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The Disney cruise ship in Kingstown on Wednesday.  (iWN photo)
The Disney cruise ship in Kingstown on Wednesday. (iWN photo)
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A relative of one of the 25 Vincentian sailors who returned home on a Disney cruise ship, on Wednesday, is questioning the motivation of the government, after the sailors were placed in 14-day quarantine at two hotels, although they tested negative for COVID-19.

The relative, who asked not to be identified, said that the government’s response to those sailors, compared to those from two ships that arrived previously, has caused her to conclude, that the government’s intention is solely to put money into the pockets of hoteliers.

The relative told iWitness News, on Wednesday, that while many people might see nothing wrong with this, it comes at great psychological strain to the sailors who have already spent weeks in isolation on board their cruise ships.

Many Vincentians might not know, the relative said, that one Vincentian sailor has suffered a nervous breakdown aboard a vessel as a result of the isolation protocols.

“We have all read it. The effects on those guys of being on that ship for so long, some of them had to be in their rooms for days,” the relative told iWitness News, hours after the sailors were ordered to undergo quarantine at two hotels.

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“It has an emotional effect on them. So you reach now to your home country, you have followed all the protocols, you are not sick — confirmed by the report of the ship, confirmed by the rapid test by the Ministry of Health — and you are not allowed to go home. Why can’t the playing field be level?”

She was referring to the response of the government to Carnival when the cruise line repatriated two batches of Vincentians — 92 and eight — earlier this month.

Unlike Disney, Carnival did not agree to pay for the quarantining of all of the sailors it repatriated to St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The company, therefore, paid for the quarantining of two sailors who had tested positive — on rapid testing — for COVID-19 exposure, and their four shipmates, the government said.

Carnival is also said to have paid for the quarantining of those sailors who did not have suitable facilities at their homes.

Those sailors were quarantined at Buccament Bay Resort, which had been closed since December 2016.

However, the Carnival crewmembers were sent home, within days, to complete their quarantine, after the more accurate PRC tests for COVID-19 returned negative results for all of them.

The relative of the sailor who spoke to iWitness News, said that Disney, on the other hands, had agreed to pay for the quarantine of the sailors.

They told iWitness News they believe that this is the reason why the government decided to keep the sailors at a hotel for 14-days, although they have tested negative for COVID-19.

“And that is why I concluded that the whole idea was not about bringing home sailors. It was about getting money from these cruise ships. You do the maths. Royal Caribbean is coming … with 435 persons. Multiply that by $100 a night by 14 days and you will get EC$1,600,000 equivalent to US$600,000,” the relative told iWitness News.

The relative said that the sailors are being housed at two hotels in the country’s hotel belt in southeastern St. Vincent.

On Thursday, the National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO) said that 25 results for the COVID-19 PCR tests done on the Disney Cruise Lines’ crewmembers who returned to SVG on Wednesday are negative.

The Trinidad-based Caribbean Public Health Agency conducted the tests.

NEMO, however, said the sailors would continue their quarantine “in a government approved facility for the entire 14-day period in keeping with the established quarantine protocols which refer to compliance with the conditions of quarantine, and the precautionary stance of the Health Services Subcommittee”.

At the end of the quarantine period, a determination will be made on whether a second PCR COVID-19 test will be conducted on any crewmember.

In the same press statement, NEMO said that 30 Vincentian students studying in Jamaica returned home on a chartered flight on Monday.

“In keeping with the existing repatriation protocols, the students were screened on arrival at AIA for COVID-19 exposure, using rapid tests. Some of them were additionally subjected to COVID-19 PCR testing. All tests, both rapid antibody and PCR, were negative for all of the students,” NEMO said.

“These students, assessed as low risk, will complete the required 14-day quarantine in private homes and apartments.”

A batch of 15 students also arrived, on Thursday, from Jamaica, NEMO further said.

These students “will be subjected to the same repatriation protocols as required by the Health Services Subcommittee,” NEMO said.

In the interview with iWitness News, the sailor’s relative said that the seafarers had followed the physical distancing protocols for the weeks that they had been aboard their vessels awaiting repatriation.

“The Ministry of Health came, they did their testing, the results came back. All of them tested negative. Now, this is what got me confused. Remember the government was in negotiation with these ships. The cruise lines, during these negotiations, decided they are not paying for quarantine. Just like the governments said they were going on the maritime laws, these cruise ships, know maritime law to a T.

“And they know that once they bring their employees to their gateway and they bring them home and they are not sick, they are not liable for them after. That is the reason why the last two cruise ships that came were adamant that they are not paying for quarantine. ‘We did the testing, we followed your protocols, we are not paying for quarantine.’”

The relative told iWitness News that this would be the case when Royal Caribbean vessel arrives with hundreds of Vincentian sailors.

“They are adamant that they are not paying for the quarantine. … and I now have to agree with the point that the whole idea — and this is my assumption also just like many other persons — is just to put money into hoteliers’ pockets.”

The relative said that the Disney cruise ship arrived in Kingstown around 11 a.m. and a health official came to the sailors around 5:30 p.m. saying they had gotten the results and all persons were negative, based on the rapid tests.

“‘However, you guys are not allowed to go home,’” the relative said, quoting the health official.

“The playing field could not have been level this evening only because money was involved, because, as I told you, Disney was the only cruise line that agreed to pay for the quarantine.

“I don’t know about Disney but you have people coming in on that other cruise ship that is coming in there with nervous breakdown, with blood clots, with all kinds of sicknesses. You guys don’t even understand the effect…”

Asked to respond to people who say that even if the sailors are not ill, the country benefits when the cruise line pays for their quarantine in hotels in SVG, the relative said:

“I understand the country benefits. But I agree with the view that has been circulating — and this is based on my own personal experience with what I saw happening today (Wednesday) — that the idea was really to put money into the hoteliers’ pockets, to get money from the cruise line. So now, my whole thing is it wasn’t just about bringing the sailors home.

“That is my conclusion that I have come to. Because even if you negotiate with Disney and they said they would pay, if they are not sick, if they have followed the protocols, you received your medical clearance, you did your own check, the rapid tests they said is 97% accurate and it came back that all of them are negative, but, because Disney already put money into your hands, they can’t go home.

“The playing field wasn’t level today because the other sailors that came from those cruise ships followed that exact protocol and everybody who got the clearance from both the cruise line and from the ministry after using the rapid tests, they were sent home, assuming that they had the relevant facilities to quarantine,” the relative told iWitness News.

“I could hear this morning when I was speaking to my relative on the cruise line. From the time they hit Richmond, and they started to see land, the guys were so excited, they are looking forward to come home and meet their families and you put them in a hotel and they are not sick, only because you receive money from the cruise line.”

SVG has recorded 18 cases of COVID-19 since March 11. Only four of those cases remain active.

23 replies on “Gov’t accused of using sailors to give hotels business”

  1. Hashtag Prince says:

    It is time for change SvG. Don’t be slaves to a party with no conscience. Combad Ralph is subtle and evil. Take all the “sweet gifts” of galvanize and lumber and vote them out. Take all the “Love Boxes” that they are trying to regain ground with and vote them out. Minibus men take all the nice cheques and release them. Market vendors stop letting them disrespect you with meagre offerings as though you are “dum – dums”.

    Take an example from Barbados. The ruling DLP thought they had it to win again in 2008, many were gathered day in and day out at the party constituency houses, wearing the shirts and hats and pins, took part in the gifts of free lap tops and other little “blessings”, but on the day of voting the people portrayed that political gimmicks and mid-tampering will no longer have its place in BIM. The opposition won all 30 seats.

    Vincentians don’t be a “Foo-Foo”. Let us wake up and stand up for ourselves and our familes and bring a sweeping change in our nation. Tell the Combad go home and take a rest. We had enough, it is time for change.

  2. What an utter scam. These people have no shame. Who do they think they are fooling. I guess they got their pound of flesh from the students who paid $1,000 ISD for a one way airline ticket, so they were sent home. What a racket !!!

  3. Well there it is spelled out, not on facebook or wikipedia but in the local newspaper. The PM don’t know wha he doing otherwise this would have been done differently. Also the the “Grenadian-gate” affair in Union is another example of this egoistic strongman shortsightedness. SVG PM is a total backward jackass talking about foreign policy and national security. And not forgetting the Kid who would be health minister. A light weight gambling with people lives. Gonsalves, […] (get help). One would think given all the warnings SVG would have been prepared and there would be no corvid19 cases in SVG at this instance of the process. Now they only coming up with bogus statistic to confuse people, just for election advantage. This could be the first trumpet. Wake up my people and see the daylight.

  4. Whether they show signs of Covid 19 are not it is madetory they go into quarantine you should not even question that.

  5. Bill Johnney says:

    The level of thinking of some of you people. Tested negative when they arrived does not mean they are all clear. The 14 days quarantine is mandatory and after that 14 days they will be tested again and once it remains negative then they free to go about their business. Sometimes we have to be thankful. We were crying out for them to return, now they are, let us just allow the process to take place.

  6. That’s pure ignorance, this lady mindset is more on what the relative brought back for her more than anything else. If the government helps it’s a problem, the government doesn’t help still a problem, you guys are too much

  7. COVID-19 test in the United States are 50% reliable. I can’t imagine test from T&T being more reliable.

  8. Tonia, this has nothing to do with corruption. It’s the protocol which was laid out by the WHO. Every country across the globe are advised to quarantine individuals when they return to their homeland, even if they are negative as they can be asymptomatic , they can be carrying the virus and they don’t even know. So to avoid any infection later on, it is best to quarantine them. In this case the Government is following international law, where the cruise companies is responsible for their crew during the quarantine period

  9. You should be glad they came home some countries not even letting them in be thankful for the leader you have and don’t make your self look foolish

  10. I would love to be quarantined in a hotel with 3 nice hot meals a day, a/c, and HD cable tv for free. The hotel is hardly making any profit from this arrangement. However, it is saving the workers from being laid off or losing their jobs. The Hotels in SVG are in trouble due to the covid crisis, some have temporarily closed their doors already from lack of business. I would gladly make this small sacrifice to help fellow Vincentians keep their jobs. Anyone who travels to SVG lately has to quarantine for 14 days regardless of their Covid status. How is this any different, except it is not at the expense of the individual.

  11. If these sailors had followed the protocols that were put, all this would not have happened. The health officials has no other choice than to see them follow the proper quarantine regulations so let them keep their ass quiet and stay put. They are to anxious to hit the streets

  12. Monica Rosa says:

    If you all read about the corentine in the US you all will realize that this is what they have to do with strict procedures whether they are negative or positive. It’s a procedure all have to follow and abide by the rules
    Saint vincent is the safest country because of quick action by the government. When you are not at home and you dont know what is happening to your family you start having nightmares. I was locked in a home for five months and afraid of going back to New York. So people thank god for great mercy and thank god that you all are safe. I read and come on this site every day to hear and read the ignorant talk that put out here.

  13. Vincy Lawyer says:

    Trained in evidence but I’ll admit, this is not such a far fetched story . It really has me wondering.

    The spin doctor will find a way to respond though. Wait for it!

  14. Ossie Garraway says:

    These assumptions are silly, selfish and unreasonable .Do you honestly believe that we should accept the words of these cruise ship companies? Are you aware of the fact that Royal Caribbean recently landed twenty “healthy sailors’ in Jamaica: ten of them tested positive. Do you know that the CDC in America has had these ships sign agreements taking full responsibility to take these sailors all the way to their place of quarantine? Do you know that the companies are criminally liable for any one who gets sick or dies due to negligence on behalf of the cruise companies?Why are we continuing to defend those who over work and under pay our people while making BILLIONS of dollars in profits annually.If you folks believe that these people can be trusted with our health , please view
    the TUSKIGEE SYPHILLIS EXPERIMENT . I am glad that the PM of this country is a student of History and so should all persons wishing to represent the region at the highest level.

  15. The PM is doing a tremendous job…thus far…… covid19 is tearing the world apart and so far thanks to The Most High and excellent leadership desccions .. .. Saint Vincent is so far sheltered and protected from this virus……
    Playing politics with this virus is deadly…see the mighty USA?….about the population of SVG (Haroiuna) is is now dead is the USA because of politics, Democrats fighting Republicans there….
    Let’s show gratitude to excellent leadership……really the records are, so far Saint Vincent is doing excellent in keeping covid19 from dissecting SVG….

  16. Kittana Albert says:

    It’s a real pity that some people are so ignorant it is for the protection of everyone . has nothing to do with money making .if the Government isn’t careful the little island St.vincent will have a real pandemic on their hands . When we think we are just about down to our very last few cases of COVID-19 ,and we will be ok here we go again more positive cases from the cruise ship. What if the Government send the ones that are negative home to Quarantine and then they develop symptoms And other people are in the homes most likely they will be infected as well .we already know some people do not listen and obey rules at all.if even it kills them . Yet we bash and criticize Government for doing their best to prevent the spred before we pray and are thankful it is so sad u damn if u do u damn if u don’t . The Government alone cannot prevent the spread the people has to do their part as well .so we better smarten up stop talking and do everything necessary to stay healthy and safe cause this virus is very wicked and deadly .

  17. The PM is doing a tremendous job you guys who are against him can kiss his red ass..He have to protect the country .Covid-19 or No Covid-19 they have to quarantine .You guys don’t know what is going on in the outer world. Covid-19 is a deadly virus you can have it and don’t even know.So Vincentian please wise up and stop criticized the PM.I Love you PM…Stay focus.

  18. Receiving your own nationals should not be a big issue. Do you people realize the mental tol on those people and their families? The PM is all over this again. The actual health officials are silent. Gov should even pay for everything. That is their duty to the people of this nation. It is not charity.

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