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The deceased, Gamar Robinson.
The deceased, Gamar Robinson.

The Campden Park man who died of stab wounds on Tuesday is the fourth of his mother’s five children to die tragically.

“It’s really hard; it’s really hard and tough. I don’t even have the words to tell you how I feel,” Vanda John told iWitness News on Thursday of the death of her son, Gamar Robinson.

“I can’t even explain it. I just put everything in God’s hands. I can’t sleep, I am jumping out of my sleep, I’m scared, I can’t eat,” she said.

John told iWitness News that she found her 31-year-old son unresponsive in the patio of their home around 10 p.m. Tuesday.

He was lying there about an hour after she had last seen him at the shop she operates elsewhere in the village.

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John said that she and her husband were on their way home when she saw someone lying in the porch.

She turned on the flashlight on her mobile phone, only to realise that the person was her son, who was lying on his back.

“I rushed to him and I gave him a hit on his face and called his name, and me ain’t getting no response,” the mother said.

She said that a neighbour responded to her cries and said that her son was still breathing.

Robinson was rushed to the Milton Cato Memorial where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The mother said that there was blood on the steps to her house, suggesting that her son was stabbed elsewhere then attempted to make his way home after the attack.

She further said that there was a lot blood on his jersey and pants, suggesting that he had been standing when he was stabbed.

Police have ruled Robinson’s death the 7th homicide in St. Vincent and the Grenadines this year.

With Robinson’s death, John is left with one child – his twin brother, Omar Robinson.

John told iWitness News that Gamar had suffered a “breakdown” after his return from Canada in 2012.

He had lost one of his brothers tragically before they migrated to the North American nation, and a further two died while they were living in Canada.

On Aug. 30, 2004, tragedy struck John’s household with the murder of her son Glen Robinson, then 20.

Glen died after being shot some three times after an altercation, reportedly surrounding a love triangle.

Then, on May 1. 2008, John’s son, Leroy Robinson, 27, went missing at sea and is presumed dead.

And, on Sept. 30, 2011, John’s son, Kevin Robinson, aged 25, died of cancer.

4 replies on “With latest murder, mother loses 4 children tragically”

  1. I cannot imagine the grief that this mother is experiencing right now. I pray that God, who sees and knows all, will provide comfort to the bereaved, and justice to the perpetrator/s of this horrible crime.
    Loosing one just child is extremely difficult I believe, but to have experience as many misfortunes as this family has, it beyond me.

  2. Hyacinth Harry says:

    Sad.My condolences. May his soul rest in peace .Hope the police are able to solve this crime.If you know something ,say something

  3. My heart goes out to you, Vanda John, and your husband. It is really horrible to lose your son in such a tragic way! You and your husband may do well with some appropriate Counseling at this time. It’s never cope with losing 4 children tragically. Please speak to Omar over and over again to avoid getting in conflict with others within his community or anywhere else. He must walk or run away from any trouble that may come his way. Proverbs 17:14. In recent times, while passing through the North Leeward village of Petit Bordel, two men were having a heated argument. At least one of them was drinking, holding a beer in his hand. They both were threatening to hit and kill the other. Thankfully, another man took one of them (the one that did not have the beer) and carried him away. Hence, a fight was avoided. On another occasion recently, while passing through Rose Bank, in an area of it called Dark View, two women were having a vicious quarrel. Again, one was drinking a beer. The drinker was actually poking a knife in the other woman’s face, while a man was trying to hold her back. I didn’t stay but thankfully I didn’t hear of any murder or serious injury in Dark View. Vincentians, please, please, please, try as much as you can to avoid getting into trouble with anyone. Life is sweet. Stay away from trouble. Don’t make Satan happy. Respect and love the life that God gave you. Live lovingly with all and make your Creator, Almighty God, happy.

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