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High speed race
Scene from the reckless driving incident.
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Police have issued summonses for three drivers in connection with what appeared to be drag racing on the Arnos Vale-Sion Hill public road.

The video of the high-speed melee, which included overtaking around corners and a U-turn at Sion Hill, was captured in a video, supposedly recorded by a passenger in one of the vehicles.

Police said Wednesday that on completion of an investigation, they have instituted proceedings, by way of summonses, against Javon Jardine, 23, of Mt. Pleasant, T.J. Deane, 21, of Prospect and J-Lani Douglas, 25, of Rockies, for reckless driving.

The men have been summoned to appear before the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on Friday to answer to the complaint in connection with the April 11 incident.

“Head of the Traffic Department, Superintendent of Police, Kenneth John wishes to advise all motorists to drive with caution and exercise due care and attention at all times,” the police said in a statement.

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The traffic chief further advised that all acts of reckless and dangerous driving would be prosecuted according to law. “DRIVE CAREFULLY AND STAY SAFE!” police said in the statement.

4 replies on “Three men charged over drag racing escapade”

  1. Amanda Beach says:

    All between the ages of 20-25, they should suspend them for a very long time if you ask me, idk why these young people are being so irresponsible.

  2. Doesn’t the police give fines for traffic violations anymore? Must your name, age and address be made public? (Police gets paid per hour while Magistrates get a salary plus a benefit for every case the try.) Young people will behave like young people do.

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