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rape investigation
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The Sexual Offences Unit has launched a criminal investigation into a report that a male corporal of police picked up a 15-year-old alleged sexual assault victim from a house saying he was going to take her back to her mother, then drove her to a lonely road and raped her.

The incident is said to have occurred on Sunday morning in a rural district in southwestern St. Vincent.

The police officer, who has over two decades of service, is assigned to a police station near the house where he allegedly picked up the child.

iWitness News was reliably informed that the girl, who lives in a suburban community in St. Vincent, went to her friend’s mother’s house in the rural area Saturday night alleging that her step father had attempted to have sex with her.

She was allowed to spend the night at her friend’s house.

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However, sometime after 8 a.m. on Sunday, the male police officer, who is said to be familiar with the child’s history and circumstances turned up at the house in his private vehicle.

He told the girl’s host that he was there to return her to her mother’s house and the girl was allowed to leave in his company.

However, about two hours later, the girl walked back to the house, by which time her host had gone to church.

The girl waited at the house until the host returned and promptly told her that instead of taking her home to her mother, the police officer had driven her along a lonely road and raped her inside the vehicle.

She said that after raping her, the officer drove about two miles in the direction of his house — the same route as to the girl’s mother’s home — before leaving her in a community neighbouring the one where he lives.

The officer then let her out of the vehicle in a sparsely populated part of that neighbouring village, gave her EC$3 and told her to take a van home, about six miles away.

However, instead of returning to the home where her mother and stepfather live, the girl walked the two miles or so back to her friend’s mother’s house and reported the alleged crime to her.

The girl’s host, unsure of how to handle such an allegation against a police officer, told another family member who contacted a senior police officer.

The senior police officer immediately placed the case in the hands of the Sexual Offences Unit, which is said to be close to making an arrest.

Sunday night, the police officer returned to the home where he had allegedly picked up the child and asked her host about her whereabouts.

He further questioned the woman about what the child had told her.

However, by that time, the child was in the custody of the Sexual Offences Unit.


24 replies on “Cop reportedly rapes 15-y-o sexual assault victim”

  1. If this is true, it is beyond horrendous, and deserves the strong arm of the law (and I don’t mean SVG’s because no disrespect to the honourable serving members of our justice system, but criminals are literally getting away with murder).

  2. Urban Alexander says:

    I always say since the head of government was allowed to get away an alleged rape charge others feel they can do the same.

  3. This needs to be dealt with, swiftly too. This is so upsetting I am totally incensed . He should be stripped of his position and locked up, he has failed the girl and society and is not worthy of the uniform or the salary we the tax payers pay him. This has been going on for long enough, these men need to feel the full force of the law. I am so upset, so upset.

  4. How come they withhold the police officer name and the place where the rape happens? If it was someone else their name and face would of been plastered all over the place.

  5. where is the name and picture… when its a civilian ya’ll dont leave out them details … alyuh helping to cover the identity of big ALLEGED raper man.. supose he tries this again how will people know who to avoid..smh

  6. Laverne Quammie says:

    Your job is to protect and server is your feeling ruling your head the child already have problem she didn’t need any extra

    1. Laverne Quammie, I must remind you that our Prime Minister has made it abundantly clear that the job of the police is to serve him, not the people. See his talk on “beatitudes”.

      Everyone that has lived in SVG for a length of time and can compare the Vincentian Police to the police in most other nations knows that there is something wrong within the Vincentian Police. Within the force there seems to be some conflicting values and this is an example of what can happen when the officers are confused as to what those values should be and what role they play in society.

      This does not seem to be a matter of concern to our Prime Minister who will not continually emphasize what police behavior should be, because he seems to see things differently than what we expect. The cowardly beatings will not stop and we will rarely hear of the many cases of abuse of power such as with this officer, but if they all came to light, it would be shocking!

  7. Andre Richards says:

    He should be remanded in custody. This is a disgrace and it shows that he should not be a police man no where

  8. What if this isnt true? Then it means we r pulling down the police…yes not all are perfect but if its true its a shame but lets see how it goes and pray

  9. At least this is being investigated. Everyone knows that usually the police can get away with anything they wish in SVG. Beating people in custody is just standard procedure. theft has also been alleged numerous times. I can write much much more and I am sure many others can too. I also know that at least some of the decent police are very uncomfortable always looking the other way when thier “comrades” commit crimes. We are lost as a nation when the police are as bad as the criminals. Is that the trend? Who is the Minister of National Security. Why is that person such a failure?

  10. Is the mother of this child of a sound mind..and what is she doing about it? Can a social worker pleasee help this child ASAP.?
    If the fish head rots the tail will stinks. Example is a great teacher. Hope that cop do not have a family.

  11. Yo think that is bad..he knock a woman down on a pedestrian crossing while on his cell phone,then went n reported that the lady ran across d crossing …poor lady only scrape through a small change because of her lawyer…she cant work again…karma is a bitch tek that

  12. Is it possible to be molested by 2 completely different man? Or someone try an talk to u in a mannerly way u don’t like it an say it rape?
    That story isn’t consistence.. a proper investigation..will be needed

  13. Let justice take it’s course. What if the story is all connocted? I cast no guit until a full investigation is done.

    1. The smartest comment to date!

      The thought of the acts if committed is very repulsive but I think we forget the principle of INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. It seems that in the court of public opinion, most have already given judgment (and sentence).

      I’m not defending anybody’s actions (the mere thought of the actual committal of these actions will make anyone sick) but I do believe in letting justice take its course. There are many guilty people walking the streets and many innocent people imprisioned.

      Ponder that!

      I doubt Kenton will post my comments. He has been exercising his discretion a lot lately

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