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Minister of Agriculture, Saboto Caesar. (iWN file photo)
Minister of Agriculture, Saboto Caesar. (iWN file photo)
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Minister of Agriculture Saboto Caesar has warned persons against growing marijuana for the medical industry without first securing a buyer.

He issued the warning during last week’s meeting of Parliament as he responded to a question from MP for North Leeward, Roland “Patel” Matthews.

Caesar said that Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves announced in his Independence Day address that some 250 acres of land has been identified in the Lashum Top hill area.

Caesar said the Medical Cannabis Authority has advised him that the lands are being prepared, with the assistance of the Forestry Department.

“Now, I want to issue a word of caution. It is not advisable for persons, even though lands are allocated under this programme and because we are building a medicinal cannabis industry, to plant cannabis without first securing the market, the agriculture minister said.

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“I want that to be very clear. The market is not infinite. If you follow what is taking place in Canada, the news is that there is an over production of cannabis and it is driving prices significantly down and anyone who understands and appreciates how commodities are priced will advise that in the interim what we do is that we ensure that we establish a sustainable alternative livelihoods programme which will include the production of other agricultural commodities.

“Because I am fully well aware that St. Vincent and the Grenadines alone does not set the demand for medicinal cannabis, and, therefore, we have to place our requirements for supply within a global context. So, I just want persons to be aware that there are several traditional cultivators who have come forward who have noted their wish is to get lands but they want to diversify out of cannabis. So I just want that to be clear,” Caesar told Parliament.

6 replies on “Saboto warns against growing medical ganga without market”

  1. How you people do things and then want to change it? Last, the FM was saying that your calculations were off by a few million $$ concerning the licensing revenue then now you admit that you have other issues. Well boy, you are in over your head but you are a very lucky young man. I hope that you are fully aware of that. Get help. Stop doing half-baked things and think about how you can help people and do that. You think you have a long political life ahead or else you ‘ll be so well off it wouldn’t matter. Well, Saint Vincent has more bright young men with good ideas, more vision and better ideas.

  2. Henry M Shillingford says:

    Firstky what is medical canabis is there mefical peppermint or medical thyme…. it is an agricultural product… As such he is correct markets for agric must be secuted before ire planting….. He is absolitely cortect as such we have to brand our prodict

  3. Since the gov. made over US$15 million from the weed business, what is that money going to be used for? Who are the true beneficiaries of that business? How is your plan going to work? I don’t think that you people have given this much critical thought. In the end, the poor man who you fighting for left out in the cold. watch that.

  4. Has the minister or any of his ULP colleagues or dynasty members got any part in the investment of SVG marijuana?

    Have they got an interest in any of the licence holders or overseas companies?

    That includes family member/s of the dynasty, erh!

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