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Coastguard at Rock Gutter
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The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Coast Guard Service on Thursday said it was engaged in a search and rescue operation (SAR) for a missing 14-foot, green and white vessel “Unstoppable”, which was reported missing last Saturday, May 30, about 8:37 p.m., with two persons on board.

The occupants of the vessel are Mickel Quashie, of Magum, and one “Blanco” of Buccament Bay.

According to reports, the vessel left Buccament Bay at 10 a.m. on on Saturday to fish off Canouan and developed engine problems off Bequia.

“Upon receipt of the report by SVG Coast Guard Service, the information was disseminated to local coastal ports and also a request for checks to be conducted at ports and harbours,” the Police Public Relations Department said on Thursday. 

The statement said that on Sunday the SVG Coast Guard Vessel, SVG 07 transiting between the Coast Guard Base at Calliaqua and Canouan conducted a surface search, which resulted in negative sighting of the vessel “Unstoppable”.

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The Regional Security System (RSS) Airwing Operation Center was subsequently informed and a request was made for assistance with an aerial search for the missing vessel.

Requests for assistance were also sent to the Maritime Rescue Coordination Center (MRCC) in Trinidad and Tobago, the Joint Rescue Coordination Center (JRCC) in Curacao and the MRCC in Martinique.

Subsequent to the aerial searches conducted by MRCC Trinidad and Tobago and the RSS Airwing on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday — June 1-3 –, negative sightings were reported for the missing vessel.

Search and Rescue operations are ongoing for the missing vessel and its occupants, the police said.

5 replies on “Search continues for 2 Vincies missing at sea”

  1. I hope they find the missing seamen. The currents and the wind would play a big role if you just drifting without an anchor and if you don’t have water it will be hard if you are missing almost a week already. plenty of time has already been wasted. if they drift into the big shipping lane they may have a chance.

  2. I’m praying for they safe return this just goes to show how important in having a ship to shore Radio onboard at all times when out to sea and not just relying on cell phone for emergencies .at least a hand held VHF.

    1. Beaches and other sea port should have a harbor master and first response personnel and equipment. And of course Fishing-boats should have a VHF radio(mandatory)and other safety equipment on board. That should be part of ordinary policing. — All nations are busy building on what they know and have except ours?
      — All because of the shadow marxism and shadow communism practiced by the ruling elite.

  3. Sandra Small says:

    That’s the problem with cell phone, if they are not chargedoing they are useless and may have a limited frequency.

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