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Gang rape
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The mother of a 15-year-old girl who was allegedly gang-raped by six young men, including five of her schoolmates, says one of the alleged assailants have offered her money to settle the matter out of court.

The woman, who lives in eastern St. Vincent, told iWitness News, on Wednesday, that the man has communicated the offer through a third party, even as police are yet to make an arrest in connection with the Nov. 21 case.

The woman said it is alleged that it is not the first time that that particular man, who is no longer in school, was accused of participating in a gang rape.

She said that while she is a poor woman, she is not looking for money and wants charges brought against the men who allegedly violated her daughter.

The woman said that since the incident her daughter has been behaving “hazy, hazy” and appears to no longer know how to relate to people.

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“Come like she is stressing out,” the mother told iWitness News.

“Me feel bad… Ah four guys and they tek picture. She say one hold she foot and one hold she hand,” the mother said, recounting some of the details of the alleged rape.

“Up to now, the boys them ain’t charge,” the mother said, adding that her daughter is seeing a counselor and the school had told her to take the rest of the term off.

“She is not eating. She is just a pick, pick,” the mother told iWitness News.

Sources familiar with the case tell iWitness News that both physician and a psychologist have concluded that the girl is neither in physical or mental health to continue her education at this time.

The five alleged rapists who are students are said to be between 15 and 18 years old and in Forms 3 to 5.

The other alleged rapist turns 21 in December and is a former student of another secondary school in eastern St. Vincent, sources tell iWitness News. He is said to be the son of a businessman and a police officer.

The alleged victim is a Form 2 student.

The alleged gang rape is said to have occurred at a popular business place in the eastern St. Vincent, which was not open to the public at the time.

The business place is said to be owned by the father of the oldest of the alleged rapists, who is said to be the leader of the gang.

The younger man is said to have access to his father’s business place.

On the date in question, the alleged rape victim and a female friend were reportedly walking in the evening, when one of her schoolmates, a Form 4 student, lured them to the property, where the other men were waiting.

They gave the victim something to drink and when she reportedly refused, they forced her to drink it.

The girl is said to have alleged the men then pressured her into having sex with them, but she declined and attempted to leave.

Two of the young men are said to have held her arms while another two forcibly removed her pants and underwear. 

They locked the door, locking the victim’s female friend outside the room while one young man covered the victim’s mouth and kept threatening her, telling her not to scream.

The young men went on to rape the girl, with the leader of the group, said to be the non-student, telling the girl’s friend who is in Form four that he (the friend), should go first.

It is alleged that the gang leader and the girl’s female friends made separate recordings of the incident.

Three of the other young men took turns raping her, while one kept his hand over her mouth, one kept holding her hands and the others kept holding her legs in turn, a source familiar with the case told iWitness News.

After some time, the gang released their victim and opened the door to let the other female back inside.

The other girl took her friend to wash off herself and assisted her in getting dressed.

The young men threatened them and told them not to tell anyone about what had happened.

However, the victim’s friends accompanied her home and the victim, reportedly did not say anything to her mother, but complained that she was unwell.

The victim’s friend, however, when asked what had happened, showed her friend’s mother the video she had made of the incident.

The alleged rapists are said to have gone to school as usual on the Monday after the incident, which had been reported to the Ministry of Education and the principal of the school.

The alleged victim also attended class, but was, however, very shaken and tearful and said that her schoolmates had taunted her.

The girl then asked to be excused from school and was taken for counseling.

The girl’s friend who reportedly witnessed the rape has not been attending classes regularly since the incident, sources say.

On Nov. 26, the five students who were allegedly involved in the rape were suspended from school for 10 days, “pending investigation”.

Since the incident, some villagers have accused the girl of   “giving the boys sex” and then trying to use the incident to extort money from the families of the alleged assailants, sources say.

30 replies on “Gang-rape victim forced to take time off school; alleged rapists not charged”

  1. She can’t give or consent – she is a minor. If these young men are not stopped now, this is how they will continue along life’s path, until their life ends. This is a good example of the rape culture we foster. So they are suspended from school for ten days and the girl virtually suspended from her life for who knows how long. Meanwhile the stupid villagers are encouraging the young men to continue with their dastardly behaviors. No child deserves this, no one deserves this.
    To the mother of the child, I encourage you to move your child to another village, another country even, so she can at least have a chance to live.
    Meanwhile I hope the justice system gets off its fat behind and does it’s job.

    1. You want to publicly add to the girl’s distress? Do you see her age?

      Would you like one of your young family members’ name etc. broadcasted?

      Your request for the publication of her name etc. is simply dumbfounding!!!

    2. Why? Her own villagers are already maligning her, now you want her outed so the rest of the country and all of social media could get their two cents in to add to the child’s suffering and humiliation. I am glad that the journalists had the decency and humanity not to publish her identity. Now it is up to the justice system to do it’s job.

    3. would you want your or your child details posted all over social media in such a traumatizing situation, are you just like ever one else who says or thinks for that matter that she was not raped but asked for it?

  2. Sandra Bullock says:

    Wow wow wow wow wow I am speachless. Why there seems to be an alleged rape always have some police connection?

  3. Urlan Alexander says:

    I said before and I will repeat. The incidences of rape will continue to be a plague to SVG and will not stop until the “Head Honcho” of rape face the Court and is charged for his actions.

  4. What the hell is going on in SVG is there no justice for poor people in SVG the rest of the world is watching you.

  5. Vincentian people is too wicked every time a girl is alleged they always blaming the victim. It is time for then to stop this non sense. It is only when it hits home they wants justice for their family members. My heart goes out to this woman and her daughter and I hope justice is served.

  6. What a lawless and disgusting jungle SVG has become! When the head is rotten the rest of the body sure follows. May God help us all in the coming years ahead!

  7. This such a load of crap, why if the Mother knew, her daughter was allowed back at School on Monday and not at a Lawyers office? I am praying she had the sense to take her daughter to the Police and the hospital and had a rape kit down. Why if there is a video has no one been picked up? This is utter nonsense, they were suspended! suspended!…monkey really know which gru gru tree to climb, but this child should not be made to suffer this indignity. And then we have those in uniform adding to the trauma of these kids that are taken advantage of. We need women who give a damn in office.

  8. Where is the sex crime unit that was so regaled in the media about their so called accomplishments?

    Why is there no arrest, given that you have video evidence of the alleged crime? Why is the adult within the group not in custody? Why 10 days suspension for an allegation of rape?

    C’mon, Ralph Gonsalves need to go to parliament and bring some new or revised legislation to counter this rape epidemic that is so destroying the lives our females in svg.

    Wait a minute! Did I say Ralph Gonsalves, oh sh!t…sorry, there is no such thing as rape in vincyland, females in vincyland are just asking for a reassuring kiss.


  9. RAPE IS RAPE, Someone violating someone against their will is considered rape. It high time that folks understand what is rape. These young men of today have no respect and it starts form in the home, when they have opportunity to disrespect there sisters, aunts and mothers thinking that they are grown. The moral fabric of society has gone through the back door and there is no right for anyone to violate other and go on living comfortable while the victim is living in fear. I only hope that they will get the judgement for their actions and be punished. What kind of mindset and society where others are claiming the young woman is lying to get money, poverty is not an excuse for others to abuse others.

  10. These boys should be severely dealt with. I can imagine them doing this because I have observed the way many of our males treat females – no respect. But as some have already said, the Head needs to have his time in court for the alleged rape and sexual abuses committed against several females. Rape is not just physical but also spiritual assault. So if it is not dealt with justly it’s like giving legal right to spirits to continue. As such those in leading positions in our society who are guilty of these atrocities must be dealt with. I’m sickened by this seemingly rape culture that is plaguing SVG.

  11. Jeanie Ollivierre says:

    Rape is an exercise of power & control. As women, we carry our boys within us for 9 months, give birth to them, teach & care for them, but where are the values taught/learnt, or aren’t they? Have we given up on them? Fathers where are you & what roles are you playing in the process, if any? I believe that until Vincentian Women & men together plan our destiny, there will be NO true Equality! So my brothers & sisters , let’ talk, plan & act to address this scourge. Join Marion House Youths, SVG Human Rights Association, Juvenile Intervention Network, NGO Network in their March & Rally next Tuesday December 10 in Georgetown as we address the issues of incest & Rape of Vincentian Women & girls.

  12. Jeanie Ollivierre says:

    Let ‘s not hesitate, but mediate, educate, advocate, participate & translate words into action. Join the movement NOW, THE NGO NETWORK.

  13. This is just cruel. They don’t need jail, just to be buried alive. They are wicked. I hope justice is serve.

  14. These rape crimes are now becoming the hallmark of our small country and sure deserves a very strong response from the Justice system. Would it be asking too much for laws to be enacted giving perpetrators thirty years jail time to life imprisonment?

    “Police shoot dead four gang-rapists who ‘tried to escape’ as they were re-enacting how they attacked and murdered a veterinary doctor in India – sparking celebrations at their deaths”

  15. If the government is corrupt, the police force is corrupt, the representatives that we elect are corrupt then the people are going to be corrupt. No woman rich or poor should NOT have to lose their dignity in such a way. Mother of that young lady I encourage you to take GOD on your side and fight for your daughter JUSTICE. If that young lady did kill one of those out of control sex offenders she would be in jail. And everyone one of them should be registered as SEX OFFENDERS BECAUSE THATS WHO THEY ARE.

  16. Okay……. Well news is…. this so-call mother allegedly sells her daughters and I believe that the family court should investigate the mother of this child….. THERE ARE UNTOLD stories. This same girl was allegedly a part of a similar occurrence the previous week by some six guys from a neighboring village.

    1. D same one, you should severely punished for making such a comment without knowing its true. You are most obviously attached to one or more of the perps and are trying to muddy the water. Shame on you.

      Alleged by who? if you do not know you should not write such disgusting rhetoric.

  17. Local calypsos perpetuate and fuel the rape culture in St Vicent. The songs are not banned, so what do you expect? These songs most of the time devalue VincentIan women sexual organs. It always has some demeaning reference to the female gender and her attributes. We dance and celebrate these very songs. Time to ban them.

  18. Vince lawyer, these is a reason why some people on this forum want the victim to be identified. They want to add to the further distress of the victim who is only 15. It’s the same way when there is a crime in Vincyland. You here click click and the pictures are broadcasted all over the world. It’s a sad reality.

  19. Listen people this is not about politics .it is about a young girl who have no lost her whole life. And it is time for vincentian every where take a stand against RAPE. I know what it is like to be RAPE I was in that same situation with no one to help or turn to . Cause i try killing myself four times .up to this day am still relive the trauma.but thank God for his grace that keeps me each day. So Mr prime minister am begging ,pleading with you to please help this young lady and her mother get justice please pleaseplease please please please. Mr prime minister I am not asking but telling you take a stand against RAPE.this is how you show the how world you care about SVG. Don’t wait until it happens to you and your family or when it is too help help help helphelp help helphelp help.this is vincentian living abroad AJQG.

  20. Rampant lawlessness, policemen raping young women, serious crimes but then in SVG this is just a part of so many negative statistics. We also read that rape victim’s support services are little or nonexistent for this victim. SVG men respect and protect our weaker halves, big and small. The government can’t guarantee anybody’s safety in SVG. Young people need proper education about their bodies lest we all degenerate into neo-nazis instead of becoming healthy humans. Haha!
    Long-time SVG society fooling themselves thinking that somebody else in another place is going to take care of all the problems. Don’t even talk about all the gun violence even government corruption in SVG and the total moral-decline in the Nation. At the head of it all the hog Gonsalves (accolades after accolades for running up his mouth; nowadays touring the UN. ) who talks a lot but can’t seem to do anything good to change the desperate situation in the country. The country now goes through yet another heavy trauma. The […]edup thing is that children are exposed to this kind of behavior. I only hope a big hurricane doesn’t hit SVG now.

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