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Warren Campbell uses his hands to obscure his face outside the Serious Offences Court on Tuesday. (iWN photo)
Warren Campbell uses his hands to obscure his face outside the Serious Offences Court on Tuesday. (iWN photo)
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A Jamaican man who has been living in St. Vincent and the Grenadines for four years can add prison to his list of Vincentian experiences.

Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne, on Tuesday, jailed the man, Warren Campbell, a Barrouallie resident, for 10 months for hitting his girlfriend.

Campbell pleaded guilty to a charge that on Feb. 13, 2020, at Barrouallie, he wounded Isla Duncan.

The duo has a 7-month-old child and had an argument at their home.

The argument escalated and Campbell struck Duncan in the face, resulting in an injury that took five stitches to close.

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On hearing the fact, the chief magistrate adjourned the sentencing to Wednesday (today) and ordered that Warren be remanded into custody.

However, later in the day, Senior Prosecutor Adolphus Delplesche told the court that Duncan had arrived.

When Duncan took the stand, she told the court that it was the first time that Campbell had struck her and she felt “bad about the situation”.

Duncan said she couldn’t even remember where the baby was when she (Duncan) was struck.

The woman’s answers to the chief magistrate were, at times, inaudible.
She told the court that she feels pain in the temple area when she speaks, especially if she speaks loudly or shouts.

Warren Campbell 1
Warren Campbell will spend the next 10 months in jail for his crime. (iWN photo)

Addressing the defendant, the chief magistrate said:

“Mr. Campbell, like a firearm offence, to me this is serious. We have too many incidents, like firearms, of assault in this country.”

Browne said that the medical report spoke of a wound with bleeding and the court, therefore, wanted to hear from the complainant.

The chief magistrate noted that Duncan had to receive five stitches in the face.

She further observed that “a baby was in the whole melee”.

“You, for sure, I know, don’t want anyone to give you a slap or box in the face,” Browne further said.

“She could hardly talk. She can’t talk properly,” the chief magistrate said, referring to the complainant.

“I do not know, sir, how you could escape a custodial sentence for that. Have a seat,” she told Campbell as she stood down the matter until later in the court proceeding.

Before the adjournment, Browne handed down the 10-month sentence on Campbell.

17 replies on “Jamaican woman beater jailed in St. Vincent”

  1. What does the complainant mean by “she feels bad about the situation”. I’m glad for the sentencing. But 10 months is not enough. I also hope that other female abusers whether great men or small men will be handed a custodial sentence. These men need to learn.

  2. hitting a female is not an excuse or something i agree on but before judging the book by the cover read the content. Do you know this guy personally?
    As i said hitting a female is not something i agree on but here we have someone saying 10 years. wow

  3. If u only know this man u will never call him and abuser. He take and take and take to much, from all the bad treatment she give to him. People in the village used to get at her for how she will treat this man even try to convince him that he can get better. If u only go where they live u will get no good report, matter fact u all she concider doing just that. It took him four years to fight back with her becuz she is who convinced him to come to vincy. But one night for him to make a jail. We in vincy fighting againt woman abuse but we r giving the women that taking the good men for granted powers cuz they will have it in mind that the law is in there hand.

  4. NARRISA Edwards says:


  5. Is the victim a Jamaica woman or VincentIan woman according to the headline? Poor Journalism if you are to rely on the headline for clarity.

  6. I don’t like that sentence it is his first offence and the first time he hit the woman.So l find your judgment and your comments to be very arrogant.

  7. This is wat u call man abuse. Alyo must fine out facts before making all these statement about people. This story is not like what have been going on in vincy. They fight meaning she lash him he lash back. And for a matter of a fact she always taking advantage of this man, from burning his clothes’ to trowing him out number of time people in the area have to b taking him in, Embarrassing him just to make her self feel powerfull all becuz she know he have no way to go and no one hear to fun to, this man try sending her to schoo. At morning he have to fetch water make her breakfast all before he go to work, and still have to come back and wash and cook while she just sit home and do nothing. This woman has 10 kids if not more and no man had ever done what this man did for her and all she do is treat him like shit. I will love if they go in her community and ask around, she always fight him and this is the first time he fight back and is been punished for it. Its sad.

  8. X-clusive Harry says:

    He deserve deportation after his 10 months sentenced a lot of men in svg has be abusing their wife and girlfriend for years and get away with it and is something I grow up seeing I have somuch to say but I’ll stop here for now .

  9. When the women is wrong we say nothing but the mintue the men defends themselves , you find all fault and want to give them life in prison…i believe that you should comment on situations that you really know what went on and not by just reading something online …if you don’t know keep your opinion to yourself

  10. This seems like a fair sentence. Women are not punching bags. Why don’t the masochists go into the forest and chop down some trees when they get the urge to lash out at usually helpless women.

  11. Ten months custodial sentence seems rather short given the physical and psychological scars that the victim would have to endure each time she looks into a mirror for the remainder of her lifetime. While I believe the award of a longer custodial sentence would serve as a deterrent to these uneducated, possessive specimen of our kind, we ought to also develop in conjunction educational programmes for the abused and the abusers to eradicate this scourge from our society. I would suggest that our lawmakers institutes minimum custodial sentence of five years for domestic abuser so that our men or women would desist from seeing their spouses as creatures of possession with which they can do as they please whenever they so choose. There should be designated safe-houses across the country where these abused women can get some respite from their abusers while the matter is being investigated. Moreover, the police need to be connected to a 3-digit hotline to which these abused individuals can call to obtain emergency support.
    Finally, any foreign national, who beat or maim our women MUST be deported upon completion of their sentence.

  12. What should we make of such unwanted disgusting behaviour by this uncivilised man, in a society where violence is the norm with us? However, let us not get too carried away with ourselves and let the matter be decided by those who presides over these things, since there are women who abuse men too.

    Watch how “In the clip, MMA fighter Ana Marie Pal head butts Andrei Ciobanu and reportedly breaks his nose after losing a challenge in Romanian Survivor”.
    Quite obviously quite a strong message from Judges and magistrates are needed for us to rid ourselves of the use of violence in all of its forms. In my opinion a more appropriate sentence here could have been thirty six months.

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