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Member of Parliament for Central Kingstown, St. Clair Leacock. (iWN file photo)
Member of Parliament for Central Kingstown, St. Clair Leacock. (iWN file photo)
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An opposition lawmaker says churches should not distribute the government’s “Love Boxes” of food unless they can also help with handing out building materials.

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves said on NBC Radio on Wednesday that his government will distribute “Love Boxes” of food to 3,000 persons affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

And St. Clair Leacock, member of parliament for Central Kingstown, commenting on the programme on NICE Radio later that day, said:

“… Look how they bring themselves. They’re giving out love box. You could get some ginger and eddo and tannia and plantain and some dasheen.

“…that is like when people go — when they serving food and you in the line you could take up any amount of ground provision you want but them sharing the meat. Yo’ can’t go in the meat. They will control the meat…”

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Leacock further stated:

“No church, absolutely no church, should assist the government in distributing any Love Boxes of provision, except if the government is prepared in the same breath and by the same argument and with the same sincerity, hand over the cement, lumber and galvanize to the same churches, civil society, including the trade unions, to do that distribution to improve the lot and lives of the people in the same way.

It’s good for the goose; it’s good for the gander.

“If they can’t do that, it means they are less than genuine in what they’re offering. Because the fact of the matter is, that is part of the manipulation of the political process.

“And they’re doing it using taxpayers’ money to give themselves an unfair advantage. But God don’t sleep. He don’t sleep and the New Democratic Party … has to make sure that all 15 candidates are doing the work so that we are firing on all pistons; all pistons. And we can do it once we present ourselves well and package ourselves well…”

The opposition had repeatedly accused the government of distributing building materials in election years in an effort to sway voters.

Gonsalves said last week that he had given no consideration to altering the timeline for the next general elections, which he had said would be held by year-end.

General elections are constitutionally due by March 2021, and Gonsalves’ Unity Labour Party will be seeking an unprecedented fifth consecutive term in office.   

17 replies on “Let churches help share out building materials, not just ‘Love Boxes’ – Leacock”

  1. Monica Rosa says:

    Why that man leacock dont stop trying to cause trouble and let ralph do what he is doing. This ndp people is just trying to stay on the defensive line instead of trying to assist in the problem of what is going on.

  2. Please I need more people who are willing to participate in the videoing of the mass bribery of the Vincentian people with building materials during the run up to the forthcoming election.

    The operation of a sham reason called Lives to Live in the giving away of these building materials, is just that a sham.

    I want people to video the trucks queuing at the storage yards, registration numbers, being loaded, on the road, unloading, the recipients names and addresses. I want phone videos also of the proposed issuing of the acquisition notes or delivery notes. Please, records of anything and everything. This will be turned into an international film featuring bribery of the Vincentian people. It will be screened locally, regionally, and internationally, particularly in the US and UK.

    I will not expose any helpers identities. but for the good of international laws and decency your help is required.

    I will also give you my postal box address in Grenada a little nearer the time.

    Any professionals that wish to participate please contact me.

    Students, are also encouraged to help with this project, your future and that of your country is at dire risk from bribery.

    Remember dies in darkness and SVG is being bathed in it politically.

    [email protected]

    ps any videos of unloading at the port and the places of current storage will be gratefully received

    Please be discreet and stay safe

    Nathan Green

  3. Jacinth gumbs says:

    You people had been in government for 18 years.guess what you all choose to help your all own families and friends with everything..You should be a shame to mention such statements to the public. Go back and back check NDP TRACK RECORD.

  4. SVG has a population of 110.000, so why are they only receiving 3000 boxes? This is another well-orchestrated con-job related to the upcoming elections. It looks like one thing but it is something else. It has little to do with relief.

  5. You sound as a yard slave,. The poor people will have to wait for another five years 2025, before they get some more hands out, and you people cannot see nothing is wrong with it. Any church that take part in such activities should be ashamed , why should you make evil guide your conscience. ? To see evil and refuse to call it evil is evil. God will not hold you guiltless.

  6. With elections on the horizon the talk of LOVE is in the air once again. How nice, but is tis talk sincere or is it just pure electioneering gimmicks once more? Are we to expect true Christian love this time and forget all other times the trickery and skulduggery, the kind of behaviour we often get from Wolves in sheep clothing?

    To differentiate between the good men and the bad, we are advised by wisdom to look closely at their fruits for by their fruits we will know them. So has there been a road to Damascus moment recently that we do not know about? We know what all men need before Love for others becomes paramount.

    And while we are on the subject of LOVE we may well ask; would a God of LOVE send people to Hell for their walk throughout life? And would “Love boxes” cancel out the years of economic and moral decline in the body politic?

  7. Bill Johnney says:

    Jacinth, how easily they forget. Some of them have selective memory and some pretend to conveniently forget but the majority of Vincentian have long lasting memories. Compare the achievements of the NDP for 18 years to that of the ULP for the same period and tell me who had done better. Some people are bent on going back to the dark age but most Vincentian are wise. People like Leacock should never be representing people and as to that Jolly Green, one can easily tell the hatred for our beloved Prime Minister but ask him where he is, am sure he is not in SVG. But you know what, Jolly Green you will forever be hating because it will surely be another 5 years in your face so you will have 5 more years of blogging.

    1. Louis Ferdinand says:

      My fellow Vincentians, as a born and bred Vincy presently residing overseas. I left my beautiful homeland in my late thirties, during the time the Hon. J. F Mitchell was Prime Minister of SVG, since then I’m always in touch and in contact with my homeland and what goes on there. Last time I was home, I was surprised to see the transformation that was and is still taking place. At this time though I am somewhat very surprised at the level of ignorance and stupidity that exist amongst a wide margin of folks. Some of us have eyes but fail to see. A lot of our people are being badly influenced by some power hungry politicians, some of whom are bent on creating discord and division among our people. SVG is now on the world stage, we are known internationally now. Five years ago that was not even a dream. As Vincentians we need to continue to build our nation. We know there is always opposition in every aspect of life but too much opposition or opposing just about everything that’s positive will always have a negative impact, but especially when it comes to nation building. To the folks sitting on the other side in the House, please stop the anger and bickering for self gratification and instead help.or get on with the building of SVG for our future generations. Remember politics is not for talkers, it’s for doers. So if you are just a bunch of talkers, find something different to do, cause for sure Politics ain’t for you. In closing I will like to see the opposition party be a little bit more positive and a lot less negative. This is about nation building and not about party or me, me,me. We can only do this and a whole lot more only if we UNITE.

  8. There is no denying that the majority of VincentIan is susceptible to bribery. They believe that votes are items that are tradable like any commodity and should fetch the highest price. Only through voters education can electoratea know the difference and hold politicians accountable for their promises.

  9. Beloved Who “? Tell him that we need to see him in Canada, Can’t wait to get a beloved with good morals, and who has never been accused and never done anything to clear his name. Can hardly wait.

  10. P.S.
    Now, after almost 20 YEARS of ULP rule under the freeloader Ralph Gonsalves. Kingstown looks worse now than 20 YEARS ago. There is still deep-rooted and widespread poverty all across SVG. We’ve seen no real progress. Most people are just waiting for a chance to get out of SVG.

    NB. St.Vincent is a volcanic island with black sand beaches. Very little and poor infrastructure for tourism. Most public buildings are run down by lack of maintenance. The roads are awful and dangerous. The cops are bullies. Most young people have no prospects of making a decent living in SVG.

    The Third World label has gone out of style in the Caribbean and left governments with no excuse for their lack of progress. Politicians salaries should be tied to real accomplishments beneficial to the people they are supposed to serve. When they fail to do what they promise their salaries should go down. We need more NGOs in SVG and other check and balances in place to hold the crooks accountable.

  11. Well LOUIS FERDINAND my dear here is as expressed from a fellow Vincentian, is the sad commercial wasteland reality that is SVG. The SVG that you now living in foreign do not care to acknowledge.

    Your talk that “SVG is now on the world stage” and “we are known internationally now” is nothing but utter hogwash.

    The same reminds me of a young man who vigorously campaigned, appealed and canvassed to be invited to a cocktail party, he while leaving his father and mother, his wife and young children grossly hungry and in severe want. They living in a broken-down leaking shack at home, while he thus glories in having been invited to the questionable drinks party.

    Grossly misplaced priority one would say for sure rather than admirable behaviour on his part!

  12. Monica Rosa says:

    All this talk is hogwash and ridiculous. When I left saint vincent in the 70s, saint vincent was nothing. Seeing saint vincent now. Going to places that I was afraid of going I can tell you the progress that has done by our present government is remarkable. The ones who are trying their best to put down our present governing is just outright ridiculous. Their are places that need to be improved, but the majority of the peoples lifestyle and acceptance of what is happening in our blessed island is fadominal with 2saint Vincent progress. Leave Ralph alone. He gave you all a beautiful airpor, most roads are taken care of, the children are so educated and coming out as great scholars of our society, what more do you all want. Just running you all mouth and want an ugly monster like leacock to be on the pulpit, a man who cant even talk two good words that make a good sentence. Please.

  13. Monica Rosa says:

    I just had the opportunity of reading some response and I agree with Louis Ferdinand. The way we should look at the bigots who is trying to put down the way Ralph is trying to build saint vincent and the uplifting of the life we had growing up, should take stock of the past prime ministers running of the country and if old enough to remember how saint vincent were run in the 60s 70s and 80s. If you were not around in those times just sit down and relax and think of what you want saint vincent to be for the next generation. Our students are coming out very brilliant and great scholars. Have the opportunity to gain a bachelor’s or master’s degree from different countries. My days were nil. If you dont pay attention you came out a dummy. Thanks be to god for leaving home in my 20s so I had time to educate myself and build a better foundation for my children. The prime minister’s in those times did not care. All wanted to fill their pockets and get on with their lives. You all need to stay off Ralph and let the man do what he knows best.

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