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Speaker of the House of Assembly and ULP candidate for North Leeward, Carlos James hands over one of the packages to a resident.
Speaker of the House of Assembly and ULP candidate for North Leeward, Carlos James hands over one of the packages to a resident.
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Over 100 vulnerable persons and health professionals received charitable offerings, following the launch of the We Care North Leeward Programme last Thursday.

The programme is spearheaded by charitable group Generation Next Inc. and Speaker of the House of Assembly Carlos James, who is also the Unity Labour Party’s candidate for North Leeward in the general elections expected later this year.

It was launched in the rural constituency to provide relief to residents and health care workers in support of this country’s fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, a press release said.  

Packages were distributed to health personnel who are on the frontline at five health facilities in North Leeward and vulnerable persons, including the elderly, who remained at home following the Easter weekend physicial distancing advisory issued by the Health Ministry.

James said the We Care programme promoted the good neighbour partnership thrust, which is a broad-based national effort to foster best practice personal hygiene, care for the most vulnerable and support for frontline nurses and doctors in this country’s fight against the CODVID-19 pandemic.

“We were able to touch the lives of over 100 vulnerable and at-risk persons, through the donation of food items and cleaning agents for sanitary purposes.  Most of the packages were provided to the elderly and persons with known underlying health issues,” James said.

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The We Care programme representatives also handed over several parcels of cleaning agents and medical supplies, including 50 medical mask and 1,000 gloves to five health centres, including the Chateaubelair Smart Hospital.

Dr. Murray, right, received the medical supplies from James.

“We know of the challenges that our health care professionals face daily in light of this pandemic and we are happy to provide support to our hard working medical teams in North Leeward to better strengthen this fight against the COVID-19 virus,” James said.

Accepting the contribution on behalf of the health district, Dr. Francis Murray urged persons to play their part in protecting themselves from the COVID-19 virus.  

He further stated that the donation would go a long way in protecting the frontline medical teams in the fight against the pandemic.
“We know that cleaning and proper hygiene are very important in protecting persons from contracting the virus and I want to encourage persons to continue to practice good personal hygiene,” Murray said.

He added: “I want to say a special thank you on behalf of the Chateaubelair Smart Hospital and all of the staff at the health centres in North Leeward, we know it is a very hard fight against this virus and it is very important especially for us here on the frontline who are being exposed and are at risk. As everyone else, we have to protect ourselves and our families while we provide service to the people here in North Leeward.”

Meanwhile, James said that the programme could not have been possible without the support of the volunteers who assisted in the distribution drive and donors, including the Generation Next Inc, Harmony Investments, ECGC, Carimedix, Lennox Lampkin’s Natural Farms, Kenroy Pierre’s Trucking Service and Carlos James Law Chambers.  

6 replies on “Vulnerable persons, health workers benefit from ‘We Care’”

  1. Don’t let them fool you. The speaker already on the road for Ralph. The promised ten-story building at Ratho Mills should be about five floors high by now. More and more people in SVG are getting wise to the fact that they are being played like a fiddle. My friends, Be vigilant in this crisis-time for false profits and common profiteers. Coming out of this Corvid19 crisis the SVG community wants jobs, growth, and sustainability for the economy. No more of the refined periodically bribing when most of the time it is dire straits. It’s such a shame to see what ULP politicians are turning this beautiful country. Heartbreaking.

  2. Frist l will like the country to know that the leadership of our nation is speaking some very dangerous thing that doesn’t make sense.They said that case# 2 had 116 contact and all is negative . How is that possible when to date we don’t have 100 people testing as yet.l know that they want everything to look like they are doing a good job but they aren’t St have known people on the front line. Because every one who is tested positive is in there home.And when you only do testing on 80 something people out of over 400 in self CORI teen.Tell me is that being responsible? The 400 and some thing people was to be tested before giving the green light to be back in society.So l am not impressed with Mrs beach leadership.When politician speaking misleading thing she should stepping and correct them.l am trying to be very diplomatic by using very nice words .

  3. Why is James in a clinic without a face mask, gloves, and gown. That goes for the professionals as well.

    Giving out face masks and other items which the government paid for or were gifted to the people, is little more than electioneering.

    When will this ULP nastiness stop.

    1. Hashtag Prince says:

      Education, but no common-sense.

      They setting a risky trend for the population.

      When the covid19 numbers start to spike, then there will be all this
      diplomatic, political sweet talk.

      That is the only thing that will have on a mask.

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