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Seating at a church arranged in keeping with the Ministry of Health's physical distancing guidelines. (iWN photo)
Seating at a church arranged in keeping with the Ministry of Health’s physical distancing guidelines. (iWN photo)

Leader of the Opposition Godwin Friday has urged churches in St. Vincent and the Grenadines to take seriously the physical distancing advice of the health authorities.

In a national address Wednesday night, Friday said that governments around the world have implemented strict guidelines limiting the number of persons allowed to gather publicly, for weddings, funerals and other social gatherings, and for bars and nightclubs.

“We must do similarly,” he said.

Friday said that as a Christian nation, there are many churches and congregations throughout SVG.

“Church leaders, I know you always want what is best for your congregations.  I urge you to continue to take social distancing seriously,” he said.

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Friday said that some churches are making use of available technology to host online worship services, Bible studies and prayer meetings. 

“If you are not already using them, consider doing so whenever you can.  Our faith is strong, but we must couple it with action to fulfil our mission,” he said.

The opposition leader further stated:

“Prayer is our strength, always. But we recognise it most in difficult times, such as now.  So, let us bend our knees and, as the Psalmist exhorts us to do, lift up our eyes unto the hills from whence cometh our help.  He will not fail us.

“My prayers and best wishes are with our sisters and brothers in our diaspora. Many of them are required to stay at home and incomes and jobs are at risk.  Though we are separated by seas and oceans, we are in this fight together, and we will triumph together.” 

One reply on “Opposition urges churches to take ‘physical distancing’ seriously”

  1. Why are peoplnot listening?
    When This lick them they will be sorry, what a stiff necked people.
    Please y’all don’t take things for granted especially your lives.
    Listen to what is being said and be obedient it will save lives.

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