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Homicide victims Denesia “Gazaden” Corridon, left, and her boyfriend, Lionel “Gobler” George.
Homicide victims Denesia “Gazaden” Corridon, left, and her boyfriend, Lionel “Gobler” George.
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The Rockies man who survived a bullet to the head when he was shot multiple times in Kingstown on Nov. 5 last year and his girlfriend who witnessed the event and helped him after the shooting were both shot and killed in Arnos Vale Friday night.

Dead are Lionel “Gobler” George, 28, and Denesia “Gazaden” Corridon, 23, of Yambou, who were shot and killed by unknown assailant(s) in Arnos Vale.

Information about the shooting is not clear at this time, but iWitness News understands that police are looking into a report that a third person, said to be a security guard, was also shot and injured.

Corridon is known in social media circles for her aggressive posts that she had often used to defend her different boyfriends over the years, and attack their critics.

But this week, she might have been in a reflective mood, commenting, among other things about the fact that no one assisted her when George was shot in Kingstown last November.

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In a post on Facebook around 3 p.m., Friday evening, she said: “You easy to dead when you friendly”.

On Thursday, she made a post saying that a week before George was shot last November, she had dreamt that the father of her child was shot in front of her and she had called George to help.

“… and a week after he [George] got shoot up 5 times and I was the one to help him when everybody watch him on the ground in all the blood I saved his life,” Corridon said. “the father was telling me something and I still went about so that’s why when people dream about me I tell them do not tell me because I does see things before it even happen I’m more careful now I’m wiser I wont make the same mistakes twice,” she further wrote in the Facebook post. (Read full post below)

Gazadens post

Reports of the November 2019 shooting are that George and Corridon were unpacking clothes for sale in the area of C. Prescott & Sons Ltd. on Lower Middle Street, near the market square when a gunman — having walked the block from Gonsalves Liquors to where the shooting took place –approached George.

The gunman is said to have used an open umbrella in an attempt to conceal his identity before discharging several shots at George, one of which struck him to the head. 

The assailant then fled the scene on foot, running along Bedford Street then onto Paul’s Avenue, taking the road alongside the corporate headquarters of VINLEC.

In the meantime, onlookers used their mobile devices to record images of George bleeding profusely before he was lifted into the back of a car, in Corridon’s arms and taken to hospital. 

That same month, police charged Lejah “Soups” Alexander, 34, of Glen and Brighton with attempted murder in connection with the shooting.

Alexander is awaiting the legal proceedings in connection with that charge.

In November 2018, George himself was slapped with an attempted murder charge in connection with the shooting of fellow Rockies resident, Tevin Williams.

Williams, 22, survived a gunshot to the chest, but died on Sept. 8, 2019 after being shot in the face while hanging out under the Melville Street gallery of Ace Hardware.

Further, police had questioned George in connection with the Nov. 21, 2018 murder of Paul Over shopkeeper Sabitree Lyttle, who died after being shot at her home, where she also operated a shop.

The shooting took place during an apparent robbery.

While Gorge and two other persons were questioned in connection with Lyttle’s death, police only charged one of them, Jebarry Jackson, 20, of Campden Park, who also goes by the name Michael Richards.

Richards is currently the subject of a preliminary inquiry into Lyttle’s murder and could be made to answer to the charge, if the chief magistrate deems that a case has been made out against him. 

George was also a person of interest in the Oct. 13, 2018 shooting in Paul’s Avenue that left Len “President” Stowe dead and Erel “Boatie” Hector, Farez “Spragga” Prescott, and Dino King nursing gunshot injuries. 

16 replies on “K’town shooting survivor, girlfriend who helped him killed in Arnos Vale”

  1. SVG, a country in total Moral decay as is evidenced by these latest murders, our poor living environment, our joblessness, corrupted politics and aimlessness in life!

    The reason for this moral very sad decline of ours is that we, like others in other parts of the world, have been given over by God to do what pleases us!

    Our churches here are plainly failing in shaping a moral framework for our small nation! For sure, unless our Churches do more to change this wayward direction and lamentable character of our little nation, our future indeed remains simply an utterly bleak one.

  2. Amos Greaves. says:

    Not even Corona virus can dampen these useless killing? Call St Vincent the wild wild west.

    1. The wild wild west for so few deaths? I know we don’t want to see any murders at all, but that’s way big of an exaggeration.

  3. Dont under this guy how can u bein involved in so many things an ur enemies dont notice u…u didnt care about ur life or ur gf..little girl if u dream so many things u still didnt walk away from that life…ur dream fall on ur own deaf ears…

  4. Tiffany Burnette says:

    It cannot be a journalist who write this because it sounds like a dutty comess man. All that wasn’t necessary.

    1. True Tiffany… reading this leaves a bad taste for vincy journalism. there’s much detail here that had nothing to do with the direct incident but instead it’s painting a personal sketch of those involved. On the other hand in comments Those who don’t know what real faith in God is are very quick to Blame the church but it’s simple, ask yourselves. who is the church! its normal ppl like you and I, christians are not perfect but try best to live pleasing lives to God. Always remember, the ppl who crucified our Jesus considered themselves HOLY. Leave the church out of today’s Dim Dark Young Minds and find something else to blame, these victims clearly saw streams of life but chose to walk in the desert lands of Sin. All we can do is keep praying for our nation and encourage youths to the bigger picture of better morals. Small country, but massive impact. We all have choices to make, the blame can only be on us…

    2. Kenton Chance is a world class journalist surely the one of the best in SVG. Go back and read the article carefully.

      1. Dr. Dexter Lewis says:

        The details are terrible but should NOT be hidden. The more you hide evil, the larger it grows. The rest of us must put pressure on our leaders to solve these problems. 19 years “attempting” to find solutions is a long time.

  5. With that kind of lifestyle sooner than later you have to pay the PIPER.Gone not soon enough.Two less threat to the public at large.

  6. Don’t know the circumstances but this is saddening. My sincere condolences to the families. Last, I saw a report about the main police station in K’town, and the pictures of the interior quite accurately reflected the state of the ‘royal’ SVG police force. Our little nation is turning into a gangster-paradise. The youth are getting desperate and there are so many illegal arms in circulation.

  7. I don’t want to jump the gun or triviaize the the trajedy of lost lives, but it would appear from these allegations if they are true that the chickens have come home to roost by the very lifestyle that the victims lived.

  8. Lawyer are you really a lawyer? If that’s the case this is a lawyer lacking the very basic English skills.

  9. Sad a child will grow up witout a mom..
    But there serious consequences for dangerous actions
    For that dude even cat 9 life expired

  10. Of course many will blame the church because it’s easier. In some cases it’s not without merit. However, having said that it is some of the same folks who propagate a very disparaging message about the church. Many are discouraged from attending the churches because according to their theory it’s the white man attempt to brain wash and enslave us and rob us of our money.

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