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Corporal Enkem Richards saw burglary and criminal trespass against him dismissed. (Photo: Facebook)
Corporal Enkem Richards saw burglary and criminal trespass against him dismissed. (Photo: Facebook)
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One of three cops who were suspended from duty pending the outcome of criminal matters against them is expected to return to work soon.

On Thursday, Corporal Enkem Richards saw burglary and criminal trespass against him dismissed after the complainant declined to offer evidence.

Richards was charged in connection with an alleged Nov. 25, incident in which he reportedly had an altercation with his wife.

Richards is said to have entered the neighbour’s property in pursuit of his wife, who is alleged to have gone there in an attempt to escape him. 

Richards’ wife reportedly decided not to press charges against her husband, who she alleged had threatened and choked her.

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The case came up, on Thursday, before Magistrate Bertie Pompey at the Colonarie Magistrate’s Court, sitting at Georgetown.

However, Richards’ neighbour took the stand and said, under oath, that she was not proceeding with the matter.

As a result, the charges against Richards were dismissed and he was told he was free to go.

Two other officers, both corporals of police, and both facing rape charges are still awaiting the outcome of their matters.

Corporal Derek Humphrey, of Chauncey, has been charged with the rape of a 15-year-old girl who told police that he raped her in his vehicle on Nov. 24 after having collected her at a house where she had gone, overnight, to avoid sexual assault at her home.

Separately, Corporal Michael Lynch, of Peter’s Hope, originally of Layou, has been charged with rape of a woman who was in protective custody as she is a witness for the state in a murder case.

Both Lynch and Humphrey have been granted bail pending the outcome of their matters.

5 replies on “Charges against cop dismissed”

  1. I told you they would all end up getting promoted instead of prosecuted.

    The woman should be prosecuted for wasting police time.

    Not pressing charges is not evidence he did not do it.

  2. He should get jail on suspicion to commit a crime against his wife…They would not need his wife testimony because nothing happen yet! Suspicion.
    .Two teen just made jail on suspicion of a crime with their toy gun according to the police report.
    How is this any different? Intent is intent

  3. Was she forced to withdraw the charges? Sounds like the victims acted in concert to withdraw the charges knowin the repercussions would be severe.

  4. Rawlston Pompey says:


    Had the case gone to a full trial, a ‘…sitting Magistrate’ and an experienced former law enforcement Deputy Commissioner of Police,’ would have understood the nature of things as to allow him/her to make ‘…an informed magisterial decision.

    The developments were a foregone conclusion.

    This means ‘…Rotted Eggs on the Face’ of an apparent overzealous Police Administration.’

    An apparent ‘…Coerced Virtual Complainants (wife and neighbor)’ ‘…Came to their Senses.’

    Subordinate Police officers shall always, without zeal, make sense of what they do.

    Not bow under ‘…superior, public or environmental pressures.’

    They shall know that no man shall ‘…put asunder a husband and wife by getting between or entangled in their marital affairs.’

  5. Rawlston Pompey says:


    No matter what the situation may have been, always knew that most faithful and loving wives would ‘…stand by their loving and sometimes abusive husbands.’

    Just learnt that the accused Corporal hails from my former community ‘…Colonarie.’

    Even so, he shall understand his official undertaking ‘…Protect and Serve;’ even his lawful-wedded wife.

    If disputes cannot be settled ‘…peacefully, socially and amicably,’ then he may follow the Mighty Sparrow’s advice ‘…Pack your bundle and leave and go.’

    The Corporal, if so desirous or so advised, might institute ‘…litigation proceedings’ against;

    (i) ‘…The Attorney General (Principal Legal Adviser to Government);

    (ii) …Commissioner of Police (administrator of the Police Force); and

    (iii) …The arresting officer (Subordinate to the Commissioner)’

    for inter alia, ‘… Malicious Prosecution and compensatory or special damages.’

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