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SVGCC Debaters
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The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College (SVGCC) has advanced to the finals of the 2020 Windward Islands Debating Competition (WIDC) slated for today in Dominica.

The SVGCC defeated two-time champion and home team Dominica State College, 526-469, in the first round of the competition on Friday.

Deaney Gellizeau and Zachary Richards of the SVGCC propositioned the topic “It is the Responsibility of Youth to Lead the Climate Change Action”.

SVGCC lecturer B. Tedra Kirby, who took on the role of coach in late 2019, expressed her satisfaction in the team’s first-round victory.

Kirby said: “The boys represented the College and the country very well earlier today and it has truly been a pleasure to witness them hone their debating skills. They have been committed to the process since day one and getting through round one is evidence of that. Overcoming the first hurdle is good; however, we know the work here isn’t done. We now have a final to prepare for and we certainly intend to present a very strong challenge to our opponents”.

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Gellizeau and Richards will compete against debaters from the T.A Marryshow Community College of Grenada, and will oppose the topic “The Lack of Youth Involvement in Local Politics is a Direct Result of the Political Culture of the Region”. SVGCC students Casey DeFreitas and Haronese Collins also took part in the competition.

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  1. SVG future looks bright in these wonderful youth, who are performing at top levels and winning. A new hope. Congrats to you all. Keep working hard. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself too. 🙂 😉

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