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RBTT Bank in Kingstown Friday morning. (iWN photo)

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Persons hoping to transact in-bank business at RBTT/RBC in St. Vincent today (Friday) turned up to a closed bank as the staff is staying away from work.

Joseph “Burns” Bonadie whose Commercial Technical and Allied Workers Union represents the bank’s employees, told iWitness News around 9 a.m. that he was “not right now” in a position to comment.

However, a source told iWitness News that the staff is “standing up for the change of working hours and overtime pay according to the labour laws that were changed since 2008”.

The source said that the bank’s management has not made an effort to deal with this situation and has turned around and entered into an agreement with First National Bank of St. Lucia to sell the bank. 

“Customers are left stranded outside the bank as 93% of the staff did not report to work today,” the source said.

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When iWitness News visited the bank at 8:26 a.m. on Friday, the entrance doors remained closed, although the shutters were open.

iWitness News did not see anyone inside the bank but one person seemed to have been using the ATM services, which are accessible outside the bank.

A call to the direct line of the bank’s manager, Vonetta Rodgers, was answered by an automated system that asked that we leave a message.

iWitness News left a message asking Rodger for a return call, should she wish to comment on the development.

6 replies on “RBTT workers stay away from work”

  1. Lots of turmoil in Vincy..banks leaving,crime out of control,unemployment, at record levels ,very chaotic,advantage never done.If you ask the Cumrod he’ll tell you it’s the best Vincy ‘s been in history.Visitors to our blessed land please judge for yourselves and you’ll conclude just like I did that we are being fooled by the people entrusted to lead this country.

  2. So frustrating. I understand the workers’ plight but to stay away on a day like this was somewhat heartless. Customers have nothing to do with their wicked employers. I have no salary. The ATM card which they make me pay $30 for a second time around after the first one didn’t work doesn’t work either. Gosh. You all have to open on Monday.

  3. The treatment of these Bank workers here, are indeed the products of the Crony Capitalism that is so evident in SVG and a family regime whose outdated ideology looks back towards the days of Chairman Mao Zedong of China and Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union, whose economics of Karl Marks, never at all ever worked. Karl Marks was never an Economist but rather a dreamer who had never done a day’s work in his life.

    Our esteem Leader, the self-styled Chairman Ralph Gonsalves of SVG whose heroes were the Karl Marx, the Fidel Castro, the Chavez of this world and now todays Maduro, is still stuck in the past with his foolish economic and political thinking, as would be expected of any old man.

    Both modern China and new Russia of the Soviets, have abandoned the stupid economics of Karl Marks and all to their nations economic good, while Cuba and Venezuela have retained the foolish Karl Marxian idiotic economic strategy. And we can indeed see the disastrous results on their respective peoples. Starvation in Venezuela and rationing in Cuba, while we are experience the economic stagnation here in our own SVG economy.

    Compare however the much different result in today’s Communist China and Putin’s Russia, as prosperity looms for the millions there.

    Therefore these Bank workers have only themselves to blame for their gross situation. Look who represents their interest in their struggle with the crony Capitalist. Is Joseph “Burns” Bonadie” being hoist with his own petard”?

  4. A. McKenzie mm says:

    That bank took my $500 deposit I had in a savings account for service charges then closed my account. I am in the disposal and could not take a trip home to withdraw the funds. I have no respect for thus b ax nk.

  5. What is going on with the banks at the moment. It is true that the Global Financial System controlled by the Rothschild Family and friends through the USA and partnered with London, has been badly managed. The war on Libya resulted in one of the few remaining independent National banks falling to the Jewish Rothschild System. Iran is now one of the few remaining countries having a National Bank not belonging to this Global Cabal. Christian/ Muslim banking only survives as subservient to the Jewish banks that run the world, including SVG and the entire Caribbean.
    What most people do not know is that around 2007 the Global Banking laws were changed for all these Jewish System banks. Depositors are now considered investors and when the bank fails, we, the depositors, lose everything! This includes banks we think have deposits insured under the FDIC!
    It was obvious that RBTT was going to fail. Any bank that charges people so much to use it must be in trouble. Scotia Bank is another example. In the USA, the Rothschilds-controlled Federal Reserve has lately been “printing” money at ever increasing rates, to increase liquidity. More Quantitative Easing. Few are mentioning this.
    Should we be worried? If we are on the verge of a Global Financial collapse, who, what and where is it safe from the results?

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