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The accused officers. From left: Corporals of Police Derek Humphrey, Enkem Richards , and Michael Lynch.
The accused officers. From left: Corporals of Police Derek Humphrey, Enkem Richards , and Michael Lynch.
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Three corporals of police, each with over 20 years of service, have been suspended from duty pending the outcome of criminal charges against them.

The Police Public Relations Department said on Friday that two of the officers have been charged with rape, while a third is charged with burglary and criminal trespass.

The department did not disclose the name or rank of the officers but said that one was arraigned at the Family Court on Thursday.

That officer was not called upon to plead to the indictable charge.

He was granted bail with one surety and is carded to return to court in February, sources tell iWitness News.

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iWitness News was able to independently verify that that officer is Corporal Derek Humphrey, who has been charged with the rape of a 15-year-old girl.

The girl has alleged that Humphrey raped her in his vehicle on Sunday after picking her up at a house where she had gone, overnight, reportedly to avoid sexual assault at her home.

Meanwhile, sources tell iWitness News that Corporal Michael Lynch, of Peter’s Hope, originally of Layou, was taken before the Family Court on Friday on a rape charge.

Lynch is alleged to have raped a woman who was in protective custody as she is a witness for the state in a murder case.

Meanwhile, Enkem Richards, a police officer of Colonarie, was charged with entering his neighbour’s house as a trespasser and assaulting the said neighbour.

iWitness News understands that police were told that, on Monday, Nov. 25, Richards and his wife had an altercation and his wife went to the neighbour’s house for rescue.

Later that day, about 2:30 p.m., Richards is said to have seen his wife conversing with the neighbour.

He reportedly went into the neighbour’s yard and Richards’ wife, on seeing this, went into the neighbour’s house.

The police were summoned and responded, but the wife reportedly decided not to press charges against her husband, who she alleged had threatened and choked her.

The neighbour, however, decided to press charges against Richards, in connection with his alleged entry into the neighbour’s property.

Richards pleaded not guilty to the charges when he was arraigned on Friday at the Serious Offences Court in Kingstown.

He was granted bail and the matter was adjourned and transferred to the Colonarie Magistrate’s Court for trial.

In the statement on Friday, the Police Public Relations and Complaints Department noted that like every other accused person, the officers are deemed to be innocent until proven guilty by a court of law.

The statement, however, said:

“The police high command will like to reassure the members of the general public that under no circumstances does the organisation condone any unlawful acts being perpetrated by a member of the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force against any member of the general public.”

The statement said that police officers take an oath and have a vested responsibility to protect all residents of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and visitors alike.

20 replies on “Three police officers on criminal charges”

  1. Urlan Alexander says:

    With reference to the rape charges I believe that’s only the smoke. Until head honcho stand up and face the court for his deeds rape will continue plague for a while.

  2. No wonder that the police department in St Vincent has a very low percentage with respect to crime disposition. They themselves are alleged criminals as in the case above. I there not believe for a moment that the three accused are the bad apples on the bunch. They should all loose their pension as a result to set a precedence.

  3. Rawlston Pompey says:


    True, as far as ‘…Domestic Violence’ is concerned, nothing shall be taken for granted, but clearly, the apparent ‘…overzealous arresting officer and high command’ may not only have made a ‘…Public Spectacle’ of themselves, but also the Police Service.

    In the instant case, if a wife declined to cause criminal charges to be laid against her husband, do you reasonably believe that she would willingly testify against her ‘…beloved husband’ for her neighbor?

    Though the full facts may not have been given to this news portal, that which may be gleaned in the case of ‘…Corporal Enkem Richards,’ the owner/occupier of the premises may have been properly advised to take his/her ‘…own legal proceedings.’

    1. Well said, not that I’m defending any wrong doings at all but that one is rdiculous to put it lightly. If the neighbor is of the view that has privacy has been violated by a trespass let him take his own legal actions.

  4. With all the bad behavior of our police you would think our Minister of National Security would step in to find out why so many of our police are at least as bad as the criminals they should be protecting us against. As bad as it is in SVG, and it is bad, this is a trend in many places of the world. Remember the recent riots in Ferguson when the Corporate Media tried to spin it as racial tension when in fact the riots were about Police Brutality?
    We, the public are under the illusion that the police are there to “serve and protect” us. This is not true! They are there to serve the state; meaning the political elite that are in-office. Within that purpose they usually are employed to keep order, but as you see that in other countries, such as Canada, the UK and France, “agent provocateurs” are employed to cause unrest in order to pass laws that give the state more power.
    In SVG we should all be curious why are the police not discouraged from conducting “beatings”. I have the impression they are actually encouraged to do so! We have all heard and experienced other questionable behavior and activities by the police that never makes it to the media. Look at who gets promotions within the police force. There is so much about the vincentian police that would shock law enforcement norms in any rule of law nation.
    In any case, our Minister of National Security needs to wake-up and or make some VERY BIG CHANGES FOR THE BETTER or the opposition may start to do thier job and make his VERY POOR performance public.

  5. These men are making me feel so ashamed. I served in the RSVPF and was proud to do so. The criteria and the politics in the department are the cause for these things that are happening. This is also call lack of discipline in the department. Take the politics out and things will run better. In my days you would not dare return to that barracks room.

  6. Maureen Joseph says:

    The actions reported do not demonstrate the Responsibility and Expectation “To Protect And Serve”. Very Disappointing !

  7. Even the best Police Forces and Services have cases of police misconduct. The Police are product of the Society in which the grow and live. What is important is that the matter (s) were addressed.

    It’s commendable that the Commissioner has done something about these Officers. I personally do not think however there photos or names should have been published at this stage.

    I have always called for a proper Professional Standards Unit within the Police Force and an Integrity Commission within Government. These are essential entities within any modern democracy to route out corruption, abuse and criminality.

  8. Well, and the other online media outlets kept the story alive and now the responsible enforcement unit has pulled in the net. I will give them a few points for the Public Relations come back. I wonder what would have happened had these media professional, unbounded by the self-censorship of the traditional media houses, had not reported and stayed on this story.

    No doubt, there are good cops, but if they don’t get rid of these rotten potatoes the entire bag will smell.

  9. Something is most seriously wrong with our body politic and urgent attention is most needed to put it right, as most Vincentians could obviously see, yet the ruling Gonsalves family find it more important to go and sit at the U.N for two whole years, while this nation struggle and crumble.

    What fools we are to idly stand by and watch our small nation disintegrate into utter lawlessness, while an old man chases his and his family’s misplaced deluded dreams, using us as their Cat’s paw!

  10. Wow Vincy in a bad state!Hope the pm uses his platform at the UN to help eradicate the wanton rape of our women and children by unscrupulous individuals who are in positions of trust.

    Happens in the Caribbean and in particular, in Vincy way too often.Now is the time for you to make a difference on the world stage Mr PM.

    Address the issues that are affecting poor Vincentians (8 of every 10 Vincentians are living
    below the poverty line)who are being taken advantage of by people who are more fortunate. Mr Gonsalves in your position at the UN if you can help eradicate the scourge of rape and molestation of our less fortunate citizens, that would be by far your greatest accomplishment as pm of Vincy. You would be a national hero immediately. This achievement would make Argyle look like nothing.

  11. Our Prime Minister got up in front of the nation and clearly informed us that the police are not Public Servants…Are NOT public servants! He told us they are an instrument of the government.

    After all the crime perpetrated by our police, what does that tell you?

    We can blame thier repeated horrendous behavior directly on our Prime Minister. Should we continue to vote for him?

  12. Damony Windsor says:

    Everyone are presumed innocent untill proven guilty, but the police department pick and chose which officers to bring up on criminal charges according to whom they are closely associated with politically and within the department on a whole. That police officer who was seen in a video beating a gentleman in his head and about his body with batton up stoney grounds sometime back has not yet been charged with the incident and that same officer slapped me inside a police station for no reason and the public relations representative said that the investigation was closed unsubstantiated when I had a witness who gave a statement. Boy kisses goes by favor it only a matter of time, only a matter of time.

  13. The fish alwayOks start to rot from the head, if you pour good wine in a bottle that stinks, subsequent servings will always be compromised. The police department can never be better than the training they received. Training takes many forms, training by the examples set by senior officers are a form of bona-fide training. The old adage holds , no better the beef no better the barrel.

  14. ‘ one is innocents until proven guilty.. mr pro of the police force y u have to put in that in the statement, what I gather when I read that is the lady’s are lying thus far… how you never use that statement in all your publications/ release you send out

  15. What about the police in black who assault ppl on a daily basis…don’t have a heart for disrepecting officers ur there for the law not to abuse it

  16. What police fail to realize you have to be careful especially with black people they will do anything to drag you down to the lowest make wise choices in what ever you do do not be like the criminals and seek God first he is in control .

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