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Dernick Patterson 2

Dernick Patterson, inset, died at Buccament Bay Wednesday afternoon. His mother, second left, is consoled at the scene.

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An 18-year-old Layou resident died at Buccament Bay, on Wednesday, where he had gone swimming with friends.

The teen’s mother identified him at Dernick Patterson.

Persons who were at the beach at the time of the death told iWitness News that it occurred sometime around 4 p.m.

They speculated that Patterson struck his head while jumping into the sea from an area of the headland called Kitty Hole.

The teen’s body was removed from the water.

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Police have launched an investigation into the death.

6 replies on “Layou teen dies at Buccament Bay”

  1. The Beaches need LIFEGUARDS on site every day. Not just for tourists but for locals too. I went on vacation in july 2019 and on my last day i witnessed a drowning of a young man. It was so heart wrenching. By the time his friends notice he wasn’t resurfacing and by the time the Beach police who patrol the beach alerted the lifeguards and by the time they arrived to dive it was too late. A local had to dive and bring up his body and guest from the hotel performed cpr until the ambulance arrived. These services are crucial.

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