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St. Vincent and the Grenadines has recorded no new cases of the deadly coronavirus – COVID-19 since a woman who had travelled to the United Kingdom tested positive last week Wednesday.

The Ministry of Health said that it received from the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) Lab at 12:55 p.m. on Tuesday, the results from the latest batch of COVID-19 tests, all of which were negative.

These tests included those conducted on the male passenger from Guyana, who arrived in St. Vincent and the Grenadines on LIAT 771 on Saturday, March 14.

“Despite these results, the passenger will remain in quarantine until March 21, 2020, thus completing the required 14 days of quarantine,” the ministry said.

Additionally, contacts associated with SVG’s single COVID-19 confirmed case, who arrived on LIAT flight 737 in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, on March 7 also tested negative. The ministry, however, did not provide any update on the status of the confirmed case.

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The ministry further said that the test for COVID-19 conducted on a suspected case who arrived at the Accident and Emergency on Monday was negative.

7 replies on “No new COVID-19 cases in SVG”

  1. I have not seen any advice given to date from our health authorities as to how we are to deal with our more than overcrowded passenger vans.

    If they “Think only old people can die from coronavirus? Think again. Australian expert who led team assessing China’s outbreak says NO ONE is safe from the killer virus. Elderly people are the most at-risk of developing severe coronavirus. Experts warn young, healthy people are still dying from respiratory infection. More than 198,000 people throughout 167 countries have been infected”.

    Therefore we need to do more and we need to be very vigilant

  2. Free Thinker!!! says:

    If we do not have a testing centre here and have to send our samples to Trinidad, how can we get results on Tuesday for samples allegedly taken on Saturday afternoon? Its not like the testing centre is just there sitting and waiting for our samples. And how are these samples transported from SVG?

  3. Don’t blame Gonsalves for the low numbers. He has tried his best to attract record numbers of virus rich travellers. The shame is he has tried his hardest to create a medical reason for calling a State of Emergency, but has failed dismally.

  4. The WHO urges countries to test more people to curb dis pandemic. Dem say dat dem so far dem ha discover 2626 cases ah de infection enna de UK an 104 people done garne dead, an wah dem say 2,629 medics infected with de coronavirus ah Italy dread. An wen Canada an de USA ah shut up borders yo know tings sure garne bad dread! Well bad!

    An look yah, Italy recorded a record 4,207 infections. Yea man, an more than 2,600 medical workers dem say have been infected with de coronavirus too. Dis ting yah nah easy dread!

    Dem say dat “Super-spreader city London faces total lockdown in DAYS as Boris Johnson says he ‘rules nothing out’ and 20,000 troops are put on standby to enforce new laws – after UK’s daily death rate DOUBLED to 33 in 24 hours.”

  5. That’s great news, let’s pray it says that way. Quarantine the borders, suspend travels for the next couple weeks, and let things slowly get back to normal.

  6. Louise CAESAR says:

    Praise The Lord!
    Saints of God keep Praying and Trusting..this too Will pass.
    Our Father God REIGNS!

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