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By Greiggs Resident

I am a concerned citizen living in Greiggs and I do not like how the authorities are treating us here in light of the COVID-19 cases.

I think we need either a lock-down or a curfew in place to limit and stop the spread of COVID-19.

The authorities seem not to have a plan for us or they do not care. This is what many are led to believe.

Some persons are further in fear and panic because some of the possible undetected positive cases. We do not know of their family members who possibly are out in public.

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Further, it is alleged that one of the person who a tested person was seen in public afterwards, having broken their quarantine.

We need some urgent measures now in Greiggs, similar to what was done in Owia.

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2 replies on “Lock down Greiggs, please”

  1. Hello Greiggs Resident, I agree with you 100%. Strict measures are needed in Greiggs. More than likely Community Transmission is taking place there. As we all know, the Ministry of Health seems to be hiding what is actually taking place. Lock down Greiggs NOW! Or St.Vincent may be in for DEATH and HAVOC later on. Ministry of Health, please, Lock down Greiggs!!!!!!!!

  2. It’s be coming increasing urgent and some attention is needed. the residents of Greiggs are on the cusp of edginess. When their is no leadership in time of crisis, the people panic When will the Government address the fears of the people. There are two ways this delima can be rectify (1) vote out the entire government(2) term limits. any government should not be in power for more than two terms. period. After that Government becomes corrupted.just saying

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