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Temporary isolation unit erected in the parking lot of Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (iWN Photo)
Temporary isolation unit erected in the parking lot of Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (iWN Photo)
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A “temporary isolation unit” was erected in the parking lot near the Accident and Emergency Department of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital around 3:30 p.m. Monday amidst reports of a “suspected case” of COVID-19 case.

The A&E Department remained closed following an announcement by the Ministry of Health send via email at 1:30 p.m.

“As a result, persons seeking emergency care should attend the Kingstown District Clinic until further notice,” the ministry said in a terse statement.

“Visiting hours at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital for this afternoon have also been suspended until further notice. This is anticipated to be a temporary measure,” the statement continued.

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The ministry gave no reason for the developments.

However, a source within the hospital told iWitness News around 1 p.m. that a woman had visited the emergency room presenting with what was said to be symptoms of the deadly coronavirus, COVID-19, one case of which has been confirmed in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

4 replies on “COVID-19 in SVG: Temporary isolation unit erected at hospital amidst ‘suspected case’ (+VIDEO)”

  1. More ammunition for the start of the planned hospital(s). You can see the deficiency when the island has only (one) General Hospital. I hope there is a benefactor out there who would see the need to assist in the building of at least two hospitals and one specifically in the Central Leeward area where it is badly needed.

  2. As the world react and all Europe goes into Lock-down Canada closes its borders to non-residents to combat coronavirus – but Americans are still allowed in. Meanwhile in Spain it has “Europe’s ‘youngest’ coronavirus death. Spanish football coach dies from disease aged just 21”

    Therefore one must ask a number of searching question and which are, is the Gonsalves regime taking this crisis serious enough, and were they sleeping when this crisis emerged. “The Philippines quarantines island of 57 million people” because “According to the health department’s latest figures, there are 142 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the Philippines and 12 fatalities”.

    “France has reported 5,437 infections and 400 people in intensive care. It has said 127 people have died and President Macron orders full lockdown in France telling everyone they MUST stay home (and be fined if they go out without filling in online form) – as he drafts in the military to take sick to hospital”.

    “Boris Johnson shuts down Britain as he warns those with symptoms to stay home for 14 days and urges EVERYONE else to avoid ‘non-essential’ travel and socialising for three months – after being warned deaths ‘could hit 260,000’ without action” Yet there does not appear to be any drastic actions on the part of the SVG regime.

    In Cuba the Passengers that have been stuck on the Braemar since five people tested positive are jumping for joy as “all 667 British passengers on virus-hit Fred Olsen cruise ship in Caribbean will be air lifted out of Cuba on Wednesday” They will be going home to a Britain that is in Lock-down! But what of SVG?

    Not much proactive behaviour on the part of the Gonsalves regime here! Can we not ask why so?

  3. Is this the best we can do for an isolation unit? This isolation-scrap-unit, looks more like something one would knock-up together to keep chickens for the night? And note that this foul pen, is from a country that aspires it says with a UN seat, to save the world from self-destruction?

    Poor we, it would appear that we can’t even save ourselves from a day’s heat! Beguiled by the grandiose-delusion of an old man and his family that now hold us by the nose. Or perhaps holds us as dunce sheep harried by sheep dogs Blah’, blah’, blah’. Blah’, blah’, blah’. Blah’, blah’, blah’.

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