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Jomo Sanga Thomas is a lawyer, journalist, social commentator and a former Speaker of the House of Assembly in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. (iWN file photo)
Jomo Sanga Thomas is a lawyer, journalist, social commentator and a former Speaker of the House of Assembly in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. (iWN file photo)
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By Jomo Sanga Thomas

(“Plain Talk”, March 27, 2020)

The most defining story of this coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is not the sad tale of hundreds of thousands of persons who are afflicted with this dreaded disease, not the horrific news that thousands are dead, and more will die. It is not the earthshattering rearrangement of every aspect of human life on this planet in the last few weeks, or the incompetence and ineptitude of the US regime led by Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

Those are imposing stories, but they all pale in comparison to a bright beacon, a point of light and hope in this dark world of pain and suffering.

The story that should remain etched in people’s consciousness, long after this pandemic is conquered, is the calm, stoic resolve and response of the revolutionary leadership of Cuba to the spread of this frightening killer disease.

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Cuba, a country known for its honesty and transparency, in tackling difficult problems, has announced few cases of the virus. Based on its history and practice, Cubans are guaranteed and can deliver excellent care.

That’s a given. What is also true, but gets insufficient coverage, is the fact when the world grieves and needs assistance to tackle problems large and small, earthquakes in Pakistan or Iran, Ebola in West Africa, or personnel to staff a medical diagnostic centre in our country, Cuba willingly answers the call.

And so, it is with this COVID-19 pandemic. Cuba has aided Argentina, Antigua, Brazil, China, Grenada, Italy, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Peru, St Lucia, SVG and Venezuela. We can expect the list to grow as the disease continues its death march across the globe.

“This moment calls for the setting aside of political differences to focus on facing the emergency and its serious consequences’, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said. ‘Each country can and should contribute with what is in its reach. The pandemic does not respect borders or ideologues. To meet such a serious challenge, we must join forces and support each other. We are motivated by the solidarity values that characterizes Cuba, including the promise of sharing what we have, even if it is scarce.”

Contrast this attitude with the pompous, idiotic comments that comes from the US president each day.

Worse, the US government is pressuring some countries to refuse Cuba’s offer of assistance. We hope that those who neglect the needs of their people and bend to such immoral and unethical pressures and bullying, pay a huge political price for their wilful ignorance.

A few things are worth remembering about Cuba. It is a small, resource starved country that has been forced to exist, since the Fidel Castro revolution overthrew Batista the US puppet leader, and embarked on a non-capitalist, revolutionary path of development.

It has not been an easy road. For close to six decades, the country has been pressured, attacked, smeared and blockaded by some of the most powerful governments in the World. However, the revolution has survived primarily because of the discipline and determination of the Cuban people whose leaders have been through the fires of struggle and resistance.

Against the odds, the Cuban revolution has grown to become a medical power, just as Fidel Castro predicted it will be in a speech in 1985. More than 30 years ago, the Cuban medical facility created interferon, the cancer-fighting drug. Currently, a variant of that drug is proving to be an effective battle against COVID-19.

People need to stop and think for a moment. Here’s this Caribbean country, one of the smallest nations on earth, offering critically important medical assistance to China, a country with the second largest economy on earth. It was a beautiful sight to behold as Cuban doctors and nurses landed in Italy, to wild and prolonged cheers.

Since the triumph of the Cuba Revolution, over 400,000 medical personnel went to the aid and assistance of people in 164 countries. These doctors and nurses offer selfless professional assistance. They work in some of the most difficult conditions imaginable. They seldom complain. Their genuine love and self- sacrifice for the people they serve, and for humanity, shine brightly.

We seldom stop to think why Cuba has been able to do all that it has done with so little. Why this wonderful story of help and assistance does not come from Argentina or Dominican Republic, France or the Czech Republic, Egypt or South Africa, Taiwan or the Malaysia, all countries with more resources than Cuba?

If you listen to the establishment media, BBC, CNN, MSNBC, Reuters, New York Times, we are reminded of the untold suffering faced by the citizens of Cuba. We never stop to ask why would a ‘brutal government’ invest in the education, health and welfare of its population? Why do respected international organizations such as the World Health Organization and the United Nations Educational and Scientific and Cultural organization (UNESCO) credit Cuba with exceptional performance in the field of health and education?

The truth lies in these simple facts. Cuba made a revolution more than 60 years ago. Its leadership resolved not to get rich and arrogant or continue with business as usual. The revolution took on the difficult, but doable task to lift all its citizens and imbue them with pride.  They committed to transform the Cuban society for the better.

Consequently, the hopelessness and helplessness which characterise the lives of so many of the world peoples, including many Vincentians, do not find that stark expression in Cuba. This is a country with real problems, but a country nonetheless that works to solve its problems to improve the lives and existence not just of Cubans, but the lives of anyone, anywhere who calls.

Imagine then what other strides our brothers and sisters in Cuba could have made, would be making, had it not been for the criminal, illegal blockage of Cuba by the powerful, arrogant and influential United States. The US blockage has robbed the Cuban economy of more than US$200 billion. If Cuba does so much with so little, consider how much more can be done if given the chance to develop freely and independently without the attempts to deform, derail and destroy its transformative revolutionary process.

*Jomo Sanga Thomas is a lawyer, journalist, social commentator and a former Speaker of the House of Assembly in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. 

The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

61 replies on “Cuba answers yet again”

  1. We are already under their control, what else do you want from us Jomo, they are already our masters.

  2. Mr. Thomas, it’s obvious that u either don’t know or you are spreading fake news. Cuba charges hard currency in dollars. This is the main source of their income. And this is called 20th. Century slavery. If u got paid for this article I would understand that it’s business; but please don’t play the dirty game of the Cubans

    1. Rafael Alvarez says:

      I’m as a cuban citizen and son of doctors parents want to clearify your dirty mind. Despite be wealthy in knowledge cubans doctors are humbles and they get paid too low not mention the cuban government deserve applause for the entire world in this rought time. You better don’t even say nothing.

  3. Poor idior he does not know what he is talking about .in cuba they dont even have an aspirine in the hospitals. And now they are better than the americans.that is laughable.

    1. Maybe if they where no ambarco for the last 60 years the would have aspirine i leave in Cuba is Cuba pecfert no but is the USA pecfert no i think point is was trying To make is ithere sending help to country, is the finacial gain im sure and the USA wont help any one is us first and in state if you dont money you better be ready To die this virus have no bonderies and is color blind si stop thinking all of political and starting global help work together or we all dome and maybe its a good thing good luck

  4. If you want talk about Cuba you has to ask a cuban firs, in Cuba there aren’t transparency, human rights In Cuba there is a dictatorship that has the people in misery and poverty

  5. Mike Devries says:

    I so agree totally and believe in the Cuban people. And do wish them the right to prove themselves as very educated and capable people as any other nationality of this world. MDV.

  6. Very well stated. Amazing the resilient people of Cuba being number one in the world. A shame for the U.S. who lacks leadership during this pandemic.

  7. Tesha Carheel says:

    This is Wonderful news for the WORLD WIDE to hear about… Let’s put all our World Resources, from Evsry Country Together and HEAL OUR WORLD WIDE… It will not only be our Nation being great but it will be OUR WORLD BEING GREAT!!! Let’s make a history worth telling all of our children, grandchildren and beyond, about OUR GREAT WORLD… Live Together, Share Together, Love Together…

    1. Belinda Theriault says:

      I agree U.S.A should take a chance on their offer of help ,,plus Canada should step up and get the drug that may help people from dying because we care about our people .This is not about money but saving lthe sick and dying.

  8. Bryan De Castro says:

    Revolting… You praise the dictatorship in my country when millions suffer fro it. The reason Cuba loves to send out its brightest doctors out the country on missions is because it prostitutes them and pays them cents on the dollar earned. Cuba gets money and products by renting out and exploiting their people.. much like slavery. Only it does pay them, an unfairly amount… People do it for many reasons; to get out of the country and with the little money they make they can provide to their families by bring in a foreing country and sending back money and supplies. Because despite the little money they make, the difference is in miles compared to the money they would make stsying back and earning it by working for the communist state. Some thing like $20 versus $200 a month.

    Speak the truth, not this puff piece praising socialism.and communism.. a turd is still a turd even if you sprinkle glitter on it.

  9. Most Cubans sing a completely different tune than the one Jomo is singing. Overall Cubans are decent people but communism was forced on them after the US refused to cooperate with the murderous regime of Fidel Castro. The same as the ULP wants to do in SVG.

    Most people know Trump is a racist and white supremacist just look at what he is doing to Iran, Palestine, Afghanistan, Venezuela, and Cuba to get an impression. It looks as if he is against everything Obama achieved or he wants to undo everything the man did out of spite and racist white supremacist ideologies.

    We [SVG], because of our small size and lack of proper development would have been better off remaining tied to England at least until we were mature (population 100% literate and skilled) enough to go independent. That was the same as a five-year-old leaving home to go out on his/her own. But, politicians saw it as an opportunity to abuse their powers and enrich themselves.

    It is no wonder that SVG people don’t want CBC in SVG, not because it’s not good but because we know that the powers that be are doing their utmost to remove every obstacle toward dictatorship and strong man rule. And, that move would be tantamount to putting the rats to guard the cheese.

    I hope that the NDP, the progressive party in SVG will get the chance to run this country then we can compare it with the Gonsalves regime. I’m sure that even though things won’t change overnight, in the long run, we will be far better off than with these anti-capitalists who have already secured their capital.

    Why don’t we aspire to be like the Bahamas or the Caymans or Trinidad or even Barbados or Puerto Rico?

    I have nothing against the Cuban people but I don’t agree with Marxism nor strongman politics like that of Ralph Gonsalves and the ULP Jesters.

    All you advocate is just that. Seems las if you are an activist for big belly Gonsalves, Doten Nicolas Maduro and the like. Every action you take is another ass-licking exercise.

  10. Nassim Fathallah says:

    .. for as long as little giant countries like Cuba, sitting on the nose of Ammerikka, keep on opposing courageously, arrogant and evil regimes like that of the USA, there will be hope for the rest of humanity that with persistence and confidence one day we shall overcome; just like we’re fighting and soon winning, this equally dreadful and evil virus, for the “Castro” spirit will, defiantly and always, lives in our minds and hearts.

  11. You have OBVIOUSLY never lived in Cuba. You should be ashamed of yourself for writing LIES!!!! The Cuban government did NOT get rich from the revolution? Are you KIDDING ME!?!?!?!…a net worth of $900 MILLION at the time of his death while “his country” suffers!?!?! Hospital workers DON’T have essentials to treat patients. The don’t complain…NO….they CAN’T COMPLAIN…huge difference. Get your facts straight from ALL sources before publishing such garbage.

  12. If cuba is such a great place how come my cousin is a pediatrician in the town of cotorrro . And she as to cut hair in order to make ends meet.. How come 4 of my uncles died of cancer . Such a wonderful place . Free health care yea right. When you go to a hospital you have to bring your own sheets..

  13. Sad to tell you the average Cuban has no soap or toilett paper. They have to make lines everyday for basic food and necessities. A lot sections in Cuba have no running water operating 24 x 7. In addition, Cuba has one of the oldest population in the world.

    As I see this could be troublesome for the Cuban people. The ruling class wiill have access to the best health care that Cuba has available. I granted you that it is very good. The rest of the people will find a bed in a hospital, with able doctors and nurses, but with meagar medical supplies and few PPE for the medical profesionals.

    The doctors are paid miserable salaries in these international missions. The host countries pay thousands of dollars for each doctor to the Cuban government; in turn the Cuban goverment pay theses doctors a few hundred dollars.

    Like China, you cannot trust their statistics because there in no free press in Cuba. Is like watching Fox news on steroids.

  14. Urlan Alexander says:

    Jomo as a very black man you must go to Cuba, not as a lawyer or former senator but an ordinary black man. spend a few months and blend in if possible and you will experience how ruthless the regime you speak so gleeful about really is. Speaking from the outside one can easily be misled and that i know. However Mr Thomas I know you are well read but you seem to love the soundbites from what you hear from the Grandma.
    As one comment here put it best, that the brightest in Cuba such as the doctors are rented out for money. I am sure that like in a lot of countries the Cubans do have a good health care system but it ran like a business. Its about the hard currency. Ask the Cuban doctors in SVG and if they’re not afraid, they will tell you that they receive pennies individually compare to what the Cuban government makes per doctor by prostituting them to other countries.
    investigate for yourself Jomo, I bet you will be very surprised at what you will find out.

  15. Mr. Thomas: Communism is the enemy of human freedom and death to humanity. If communist Cuba is such a “workers paradise”, why aren’t you living there? You are a liar and a fraud, and a traitor to your people.

    1. Jolly Green says:

      Remember Joseph our little country is already sold to and owned by Cuba, Jomo is trying to lick the comrades tuch so as he doesn’t experience the ULP hunting dogs. He wants to stay in this world, and not pass to the other prematurely.

  16. Rogelio blanco says:

    I’m not going to say what this low life would need to hear ,I’m only saying what he is saying the kkk is a example on how to treat black peoples

  17. I love Cuba and its people. Our last visit there showed the obvious attempt with some success it would br nice if rich and powerful governments around the world would support and encourage the efforts to improve rather than build barriers with sanctions and disparaging media.
    God bless the people of Cuba!!

  18. Isabel Fundora says:

    I don’t know this guy but all his praise for Cuba is the most stupid thing I’ve ever read, transparency in Cuba? Please, everything Cuba informs is a lie, that country is not another country but another galaxy, the government there not only doesn’t love people, they hate them and they are so incompetent that there is not comparison ; does Cuba know something terrible about you and you are extorsioned by them or you are dumb, or both? Pity, man, you are out of common sense

  19. Transparency in Cuba? Really? Tomorrow will be 40 years of the events of the Mariel. Do you think that people jump into the sea to cross the Florida Strait in rafts for nothing? Thousands arrived in Miami in 1980, all seeking freedom and that would continue if it were not for the law of the Clinton government. It is shown that the only good thing that socialism has is its propaganda. If you want to know about Cuba, worry about knowing the stories behind the Cuban-Americans who live in South Florida.

  20. Sir, if you think you are going to be treated better
    Then go to Cuba and kiss ass, and stay there.
    They will love to have you there righting all th bs,
    You are writting about them,
    Go and work there stay there and make 80 bucks a month, make sure you take news paper to clean your ass, too.

  21. Cuba is the wonderful thoughtful people who live there.
    What can one say about that fool in america

  22. Francis Kornbacher says:

    When Cuba send it’s doctors to any country. They are not doing it for free
    Cuba gets a large monetary fee, while their Drs work for pennies.

  23. I am Cuban and sorry but this is not true. And sending doctors to other countries is a business for Cuba where the government exploits the doctors and dont pay them the right amount.

  24. Look who’s this asshole is
    El primer ministro granadino, Ralph Gonsalves, asistió a la velada política cultural para conmemorar el aniversario 25 de las relaciones diplomáticas entre Cuba y San Vicente y las Granadinas, refirió este sábado una fuente diplomática.

    El acto tuvo lugar en la sede diplomática cubana en esta capital y también asistieron el presidente del Parlamento, Jomo Sanga Thomas, entre otras personalidades locales.

    La embajadora de Cuba en este país, Vilma Reyes, recordó que la fecha remitía invariablemente al líder histórico de la Revolución cubana, Fidel Castro, a su visión de la necesidad de la unidad y la integración latinoamericana y caribeña.

    ‘También a la incansable búsqueda por parte de Fidel de soluciones para los problemas de las pequeñas y dignas naciones del Caribe, a su entusiasmo y compromiso con los proyectos emprendidos’, expresó la diplomática.

    Reyes destacó que los logros bilaterales en el primer cuarto de siglo vencido y el excelente estado de las relaciones bilaterales entre ambas islas constituían un homenaje al legado y a la memoria de Fidel, al cumplirse ayer seis meses de su desaparición física.

    Gonsalves ponderó la importancia de la colaboración recibida de Cuba desde 1992 en esferas decisivas del desarrollo el país.

    Recordó a Fidel Castro y al presidente Hugo Chávez, iniciadores de importantes proyectos como el del Aeropuerto Internacional de Argyle, la mayor obra de infraestructura, jamás acometida en San Vicente y las Granadinas.

    El jefe del Gobierno granadino hizo válida la oportunidad para reiterar la diáfana y decidida posición de San Vicente y las Granadinas en apoyo a Venezuela, en momentos en que ‘la Revolución Bolivariana es asediada por el imperialismo y la derecha regional’.

    La máxima autoridad de la isla reiteró su rechazo al bloqueo de Estados Unidos contra Cuba y la existencia de la base naval de Guantánamo, en contra de la voluntad del pueblo cubano.

  25. Are you all lived in Cuba for 39 years and haven’t had soap, fish and beef for 30 straight years?

  26. We need to ship this guy to Cuba so he can live in the misery the Cuban people live. With no freedoms, food and especially medicines. . Just look at all the prosperity Castro sent to Venezuela through his puppet, Chavez. We need to ship this idiiot to in live Cuba. and then to Venezuela and make sure he can not get out !

  27. Freddy F Guil. says:

    Estimado Sr Jomo S.T. menos mal que ud vive en un pais que puede criticar a su govierno y seguir haciendo vida social sin que le pase nada ni temer a nadie. Sepa que en Cuba no se puede hablar mal de la DICTADURA ni en su grupo familiar sin que luego le den una palisa, lo metan preso con cuaquier escusa, le quiten su empleo y lo manden a trabajar al campo, Fidel creo brigadas de malechores encargados de hacer el trabajo de los sicarios para amedrentar a quienes critiquen la Dictadura.Para empezar solo le dire que el emblematico siistema de salud Cubano es una pantalla propagandistica del unico govierno y partido de la isla y no hay quien diga que en realidad es una gran mentira por lo que le dije al principio, los hospitales se estan callendo a pedazos, no hay agua ni servicios sanitarios, los utencilios medicos los envueben en papel de cartucho (bolsas) porque no hay ni siquiera una servilleta, no hay medicamentos para los pacientes y la higiene es lo peor ,vallase a Cuba y visite unhospital sin ningun guia turistico. En Cuba no hay comida y no es por culpa del bloqueo externo sino del bloqueo interno. En 1968 Fidel pronostico’ (mintio) que para 1975 habria pollos y huevos de venta libre y cada ciudadano podria comprar la cantidad que quisiera.Han pasado 52 an~os (YEARS) y aun no hay pollos ni huevos suficientes para que el ciudadano compre 4 huevos y un pollo. Y el bloqueo ( embargo) no impide que se puedan criar gallinas y obtener huevos, pues si ud siembra maiz,sorgo arroz y otras malezas le puede dar alimentos a las gallinas y multiplicarlas, pero para un govierno comunista es mejor matar al pueblo de hambre ,tenerlo de esclavo haciendo propaganda revolucionaria mandando (de manera obligatoria) a los medicos a trbajar a otros paises reciviendo un pago miserable mientras el regimen se queda con las ganancias que no las reinvierte en bienestar social sino que es usado para lujos particulares de las cupulas y eso no lo ve el turista mucho menos si es un invitado del govierno. Ningun medico de un pais democratico iria a trabajar al estranjero por un sueldo que sea menor al que gana en su ciudad y viviendo hacinado junto a otros medicos como si fueran presos. Vea las fotos cuando llegaron a Italia mostarndo figuras del CHE y Fidel digame si no es propaganda revolucionaria. CUando las brigadas medicas formadas por el ejercito Americano llegaron a Haiti no mostraron fotos de Obama o Buch, grande la diferencia. No? Hay mucho polvo en este camino

  28. Toni Tisdale says:

    When I visited Cuba, no drugs, no crime just beautiful people, music and food. Walked the street without fear during the night. The people are poor due to the embargo but very proud people!!! May my cousins survive!!!

    1. Toni, I don’t know who sent you with such nonsense. There are plenty of drugs, crime and prostitution in Cuba, and plenty of places where you do not walk after dark.

      There is more wrong in Cuba than there is right. People still want to run away, they have no illegal immigrants because it is the worst place to live.

      Castro died a billionaire whilst the people starved the whole of Cuba was his plantation.

  29. Mr. Thomas, will all due respect, you’re spreading misinformation regarding the opressive and dictatorial communist regime of Cuba. You’re, respectfully, either full of shit or just plain istupid buying the communist propaganda. The public, state -un, healthcare in Cuba is the most spensive in the world, you don’t pay with money but with your own life the day you decide to think for yourself. It’s free hence why professionals barely make ends meet with base salaries of $30 a month. You’re just laughing and spitting in the faces of hundreds of political prisoners rooting in Cuban jails with fabricated cases in cangoroo courts. I live it, I know it, this is first hand experience not your fantasy tales.

  30. Sanga sois una asquerosa perra come mierda,
    Sal de aquí maricón clandestino, soplón. follón irreparable.

  31. Jomo get real and write something proper than this tripe, thought you were going to put Ralph in his place but instead you got put in yours by REAL CUBANS. Why do you think they let the virus cruise ship Braemar dock there to let off passengers when EVERY other country in the world refused it? Because they are desperate for money and obviously they were offered some, their “humanitarian” excuse was an instant laugh. Wonder how much of the docking payment made it down to the ordinary person in any way shape or form.

  32. Alberto N Jones says:

    To me as an 80 year old Cuban it is revolting to read the offenses, lies and distortions that many of my countrymen try to give credibility by first stating they are Cubans.

    I was born in a sugarcane plantation Caribbean migrant plantation, lured to Cuba as the promise land to harvest sugar cane. None of the writers know or will prefer not to remember, that real Cuba, where hunger, segregation, slave labor, marginalization, force repatriation, malnutrition, inhumane living condition not fit for animals, was the rule of law imposed by the ruling class, albeit, in less than fifty years of backbreaking sunrise to sundown stifling work in the horrendous sugarcane fields, in conjunction with poor Cubans, they turned Cuba into the first Sugar producing country in the world.

    This bit of history and much more, are the basis of the victorious Revolution headed by Fidel Castro, that transformed the country social structure of the nation, for which most of the writers have never forgiven or forget,for attempting to build a race neutral society for all, rather than the previous racist society in which clubs, hospitals, schools, employment in large industries, office settings, banks, clerical, airline, police and army officers etc., was limited to whites.

    Although complete racial equality in Cuba is still pending matter, many or still hurting to see blacks in high positions and non-spanish names such as Stevenson, Knight, King, James, Difourt, Bancroft, Duperey, Silot, Machandi, Bidot etc., not Perez, Garcia or Gonzalez, are the ones bringing fame and glory to Cuba in the arts, sports, science and defense.

    Whatever real or perceived lingering shortcomings may exists in Cuba, attempting to ignore 60 years of the most stringent, ferocious and wicked blockade against any nation in the world, and presenting the unparalell contributions, Cuba has made towards the liberation and preservation of the independence of Angola, Namibia, Zimbabwe, freeing Nelson Mandela and the destruction of Apartheid with the lives of the best of nation in human sacrifices, blood, tears and death, providing healthcare to millions of the poorest of the word in four continent, educating millions and preserving eye sight of endless amount of people, cannot be compared or measured with the lack of food, medicine, construction, infrastructure etc., that have plagued and hampered the development of the nation.

    Which other country in the world, has fought and died for the independence of other countries and removed after victory only its dead and wounded, from oil, minerals, metals resource rich nations?

    While has educated for free tens of thousands of poor, marginalized students from around the world, no other country comes close to this epic contribution to mankind, yet, writers and detractors of Cuba on these pages, who have done nothing for their neighbors, adopted country or the world, are willing to sit in judgement and condemn instead of helping and honoring such humanitarian gesture.

    Finally, some acrid critic of Cuba, have identified themselves in their arguments as doctors, trained for free in their homeland, yet none of them can demonstrate, that having full knowledge of the critical and frightening financial crisis the country is enduring,the lack of food, medical supplies and other means of survival Cuba is enduring under the tightening and suffocating restrictions imposed on that country, in which Donald Trump acting as pirates in the IXX century, confiscate Cuba meager financial transactions, sanctions and deprive the nation of fuel and was subjected in the recent past to invasions, bio-terrorisms, assassinations attempts, infiltrations, murders and no one have had the decency to send a bottle of aspirine, toothpaste, milk or underwear for a mother, child or elderly.

    History will judge their nauseating behavior, for standing up against their terrorized brothers and sisters in Cuba and for siding with the nation’s tormentors.

    For that reason, Cuba and Cuban threats, name calling and denunciations by Cuba haters and vengeful racists and s with a sense of Independence, Sovereingy, Dignity and Love for Country, are eternally gratefully to Mr. Jomo Sangy Thomas, courageous, brilliant and honest compilation of Cuba’s contribution to the world, not withstanding the anticipated denunciation by racists, revisionists and salaried mouthpieces.

    1. Jolly Green says:

      This is obviously written by the comrade himself, up to his old tricks again, he has been doing it for years.

  33. Junior John says:

    R why you always thiink that writing bad things about people will lift your status? When it’s not big belly Gonsalves is closeted homosexual. It takes one homosexual to know another because they are in competition with one another for the same pie. Write something that intelligent. There is adage that sad you cannot get clean water from a polluted fountain, therefore, I am asking for the impossibility.

    1. Junior John, I decided to stop commenting on this blog. But, I will make an exception here to address you.: 1) I’m not looking for status or fame. 2)I like to think I am on the side of poor people furthermore I’m not a politician so I don’t have to be politically correct. 3) I will write in a language that common folks can understand, even you. Good luck to all you people who know better. However, for good order, I have the right to express my own opinion and I can make up my own mind. I’m not a homosexual and I hold nothing against them so long as they respect boundaries. If you, Junior John doesn’t think that writing outright lies like Jomo is offensive then you can join his team too. I know all old saying too that is applicable to you: In the abundance of waters, the fools are thirsty.

  34. Jolly Green says:

    Well Jomo, looks like it is back to sweeping yards for you, no one liked your story, and according to many of them they do not like you or your opinions either.

    What most of you need to understand is Jomo actually believes what he wrote. He like Gunzi has a Marxist muddled mind. Would he live there, ‘No Way Jose!, that is just for the ignorant and those trapped there in a form of state slavery.

    What Jomo would sooner see is bringing the system here, that he would accept and promote even. In fact this opinion of his is an advert for just that, bringing communism to SVG.

  35. I visited Cuba and stayed there for a week and noted that the African population were the ones doing menial jobs. They were not liberated by the revolution . I saw only white Cubans working at the airport . I had to smuggle food to feed one of the entertainer. He gulped it down ravenously like story Pip and the Convict.

  36. Jolly Green says:

    From where did all these strange new names suddenly appear?

    The grammar and word use in the Spanish opinions tell me the quotes have been done on an online translator and not written by a Spanish speaker.

    The Alberto N Jones composition has hundreds of grammatical and punctuation mistakes. It was certainly not written by an 80-year-old Cuban named Jones, probably written by someone who knows what he wants to say but is not capable of composing such a statement with proper punctuation and grammar.

    I won’t say more because the editor doesn’t like it when I am rude, so I am trying very hard to conform.

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