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Vandyke King

Vandyke King in a March 2020 iWN file photo.

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The lawyer for the Park Hill man accused of stabbing his girlfriend to death while she was holding their one-year-old daughter in her arms in March says that he is considering a paper committal for the preliminary inquiry.

Counsel Ronald Marks, however, told the Serious Offences Court on Monday that because of the COVID-19 restrictions, he has not had a chance to discuss this thoroughly with his client, Vandyke King.

Crown Counsel Assistant Superintendent of Police John Ballah indicated to the court that another crown counsel is reviewing the file and it is not clear what instruction that counsel might have for police after the review.

Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne, therefore, adjourned the hearing to next Monday, June 22.

King, a 34-year-old former police officer, is alleged to have murdered his girlfriend, Mickiesha Gumbs, 26, at Park Hill, by stabbing her on March 7, in Park Hill.

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3 replies on “Lawyer mulls paper committal in murder PI”

  1. Man you need to be locked up and throw away the keys. In mosaic law it was an eye for an eye. It’s amazing when people commit such crime they try and find the most […] lawyer who will assist there in evading natural justice. Mr. King I will loose no sleep if they break your necked for your alleged crime. This was a defenseless woman, the same woman that you slept with every month. Shame on you, let justice takes it course and must be seen to be done.

    1. King you are nothing Short of being a coward. Why you can’t take on a man of equal strength? They should bull you in jail . I know you will love it. This is the same woman that cooked for you every day and borne you child. Where was your love and empathy?

  2. I want justice for my cousin do u know the amount of tears we cry everyday for his own child he left without a mother smfh …

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