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Roydel Solomon's leg are in a cast after being shot by police. (iWN photo)
Roydel Solomon’s leg are in a cast after being shot by police. (iWN photo)
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A Campden Park man is at home with his feet in casts after police reportedly shot him in both of his insteps and in his thigh six hours after apprehending him for an alleged burglary.

Roydel Solomon, 25, told iWitness News on Monday that police removed him from the Colonarie Police Station, drove him to a mountain area and shot him three times, while threatening to kill him.

The incident occurred in Colonarie two weeks ago and a video that appeared on social media then, shows Solomon being restrained by a plainclothes police officer while civilians threatened to kill him.

 “Man gi’ the man some gun butt,” one off-camera voice says.

The police officer says nothing to the civilians even as they beat the man, who was not resisting.

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And, in the five-minute video, it was the civilians, rather than the police officer, who told other civilians not to move or touch items that Solomon had allegedly stolen from a house in the area.

The officer placed Solomon to kneel on the ground at which point a civilian slapped the accused thief.

At one point, Solomon moved suddenly in the direction of recording device, apparently in an attempt to escape.

A woman shouted “Aye! Aye!” and a man says “Ah now yo’ gine geh licks.”

The man calls to someone to bring a cutlass with which to chop off Solomon’s hand.

A woman is also heard saying, “You ah try fight e police!?”

The video was rather shaky during this period, with the lens of the recording device blocked at points.

However, when the recording steadied, the police officer is still collaring Solomon and civilians were repeatedly beating him.

A man again calls for someone to bring a cutlass with which to behead the suspected burglar.

At one point, a woman appeals to the others, telling them, “Don’t do that.”

She advises someone to take off their belt and use it as a handcuff.

The officer had earlier said that he did not have handcuffs with him, adding that his colleague, who, apparently was elsewhere, had the restraining device.

The police officer restrains Solomon as the civilian uses the belt to tie his hands.

In the video, Solomon repeatedly says that he had not entered the house, but declined to say who were “the other rest man and dem” as the police officer and civilians asked.

Roydel Solomon 3
Solomon with his feet in casts, having been shot in both insteps. (iWN photo)

Solomon told iWitness News that he had been in Kingstown around 10:30 p.m. on March 30 and was unable to get a van home.

While in the city, he saw “Blacks”, a man who he had known for about three years, drive by in a car.

Solomon said Blacks told him he could get a ride to Campden Park, but that he was going out to the countryside along with another man who was in the car, to pick up some items at the man’s girlfriend’s house.

He said that they stopped at Drop Off Night Club for about an hour before going on to what he was told is Colonarie.

The man said that he is not too familiar with the windward side of St. Vincent, north of Argyle.

He told iWitness News that in Colonarie, Blacks parked the car in an area where there was a gap on the left and another on the right side of the road.

He said Blacks told him that he and the other man were going along one of the gap to collect the items from the man’s girlfriend’s house.

Solomon told iWitness News that he took advantage of the opportunity to roll and smoke a marijuana cigarette.

He said he went across the road where there was a bus shed and sat there doing so.

He said that a few minutes later, the other man returned, carrying a flat screen television, and a black bag.

The man placed the items next to the bus shed and also gave him two cell phones and a charger and a gold chain and asked him to hold them.

Solomon said man told him that he was going to help Blacks with another bag as he had fallen out with his girlfriend.

A few minutes later, after the man had left, Solomon said, he heard what sounded like three gunshots.

He said he lay flat on the ground and was doing so when someone approached with a flashlight, shone it on him and asked what he was doing there.

Solomon said he asked the person who he was and he responded that he was a police officer.

He said the police officer said that he was responding to a call that there were men wearing masks in the area.

The police officer took him into a yard along the gap, Solomon said, and began calling out to the residents, asking them if had missed any of their possessions.

He said a man came out and said that the television is his.

Solomon said that the officer then told him that he (Solomon) has to be one of the men who were allegedly wearing masks in the area.

He said he told the officer that he was not but that he had come to the area with a friend and another man who had said they were coming to collect things from the man’s girlfriend.

Roydel Solomon 2 1
Roydel Solomon. (iWN photo)

Solomon told iWitness News that he told the officer that he would cooperate with them and disclose Blacks’ identity.

He, however, said that the officer slapped him and struck him with the butt of his gun and residents of the area joined in and began beating him.

Solomon said that the residents also threatened to chop off his neck and feet and when things began to get out of hand, the officer called a colleague for back up.

Solomon said that he was taken to the Colonarie Police Station around 2 p.m.

He said that he is a type 2 epileptic and his seizures can be triggered if he is struck in the head.

While at the police station, he began getting a seizure and a female officer called the Georgetown Police Station, asking for assistance in transporting him to the hospital.

About 8 a.m., a squad that had left the Colonarie Police Station earlier returned and they began to beat him, Solomon said.

He said that the female officer intervened, telling them that he had been getting a seizure earlier on.

Solomon told iWitness News that the officers placed him in the police vehicle saying they were going to take him to Georgetown.

He, however, said that instead, the officers drove to an area and picked up one Corporal Tittle, whom he knew from Tittle’s time at Questelles Police station.

Solomon said that the officers drove him to a mountain area and ordered him to come out of the vehicle.

He said he asked why he was taken there, noting that he had already offered to cooperate with the police.

Solomon said that the officer dragged him from the vehicle and beat him then Tittle shot him in both insteps and in the left thigh.

He said that the officer then took him to the Georgetown Police Station and left him there with one officer to guard him.

Solomon said he was transferred to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, where he spent three days, before being discharged.

After being discharged, he was taken to the Georgetown police station, where he was charged with two counts of assaulting Corporal Shem Nanton, of Colonarie, and one count of resisting his arrest.

Solomon said he appeared before a magistrate in Georgetown, where he pleaded not guilty to both charges.

Later that day, he was taken before the same court, charged with three counts of burglary.

Solomon was granted EC$5,000 bail.

32 replies on “Man says police maliciously shot him in both feet”

  1. Stupidity and nonsense in saint vincent . Since police are allowed to use guns they think they are all that. Why dont they listen to the young man , instead of giving him all that punishment. Asswax police force.

    1. I will like gor the magistrate to set Mr Solomon free then he should break into your dwelling and destroy your property and let’s see if you will call the asswax police to come to your rescue. Had this man killed anyone one in the house when they break in you the first one would of blame say it’s the government fault, no he give the media a catchy story to run with and you fully well believe or you just to stupid to point out the lies in the story. I do hope that you or any of your family members will not he needing and assistance from the asswax police them.

      1. Are you stupid. If the police can do that to him and get way they feel they can do it to anybody else.

  2. Professor King says:

    I hope this matter is thoroughly investigated. If his story is truthful, then those police officers should be charged (including suspension without pay). As well (if the young man story is true), he should be duly compensated for the injuries, humiliations, and distresses he sustained.

  3. Those police who shot him in his feet should be charged. The police aren’t suppose to take the law in their own hands. This is disturbing in SVG.

  4. Even though the young man is probably guilty, was all of that treatment and the shooting necessary? Apparently the poor SVG Police are still badly trained and out of control.I wonder if we will ever get real police in SVG, or maybe there is but we never hear about them.

  5. This is totally wrong. Police cannot be judge and jury. What is alleged by Solomon must be investigated thoroughly by an independent body.

  6. Antisticky hands says:

    I found it difficult to have sympathy for an alleged thief, however, he should not have been wounded.This will also be beneficial for him if he learned a lesson.

  7. I know very well some police jobs is going to put them in jeopardy of the judgement of God caz them is going to tell god they was working for the government

  8. The man is not telling the whole truth about the burglary but, if he has three bullet wounds in his body and other bruises consistent with his story then the man must be given legal counsel and all the medical care he needs pending the outcome of an investigation into this case. I would like to hear the cops side of this. How the cops are going to investigate themselves and so on. It is no wonder the crooks are armed to the teeth and don’t give a shit. I mean this is one more serious allegation against the police. They’re always heavy handed but shooting a man in custody is way passed that.

  9. I know it is wrong for the police to acknowledge act judge and jury, however, I am prepared to stifle my conscience wh ed not it comes to alleged thieves. I would use the legal word alleged because he has not yet been convicted. I loose no sleep because he was shot in the process .

    1. Nathan Green says:

      ANITA, you are a sick lady, he was not shot during any process, he was taken up the mountain to perhaps be assassinated but someone chickened out. They should have taken him straight to the police station not to some mountain.

      What is sure you do not know if he is guilty or not, you really are out of your mind, more dangerous than this alleged criminal.

  10. Fidus Achates says:

    True or not true police brutality has been in question over the years by the public. Stealing is a crime however it doesn’t give the powers that be to use it excessively.I believe that the RSVGPF needs cleaning up but again the question begets who is policing the police? In a land where laws of the land are blatantly broken like broken glass. Vincentians have to pray hard that these things change soon. I’m not condoning anything but wrong is wrong is wrong and right is right.

    1. Nathan Green says:

      Ralph Gonsalves is the minister directly in charge of the police, so he is responsible for the actions and behaviour of the police force. Just watch these police get promotion at some close time in the future.

  11. Last month I was home in Vincy n I assaulted by 2 police at new grounds but they lucky because of what’s going on in the world today I would sue them I’m from Canada the man police can’t stop stopping read about me google Dale James

    1. I know you are no lying Dale. I live here and I was “beaten” by the police too. I did no crime, they could not even think of a crime. They just did not like the fact that I did not “cower down” when they were acting tough. I am a former law-enforcement officer from the USA. Yes! the SVG Police need some very serious training!!! It seems that many of them have serious deficits when it comes to dealing with the people,.

  12. Dale James I am not Condoning police brutality but tell us your account of the incident that led to the police assaulting you. Did you provoke the police? It is my obervatiom when some vincentian travel as far as Rock Fort they returned with a chip on their shoulders and think they can abuse law enforcement officers. Give us your account so we the public can make an informed decision.

  13. Dale I read the Toronto Star report regarding your many run in with the police here in Toronto. It sounds like you were targeted. Now in St Vincent you are also targeted by police in general. In Canada you can cry racism now in St Vincent is police brutality. It seems like you are a magnet when it comes to be noticed or to be drawn to the police attention no matter where you are. I am taking a neutral position when it comes to.police brutality of Dale James. However, I have a question for you. Is you demeanor a contributor to police attention? Put it another way, what about a a Dale James that always attract the attention of the police nomatter where he goes? Please respond.

  14. Many of you bleeding hearts liberals will be lenient on criminals and condemn the police who have a tough job on their hands. Sometimes the criminals are better armed than the police . It is only when the chickens have come home to roost will they understand that criminals have no conscience and they will take you out in the santuary of your own homes if given the opportunity. Recently, a man was killed in Queens drive in the very sanctuary of his house. I losse no sleep if someone in the commission of a crime is shot in his rear much less his feet.

  15. Hashtag Prince says:

    According to the outlined facts read:

    This is Excessive Force that was used and should cost the Police this case or cases.
    The accused should get a CRD (convict-reprimand-discharge) ONLY – for this irresponsible, vigilante behaviour accommodated by the Police.

    I am sure they were warned in their training about this.

    The Police should be sued for abuse and torment.

    Mr Solomon is not a rat, or centipede, or a wild dog, he is a man, a human-being – somebody’s son. You beat him in people yard, beat him up at station, AND in the mountain and still want to charge him? Don’t you people have families, brothers, sons? This kind of “justice” was totally abhorrent and inhumane.

    The persons who laid hands on Roydel Solomon should also be charged for assault.
    They had no right to touch or hit Mr. Solomon after he was apprehended.

    I hope this matter is thoroughly investigated as well.

  16. Luann A Hadaway says:

    Vincentians are a very ill-disciplined bunch of people. I am not going to comment on the shooting incident as i do not have any facts. What we know is that he allegedly committed a crime, but the system will deal with that matter.
    Most times when burglars enter your property, they rob you, destroy your property, violate your privacy, abuse you or they will kill you at some point. So He is an alleged Criminal and in our society, we should not ever entertain criminals! BIG or SMALL!! I find our society these days thrive on ‘sympathy.’ Based on the story that is put out, the reaction feeds. Our Police Officers are doing a commendable job with their limited resources. Of Course, just like in every other field, you will always have the few ‘bad eggs.’ It does not mean that we should generalise and condemn the Officers.

    Too often, we are sympathetic with criminals based on the ‘story’ that is published. It is true that you are ‘innocent until proven guilty,’ but i find we waste too much of our resources to ‘prove innocence.’ we should not have a reactive society. We should have a society that condemns anything that goes against the grain of honesty.

    These days people live that prisoners in their homes: have to install burglar bars, security systems, afraid to leave their homes unattended. You contribute to Social Security, Pay your taxes and whatever else it takes to live a life that is acceptable in societies. You go out to work all day and some ‘societal abuser’ breaks into your home!

    I say we must put and end to all of these Crimes!!! Do not for one minute compromise your conscience!

  17. Luann A Hadaway you have an extremely warped ability when it comes to knowing wrong from right. Two wrongs never make a right. Whatever this man did, or even was alleged to have done, does not give the police the right to inflict any injuries on him, even taking him up a mountain to frighten him is a crime against humanity, a most serious breach of human rights.

    The police officers who allegedly perpetrated this crime, if proven, should be thrown out of the force with a dishonourable discharge and loss of pension. No quarter should be given them even if they are ULP supporters.

    Its time to make examples of such creatures of crime within the police force.

    1. Luann A Hadaway says:

      Nathan, maybe you skipped over my statement where I said I wasnt going to comment on the shooting. I have no clue what transpired. I try not to comment on ignorance!
      You should share the facts.
      In case you didn’t understand my writing, for your benefit , I did generalise my comments.
      If the Officers or the individual is innocent or guilty, I am sure the system will take care of them.
      PS. I also stand by my comment, hence the reason. I did not hide behind any fake name.

    2. I agree Nathan! You mostly attack things I write, but I agree with most of what you write. These officers made a big mistake. Unfortunately there is some element in the SVG Police that allows certain police to be extremely “untouchable” arrogant and act worse than criminals they are supposed to protect us from.
      Sometimes it appears that the SVG Police use the USA or Israel as thier role models. Even the UK Police are far better. Why do they not emulate the German Police? It seems to be inevitable that this alleged criminal will walk free because of the stupidity of a few police that should be kicked-out of the force.

      In my opinion the guy is guilty. He was placed where he was as a lookout. His story sounds fully concocted but, that may not matter anymore because of someone’s arrogant stupidity.

  18. Cheryl Bacchus says:

    This is a tough call to make given we are not getting both side of the story. Police job is a rough and a tough one and nothing good comes out of provocation. If he were to be found guilty of theft, then I have tittle sympathy although the police should not take the law in their own hands.

    One is assumed to be innocent until proven guilty.There are some people who would rather live off the avails of theft rather than working for an honest living. The rule the country when sun sets. They are the kind of darkness.

  19. I can’t believe this shit weather or not the young man is guilty or not he should not be treated like that and yes I believe if he’s telling the truth the police officers should be penalised accordingly it’s hurtful to see people getting treated worst than animals if it was someone for them ( the officers ) I doubt that would have been the results in a situation like that.

  20. well any news on the arrest of the police in this matter? or is everyone running for cover? there should have been an enquiry within hours regarding this matter, not allowing days and weeks to go by.

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