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Taiwan donates to SVG
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The St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) Embassy in Taiwan, on Friday, received a donation from Taiwan on behalf of the government and people of SVG.

Taiwan donated two PCR machines/auto nuclei analysers valued at US$30,000 each; surgical masks; N95 masks; protective overalls; isolation gowns; infrared thermometers; auto temperature measurement stations and hydroquine tablets.

The items were handed over by Ambassador Alexander Yui, Taiwan’s director general of Latin America and the Caribbean in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Taiwan has been a distinct global leader in combatting the death toll, illness and devastating disruption caused by COVID-19,” Andrea Bowman, SVG’s ambassador to Taiwan said in a press statement.

Bowman further said:

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“Despite the fact that this country is denied participation in the World Health Organization (WHO), Taiwan has shared its highly effective health protocols; expertise; medication and equipment, not only with its diplomatic allies, but with major decision-makers on the global stage.

“Thus, health diplomacy may now be regarded as one of Taiwan’s means of reiterating the efficacy and strength of its sovereignty.

“St. Vincent and the Grenadines remains grateful for the 39 years of friendship which our countries have shared.”

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  1. Why must it take me to see what others do not see? What is wrong with you all? This is a box not a machine, and it appears by how its being held to be an empty box. Why would they show a box and not the equipment.

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