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Tyson Spencer in a December 2019 iWN photo.
Tyson Spencer in a December 2019 iWN photo.

The Green Hill man charged with attempted murder of an auxiliary police officer who has been left paralysed after being shot in Kingstown, on Nov. 22, has been denied bail.

The accused, Tyson Spencer, 30, is also accused of shooting two other men at Heritage Square during the same incident.

On Monday, after receiving a medical report on auxiliary police officer Curtland Jack, of Campden Park, Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne denied Spencer bail.

It was Spencer’s third appearance in court since his Dec. 3 arraignment.  

Spencer is also charged with unlawfully and maliciously wounding Dwayne Peters, of Kingstown Hill, and Deron Quashie, of Choppins.

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The court ordered that he be remanded in custody until April 27, 2020.

Spencer is before the court mere months after being released from prison for killing another man.

In June 2011, Spencer was charged with the murder, at Heritage Square, of Clevedon “Junior” Chewitt, 26, of Belair.

Chewitt died on June 25, 2011 after receiving a stab wound to the left side of his neck at Heritage Square, where a carnival event was taking place.

In October 2012, Spencer pleaded not guilty to murder and guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter.

Chewitt had bumped into Spencer who then retrieved a knife from his pants and stabbed him in the left side of his neck.

In a police statement, Spencer said: “He come and war whine up pon (dance with) the woman dem who ah been liming with. The daughter fo’ the woman ain’t war give this guy ah whine and he keep humbugging her.”

Spencer was sentenced on Nov. 30, 2012 to eight years in prison for manslaughter.

7 replies on “No bail for man accused of shooting auxiliary cop”

  1. “Spencer is before the court mere months after being released from prison for killing another man.”A THREAT to the public at large was released on bail to be a bigger menace to society.The judicial system in SVG is a joke, too many defendants are given bail to go out and commit the same crime that got them before the courts in the first place.HEAVEN HELP US.

  2. Clearly none of the sentencing theories such as rehabilitation, deterrence, retribution etc did nothing to this man. Sad to say some individuals are just not fit to be among civil minded and law abiding citizens of a country, he should have been locked away for a much longer period because there is just no hope for any reformation for him.

  3. Hope they get it right this time throw the Book at him he’s a lawless person no mercy for him because he have none in him.

  4. So people stop the man defend his people them. And that police officer is to wile now Jone the force he won’t to lime and working round still and scorching people

  5. That’s the kind of shit that happens when magistrates, judges and lawyers play around with the law. He came to lime in Carnival activity with a knife and used it to stab someone in the neck who subsequently died and a judge agree with a guilty plea to manslaughter. So he [allegedly] now advanced his weaponry to a gun. Maybe just maybe the next time he would bring an M16. Nuff said

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