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With market and sidewalk vendors as well as pushcart operators in Kingstown down to benefit from the government’s COVID-19 stimulus package, fish vendor are asking if they have been forgotten.

5 replies on “VIDEO: Fish vendors demand COVID-19 stimulus too”

  1. Well done KC, good reporting.

    This is evil to these people and their families. Nothing is being done for fisherfolk while the government sharing out money left, right & center.

    A sorry state of affairs under this ULP administration. A track record for the last 20 years of misery. The snake-oil-salesman-bang-gut Gonsalves don’t know where to begin. While poor people suffering.

    “Mr. Yugge” has to get his priorities straight one day.

  2. Leonard Slater says:

    Everyone should benefit from the economic help being offered by the Government irrespective of political affiliations. WE ARE ALL VINCENTIANS FIRST AND FOREMOST. NOT ULP OR NDP OR OTHER..

  3. It’s not just fisherfolk alone feeling the squeeze. All small businesses have gone under for almost two months now. Small shops, bars etc. and no help or government aid, only vinlec winning. Small businesses getting no sale but the electricity bills keep piling up. People need help mr. Politician take a salary cut and help the poor and stop squeezing the covid-19 aid money.

  4. Hashtag Prince says:

    These people are trying and are committed to their business.
    They are law-abiding citizens who deserve better.
    Either waive the stall fees for about 3 months, or give them a monthly stipend for about 4 to 6 months.

    I admire the cleanliness of the facilities and the clean and orderly presentation of the fish.

    They should have been wearing a mask though, my legitimate concern. I don’t think the government has done enough to educate the populace of the seriousness of covid-19.

    They dropped the ball big time!

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