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Monique Hutchin in the aftermath of the attack on Thursday.
Monique Hutchin in the aftermath of the attack on Thursday.
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A Cane Garden woman is in hospital nursing injuries to her mouth, reportedly inflicted with a hammer, and chop wounds sustained during an attack allegedly by a former lover on Thursday.

The woman, Monique Hutchins, 45, was attacked in the East Kingstown community even as she is recovering from two broken arms, sustained during an attack allegedly by the same man a month earlier, her daughter told iWitness News.

Monique Hutchins 2
Monique Hutchins before the attacks, left, and after both of her arms were broken.

Anika Hutchins, who lives in Canada, told iWitness News, on Thursday, that her mother cannot speak as a result of the attack in which she lost several teeth, and which has left her with a swollen face.

She said that her mother was attacked a second time even as an arrest is yet to be made in connection with the first assault, which left her with a chop to the head, in addition to broken arms.

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36 replies on “Woman beaten in face with hammer”

  1. Apcelon Woods says:

    I urge you to get you mom out of there before this man finish her off…what a shame that women are treated less than an animal in this decade…smh.

  2. Ann-Marie Quow says:

    The face of the beast that did this to the lady needs to be exposed! Let us do this for the sake of his potential victims in waiting. No woman deserves this treatment. She looks as though she was viciously attacked by a wild animal.

  3. Cynthia Taitt says:

    If I had the choice, I would prefer to see him dead, and never given the opportunity to raise his hands again.

  4. Kenton come on , why do the public need to see such a graphic picture of this woman? This is very insensitive on your part. As a journalist kenton, power lies in the power of the pen and is not confined to the picture shown for this unfortunate woman. This is nothing short of sensualization. Please post my comments.

    1. True, the pen is mightier than the sword but a picture paints a thousand words. The realities and consequences of violence against women and children in SVG (or anywhere) should be exposed for what it is and not left to a reader’s imagination to invent it’s realities. War is hell and ugly, and there’s most definitely a systemic, (arguably cultural) war against women and children in SVG. Take your pick, how nice it would have been to not see the realities/pictures of
      the injustices/brutalities of war (Auschwitz/Cambodia/Rwanda etc); lynching of black men, women and children…. Though often uncomfortable to confront, the truth should not be left to fanciful imagination when evidence abounds.

  5. This is sickening to the very core. That is a beast, and should not be referred to as a man. How can you look upon a woman who you once lay in bed with and treat her like that. After broke both hands of that poor woman that beast should have been locked away in a secured stable, how come he was allowed to be still walking the streets much more to returned and mash up the woman like that. The police have to take the blame here, why wasn’t that man arrested after the first incident. As a former police officer, I felt police officer take matters of domestic violence to lightly which in the end resulted in many deaths. I hope by now that the beast is behind bars.

  6. Thus is really sad.St Vincent is now in the world scene with their UN security council non permanent position.I am appealing to the opposition parties to highlight the many ills of Vincy because as a country , we’ll be scrutinised by the rest of the word.
    The Cumrod will push issues in the wider Caribbean and places like Taiwan while trying to cover up the many ills in his own country. He’s a master at that.
    The Cumrod see’s the UN as a spring board to further his own political agenda and the opposition parties should use the opportunity presented by Vincy being on the UN to show the world the lies ,victimization and deceit being meted out to Vincentians by the Cumrod. Talk about the extreme poverty and rape and abuse of our citizens which is a part of daily living for the majority of Vincentians.

  7. Rawlston Pompey says:


    A way to start the New Year!

    Graphically true to the axiom ‘…A picture is worth a thousand words.’

    No person, man, woman or child should be subjected to such brutal attack as the picture suggests.

    Time to protect society, and especially our ‘…defenceless womenfolk,’ by removing and incarcerating him that has obviously turned himself into a sadistic, vicious and merciless ‘…Hammering and Battering Ram.’

  8. What is stopping the police arresting this man, he needs to be removed from society asap. Perhaps he will get some special treatment when he eventually gets to prison.

  9. You all is making joke down in that god forsaken place. It maybe building up and looking liveable but you all have uneducated bats in that place

    1. Lady, you are spot on with your last line of comments! Modernization, does not automatically enhances an ancient mind-set! As a vincentian national living in the diaspora, I am ashamed of how women in the Caribbean are belittled and treated as second class citizens! Hello SVG! Have faith! I love you!

  10. This savage attack on the poor woman reach the media faster than the police. Police commissioner John says crime gone down. These photo’s show the aftermath of what looks like attempted murder and nobody arrested or on the police radar? Why people are getting really violent, truly evil and prejudiced? I would like to see justice for this poor woman. regardless to how to story go. Police should be making swift arrest. This is a mother with young children, this should not have happened. This is demonic.

  11. Beautiful woman!!…I am so sorry this monster did this to you…I pray that the monster’s family will hold him and beat the sh$! out of him …literally and figuratively. He is an embarrassment to all the family members? friends who nurtured him into the monster he is today. Since you all mek him so…you need to now unmek him!!

  12. Nikeisha Thomas says:

    Sorry to hear about that so sorry man really heartless so too women and them born out a women too so sad

  13. Those who have no respect and no fear of the kaw must be dealt with one way or the other no excuse keep our women safe !!

  14. Those who have no respect and no fear of the law must be dealt with one way or the other keep our women safe

  15. Wow! Yeah I can’t see anything less than 20 years for such brutality.

    Let me say this again, females in vincyland are in mortal danger every minute of their existence. The laws and the handling of these domestic violence and rape cases need to drastically revised and improved, to reflect the urgency of the situation in SVG.

    12 year olds are not habitually raping and beating females with hammers. So rather than focusing on laws that’s not a priority; the legislators should be focusing on the plight of the women folks in SVG. Make rape and domestic violence mandatory sentences of 15 years to life. The various interests groups and the government have to do a better job of educating the public and shining a light on these dark corners in our society.

  16. This story is beyond being sad. It is an on-going investigation. I don’t know if she has minor children whom she could not leave alone. Her older daughter lives in Canada. Many questions arise. Why couldn’t this woman get away from this criminal monster murderer? What has happened to humanity that another person feel he or she can inflict such violence on another? What are parents telling their children so they do not become victors or victims influenced by drugs or lawlessness? Some people criticise the church. I don’t want to address that, but they need to find a God. They don’t need to believe in the God and His Son Christ inwhom I believe. At least, religious studis help a lot with social control. It helps them to build a CONSCIENCE. The golden rule is : Do unto others as you will have them do unto you. Would this monster criminal want someone to do to him what he did to this woman? Can you understand that some folks invoke “Moses Law”?

  17. Nelcia Robinson says:

    Was a Report made to the Police about the first assault?
    Has a Report been made now that she is hospitalized?
    These two assaults equate to Serious Crime, and I expect
    the Police to investigate and take the necessary action.

  18. Why police didn’t have him arrested from the first incident they going to let him kill her then arrested him if they tell them he have coke they would ld Have gone to look for him already

  19. Hollis Christopher says:

    My brother, these graphic photos should NOT be published in this manner. You have to rise to a higher standard of decency and mutual concern for the welfare of our fellow citizens.

    If this was your mother, wife, sister or daughter, would you display these graphic pictures. Let’s start to care for each other. Social media standard is not good enough for a journalist. Please raise the standard. One Love.
    Brother Hollis

    1. Luann A Hadaway says:

      Mr. Christopher as a husband and father, you have not expressed one bit of outrage and/or disgust about what was done to the lady. Your concern is, ‘these graphic photos should NOT be published in this manner. You have to rise to a higher standard of decency and mutual concern for the welfare of our fellow citizens?’ Was this coward act ‘ higher standard of decency and mutual concern for the welfare of our fellow citizens?’

      What a Sick Society we live in!!!

  20. Jeanie Ollivierre says:

    Hope by now the police has taken action & the perpetrator is in jail…NO BAIL! Seems as though is based on “who yo b” that some officers take action. Monique you can count on me as usual. Will inform your son Junior as well.

  21. The good thing about the graphic nature of the picture is that it could be used as supporting evidence for (at least) refugee status in Canada. Already SVG has a bad reputation in the Canadian press when it comes to violence against women. There are organizations for abused women in Canada that will be more than willing to extend a helping hand. GET THIS WOMAN OUT!!!!!

  22. Amos Greaves. says:

    Rise rise standards of journalism , we in the diaspora don’t see these images. It doesn’t add value to the story.

  23. Luann A Hadaway says:

    Instead of crying shame at Kenton for posting these photos, you should be crying shame at the perpetrators of these heinous acts of violence. Thats where your outcry should be channeled!

    Let the photos tell the story to the World!!! There are many in our society who will not be sympathetic to victims of this nature. There are many who will doubt the very nature of the ABUSE of our WOMEN!!

    We have become such a heartless society! Our women and girls/babies are being sexually abused on a daily basis, but we ‘bury our heads in the sand!!!!’ Some of us people shame our women who have been sexually abused!! Shame on You!!

    Now that our Nation inclusive of our Churches have spoken out against Homosexuality; I EXPECT to see the same group, crowding the streets of Kingstown in protest of the Abuse of our women and the gunning down of our Young Men!!

    Homosexuality is Immoral; so is rape, murder and the abuse/oppression of our women.

    In the Bible, violence is considered an offence against GOD and Humanity. You may not see the word abuse at all times, but look up oppression!
    In some Nations, Rape was viewed as equivalent to Murder!

    Keep the Photos coming Kenton!

  24. Pray for strength for this woman to leave this man and never look back. This man spent time at Belle Isle for beating her and she made it her business to visit him and welcome him back into her house. Her son intervene when this man was beating her and SHE buss her son’s head with a bottle. The poor never washed his hands. Some say she has a mental disease and I believe because how else can you go back and reform a relationship with a man who hit you in your head with a cinder block!!Villagers intervene, police intervened, the court locked him up but the cycle of domestic abuse is so complex.

    A framework needs to be set up where persons can leave the island, receive intense counselling and re- learn the ACTIONS of love and what love means to them. Learn to love oneself and build confidence in an environment away from the manipulative charms, begs and pleas and ‘I am sorry’ of their abusers.

  25. Amos Greaves. says:

    Luann I think you missed the point, most of us who have expressed an opinion on the article have in no way supported one have done to the woman. From my perspective, showing the pictures of that lady adds nothing to the report .As a mater of fact, by showing the pictures of her is adding to her further demonization.

    1. Luann A Hadaway says:

      Mr. Greaves, your thinking is WRONG!!!. I have NOT ‘missed the point.’ Matter of fact, I Am on point with my contribution. You did not condemn what was done to the lady, you condemned the photos.
      Let the world see what our women are exposed to. For too long, we ‘bury our heads in the sand.’
      Let me hear your outrage in support of the lady, not against the ‘messenger.’

      ‘….we in the diaspora don’t see these images….’

  26. Amos Greaves. says:

    Luann I am speaking about the standards of journalism in St Vincent, things happen here in the diaspora as well as my home village in vincy. I dont see these images in the diaspora. Not showing these image does not take away credibility from the story that is all I am saying. I made one comment which had nothing to do with unequivocal support to the perpetrators of the crime.

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