8 replies on “LGBT citizens a reliable target for displaced anger”

  1. We ought to respect and love each other. Unfortunately, this is not so.
    The answer to the problem is Salvation/ JESUS CHRIST.
    Be it Gay or Straight, we are call to love and forgive them.
    For we wrestle not against flesh/ blood.
    Show them love….show them Jesus Christ….and your worries are over.

  2. ‘Buggery is anal intercourse between a man and another man, a woman, or an animal.’ It is unrestrained act which akin to sexual vaginal penetration can happen through genuine emotional happenstances or through malicious promiscuous experimental deeds.

    ‘Sin is an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law.’ So who are these Pastors and others to categorize the value between one sin and the other? ALL ARE ‘ATTACKS ON THE FAMILY MORALITIES, our brothers and sisters.’ …..”The righteousness from God comes through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe. There is no distinction, for ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”

    To be honest, I am very confused as to the role the Churches are playing in this protest. This entire rampage is like the blind leading the blind, the ongoing contradiction stem through the many aspirations of pastors, divinity scholars, publishers etc. in the discernment or refining of the Bible.

  3. Interesting Mr Sean Macleish, but VERY erroneous and misguided on your path, Truth be told, the has no anger, much more to have “misplaced anger”. Something that does not exist cannot be misplaced. All the church has for you and everyone else is love. By they way, seek to get the correct understanding of CHURCH. May God’s grace overpower you!

  4. It’s more than displaced anger, Sean. It’s the belief that they have the God-given right to control our bodies. It’s also people who seek self-validation and a feeling of superiority from the persecution of others. They are glad that they can cite the bible to justify their actions. I wonder if they would, as Leviticus and Deuteronomy authorizes, stone their disobedient children to death. It is instructive to see which primitive edicts West Indians hold on to and which ones they ignore.

  5. One does not have to believe that God is, for him to exist. His existence does not depend on our belief. But he has told us in his word that if we have any doubts about his existence, then all we have to do is, engage ourselves in a little introspection and look within ourselves. We would soon realise that we are wonderfully made. Our next question should then be who made us?

    However if such introspection fails to achieve any awakening knowledge of him in us, then our next move, is to look up towards the stars and ask ourselves, who is responsible for that constellation! Yet even those actions may have zero awakening in us. But this much we do know from his words, as a result of him, is that, eternity beckons before us.

    However eternity apart, such questions as to being nevertheless, does not in any way get rid of the fact that as humans at most, prefer to live in a “moral Universe”. Living in a moral universe has helped societies to function best in the past.

    This noted, that our once universal morality, had stood the test of time, that is before the Western Europeans in their profound arrogance and perversion of that once accepted universal morality, and through their various dominated world agencies, decided that the rest of the world’s received morality, is now outdated and all the world must now fall in line with their perversion.

    Thus hence we speak of men/women in society and society in men/women. And according to God’s words, all men/women knows instinctively what is right and what is wrong.

    So for us Christians to follow the crowd and say we no longer know what is right or wrong, or to change what we instinctively know to be wrong or right according to God’s words, and the moral universe would be like having our innate conscience scorched out with a hot iron. Indeed even some within the Church have had their Conscience scorched out.

    All men are sure responsible for their own behaviour and Governments too which are appointed by God, are also accountable and are required to create and sustain that “moral environment” in which we all are to dwell.

    Sadly however, some governments are peopled by rogues who thoroughly fail us and they will reap their just rewards in due course, collectively and individually. Moreover, let the warning of sodom and Gomorrah remain as that emblem for error, to those who would accept God’s moral environment, and to those who would not!

    ELMA GABRIEL is oft to write “Sin is an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law.’ So who are these Pastors and others to categorize the value between one sin and the other?”

    Yet she provides no relief for the transgressors! Would the divine just let the transgression pass?
    If he does, then what kind of divine person is he? Surely he would not be fit to be called divine at all!
    But don’t be confused ELMA. Read more for the answers!

  6. The devil SATAN abd his kingdom will rule but only for a little while in the end the victory belong to Jehovah God why should a man gain the world and loose their soul???

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