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St. Vincent and the Grenadines, on Monday, mandated a 14-day quarantine for persons arriving from the United States, United Kingdom and the European Union.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Simone Keizer-Beache made the announcement on WE FM on Sunday.

She noted that the country has only one confirmed case of the deadly coronavirus, COVID-19.

“And we want to use this time to ensure that we keep this figure as low, as close as possible [to] one. We know that a lot of persons have been coming home and we’re also aware that you know, the likelihood of another imported case still remains, even as we are decreasing — flights into St. Vincent have decreased because of decisions made outside of St. Vincent, but also because of steps we are taking in terms of increasing quarantine requirements.

So that as of Monday, tomorrow at 6 o’clock, everybody coming in from the UK, US and the EU will be required to go under a mandatory 14 days of quarantine even as we say that we have already been advising persons to go under quarantine as we encounter them at the airport,” Keizer-Beache said.  

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She said that health officials visit persons who are in mandatory quarantine.

“When we determine that the person is, probably less than compliant, we will do the court orders and we would ask for the assistance of the police,” she said.

9 replies on “Mandatory quarantine for US, UK, EU visitors”

  1. We need to kindly request these folks stay at home in the UK. learn from those whose hearts were just as hardened.

  2. Only one case, the other day they talked about 14 Chinese persons being quarantined .
    Make up your mind SVG.

  3. Vincy Lawyer says:

    When do you visit the persons? The first day of the quarantine and then no time after?

    This Ministry is the biggest disappointment ever!

  4. Elizabeth Thomas says:

    Is somebody going to be making sure that the cruisers from the French Caribbean islands, that are part of the European Union, are going to be quarantined?

    1. First all French charter has stop last week. If you’ve been sailing around, the only French flags you see are live aboard.

      Second live aboard are technically already quarantine and much healthier than land dwellers…

  5. I’m certain that when the virus hits in SVG we will all be told to go pray to God for his help when the greedy self-serving ULP politicians and appointees go to Cuba for treatment. The poor, disenfranchised bottom of the ladder in society is who is going to pay the price.

  6. Everybody closing borders but we seems to need the money so bad we have to risk this nation’s people lives and health to get it. We don’t yet know the consequences of this infection but we treating it like just another one. No worries, right? We’ll soon know. It is time to show big belly Gonsalves the road.

  7. The British government have put out a request for all British tourists and holiday makers to return to the UK as soon as possible, cut there holidays and plans short and return asap. They have said they do not know for how much longer airlines will continue flying in and out of the UK.

  8. Brent Bailey says:

    Some of us Vincention who are coming from abroad still not taking precaution and not staying home for the 14 day, they will turn and blame the government .

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