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PM at CLSS 1
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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves, on Thursday, visited the Central Leeward Secondary School in Peter’s Hope to celebrate with the students and teachers. 

The visit was prompted by the outcome of the just concluded secondary school football tournament that saw both teams from the Central Leeward Secondary School winning their respective divisions.

In addressing the hall of student and staff, Gonsalves recounted the confrontations between parents and supporters of the Central Leeward Secondary School Warriors and himself, who were there supporting the Georgetown Secondary School Gladiators, a school from his constituency. 

PM at CLSS 2

He also encouraged the students to use the opportunities available to them through the education revolution that guarantee each child of secondary school age, access to secondary education. There was also a question and answer segment during which students posed questions to the prime minister.

An issue raised by one of the students was that of football shoes for the members of the team. 

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In response, the prime minister offered to provide football shoes for each member of both teams — a total of 50 pairs — and half dozen balls, an announcement that drew thunderous applause.

PM at CLSS 3

Following the general activity, the prime minister met with the principal and staff, and had very fruitful discussions where a number of issues affecting the school were addressed, the included students performance, security and issues affecting staff, a release by the Office of the Prime Minister said.

 The principal thanked the prime minister for the visit and the opportunity afforded the staff to engage in such a direct way.

As part of his visit to the school, the prime minister purchased lunch and had lunch delivered to the school for members of both football teams and members of staff and took the time to enjoy a meal with the students.

7 replies on “PM celebrates soccer wins with Central Leeward Secondary”

  1. Well Mr. Prime Minister what else are you prepared to do for the future development of soccer in these communities seeing all of this talent have been developed by the people of the communities on their own. Are you then considering investing in the development of facilities and infrastructure for the continuation of their success? Others, with sponsorship from overseas people, had to be the ones and to do due diligence with dedicated volunteers who funded the developed the teams, and their coaches, and the many single parents and this community. Barrouallie has for many decades been the premier sporting town in SVG for at least seven decades that I know of. However, you would not know this but our community knows this. We could claim victories in cricket, soccer, rounders, running, sprinting, netball even swimming and volleyball. We have had major success in all of these areas in regional sports.

    So, with all these successful bids and victories you should consider supporting the community bid for the further and future development of the sport by providing better facilities. Fixing the field thereby providing a training track for sports training and better equipped sports stadium seating for more parents and the adjoining communities to enjoy our sporting appetite and ensuring that the children in the communities have annual funds available for their continuing development in sports. Our community, with the help of overseas sponsors and many of our dedicated local volunteers and diligent parents see sports as an area that keep our young boys and young girls on track and provide future opportunities locally, regionally and even globally.

  2. What a disgrace to go before students with full view of his obesity. What kind of lesson is that for students.

    As the elections draw near you can expect more and more of the give away politics.

    1. Gersham Alexander says:

      Why are you people trying to bring politics into a school visit by the prime minister? Politics has its place but
      not with a school visit to pay compliments to the winning teams. What his belly has to do with this? While you are entitled to your opinion, you did not even congratulate the winners. Shame on you. Is it that you people hate the much that you are so bitter???

  3. Monica Malcolm says:

    One reason why I admire our Prime Minister. He, like God, knows how to make little people feel important! A true statesman. Continue to enlarge the territory of Barrouallie Secondary School and your own, Hon Dr. RLph Gonsalves.

  4. Many of us love football but with this nation in such dire strait economically, you mean to tell me, that our Prime Minister have nothing else to do other than to attend a School because of the results of secondary school football tournament? No wonder that we are in the terrible financial state that we are in!

    The saddest aspect of this, is that, when these unsuspecting children graduates from School, there will be no gainful employment for them, much as there is none for their parents, all because the Ralph Gonsalves extended family who rules these little pieces of rocks called SVG, runs the domain as their own personal plantation.

    Fools us all for allowing such miserable woeful and dastardly travesty! Where are the dissenting voices of all those who calls themselves patriots?

  5. My dear GERSHAM ALEXANDER are you that thoroughly blind? Can you not see that it is Ralph Gonsalves who is politicising this entire matter? Has he so little work in the Prime Minister’s Office? Knowing that so many struggling individuals here are out of work, what should a Prime Minister be doing? Could he really see it fit to take time off searching for possible solutions and attend such a trivial and simple matter as this?

    Why have a Sports Ministry at all or could not a junior person in the cultural department attend to the school gathering instead? Why, with so many people here out of work, employment most surely is what for sure ought to be at the top of any Prime minister’s agenda. But no’ twerps like MONICA MALCOLM could liken Ralph Gonsalves to God for gracing the school with his venerable and august presence, showering the school’s sports persons with gifts.

    Which brings me to another point. Now take the issue raised of football shoes for the members of the team. And Ralph Gonsalves’s and his audience’s response.

    Note; “The prime minister offered to provide football shoes for each member of both teams — a total of 50 pairs — and half dozen balls, an announcement that drew thunderous applause”. Well, well, well, what do we make of such? No cabinet discussion! It’s all within his gift!

    Perhaps if these local parents had gainful jobs, they most surely would no doubt be able to buy their needy children, their own Sport kits and would not be looking for such handouts from a visiting Prime minister, acting as a Plantation boss, being kind to his piccaninnies!

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