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A Vincentian delegation, led by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sir Louis Straker, met with senior officials from the Government of Ghana for the 5th preparatory meeting towards the first session of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG)–Ghana Permanent Joint Commission for Cooperation (PJCC) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration in Accra, Ghana.

Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Rural Transformation, Industry and Labour, Saboto Caesar presented on issues and areas for cooperation in root crop production, fisheries, cocoa technology, breadfruit and ackee.

Caesar explained that with SVG cementing itself as the breadbasket of the southern Caribbean, there must be deepening of the diversification process.

He added: “… we must ensure that when it comes to food, SVG must be the country where you can get the supply of the widest variety of commodities.”

Ambassador Ellsworth John, non-resident ambassador-designate of SVG Ghana and Sandy Peters-Phillips, permanent secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Commerce, presented on the Africa, Brazil, Caribbean, and Diaspora Commission (ABCD) Commission for the advancement of trading opportunities and people to people exchanges.

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The delegation participated in the signing of a memorandum of understanding between both states at the First Session of the SVG-Ghana Permanent Joint Commission for Cooperation.

At the session, opportunities for tourism, culture, investment, trade, agriculture and youth development will be discussed.

The official visit to Ghana commenced on Monday and will end on Friday.

5 replies on “SVG, Ghana deepen ties”

  1. Why do we want to conjoin with a country who have such rotten human rights record? A country which like SVG has a dreadful record of woman abuse, domestic violence, rapes, beatings, murders. They have a few other things which SVG doesn’t, female genital mutilation, trokosi (ritual slavery of girls by priests), forced early marriage, witchcraft accusations leading to confinement in witchcamps, and polygamy.

    Police abuse is rampant, the mechanism to investigate police abuses is not fully independent, as complaints against police officers are investigated by fellow officers.

    This country owes us reparations, they sold our ancestors into slavery.

    Is this anything to do with sale of our UN vote to them in return for support against UN action against them?

    Lets see how SVG vote at the UN when they are being looked at again.

  2. As SVG, Ghana deepen ties me warr know ah wah de family up to dis time yah! Dem man yah love fo talk foolishness eh. Watch yo nah, ah since wen SVG become de bread basket ah de Caribbean? Ah nah joke dat!

    If it nah the people dis time de family after in Ghana ah wah could it be? De country’s precious metal? Dem say there is gold in dat there place but me war know fo true ah wah de family really up to in Ghana? Perhaps ah dis yah “Fool’s Gold: Inside Ghana’s Million Dollar Scamming Syndicates”

    Dis man ah tell we bout im want “cooperation in root crop production, fisheries, cocoa technology, breadfruit and ackee” but ah who ah go believe dis bag man fo de regime!

    Ghana’s financial nightmare: 70,000 people can’t access savings

    However, ah whatever dem really up to, dem nar go tell we.

  3. They better be careful and not get involved too much with those Africans. They will come there to take over saint vincent and turn their young people into what they want and sell them to who ever they want to so that they could go and fight.

  4. As much as I like Ghana (and Mr. Caesar) I do not see what we can do for them. Ghana is considered a developed country. One African country that does have its problems but what can we offer them that they do not have or can do themselves but even better and cheaper. SVG truely has a destroyed economy. destroyed by heavy taxes and fees created by the government(s) over a long period of time. The high taxes,fees, and duties have destroyed our ability to produce because everything costs so much to produce in SVG to include all agricultural crops. Only a few in the region (those that have also destroyed thier economies) would pay prices we demand. This meeting with Ghana will bring little to nothing and is a waste of time and tax-payer money.
    We can offer virtually nothing to Ghana that they cannot already get and much cheaper, especially agricultural products!
    We would be better-off establishing ties with Iceland or Antarctica but then again, how would they get our products? We cannot send them on LIAT, the highest taxed and therefor the highest priced airline on earth.

    We cannot talk about trade until we get our house in order. That means lower the high taxes, fees, duties so we can bring the prices down so others can afford our products, (and we can then start to make products at affordable prices and therefor export). We have to stop being stupid and spending far more than we have so government will stop raising fees and taxes.

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