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The woman in St. Vincent and the Grenadines who on March 11 tested positive for COVID-19 is “doing very well”, almost two weeks after she began exhibiting symptoms.

“That person is doing very well. That person has had significant improvement; we have had no cause to think that that person moved from mild to moderate. Rather that person is doing very well and we anticipate a full recovery,” Chief Medical Officer Dr. Simone Keizer-Beache said on WE FM on Sunday.

On March 11, the Minister of Health Senator Luke Browne announced that SVG had recorded one case of the deadly virus.

Speaking at the press conference where the announcement was made, Keizer-Beache said that the patient is a Vincentian woman aged 30-35, who had begun showing symptoms of the coronavirus after returning from the United Kingdom where she had attended a meeting.

On Sunday, Keizer-Beache said:

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“The person will complete their 14 days and we are going at 14 days from the time of presentation, and that will be on the 24th and at that time, as advised, following the protocols, we would repeat the COVID test and it would be done within that 24 to 48-hour period. We would do two tests and we would all consider if we do a third test later.”

Keizer-Beache said that is what the World Health Organization recommends.

At the time of publishing this article on Monday, there have been, internationally, 378,6013 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 16,505 deaths, while 100,982 people have recovered from the illness, according to realtime tracking by The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

5 replies on “SVG’s COVID-19 patient ‘doing very well’”

  1. Thank God she’s honest and a good human being because the lack of action by the Health Authorities in SVG in relation to her wellbeing is more scarier than the pandemic.

    1. Vincy, with all due respect, In one month time Italy has overtaken China’s virus infected death toll of two months. Do you actually think that that has to do with a person being honest and good? (ask the tsunami victims)

    2. Really though, have you been watching international news. Go get an update on this pandemic cause clearly it’s been a while since you’ve checked

  2. Stefan Sokulsky says:

    You guys need to close your borders now. You are one of the few countries without the disease. Govt. needs to isolate any arrivals. Don’t trust individuals to self isolate.

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