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Opposition candidate Kay Bacchus-Baptiste, who is hoping to be elected Member of Parliament, is proposing to bottle the mineral water from the spring in Gomea, commonly known as “spa water”.

“There is the issue of jobs, providing jobs. I spoke about our plan to bottle the Gomea spa water. I really don’t understand why that has not been done before,” Bacchus-Baptiste, a first time candidate told a virtual campaign rally of her New Democratic Party.

“Listen, my people. We are blessed with a natural mineral spring, eternally springing water and it just flows away, goes to waste,” she told the meeting Tuesday night, which was broadcast on social media and radio, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

“There are a few top brands of mineral water in the world and I must mention, of course, the San Pellegrino from the mountains in Italy, found in the highest priced restaurants and so forth. It’s one of my favourite bottled waters I might say.

“But I want the time to come when our Gomea spa water would be served to kings and queens and princes at high-end restaurants and lower end restaurants. It is, as I said, a healthy water and there’s no reason why it should just run and go to waste,” said Bacchus Baptiste, who is also a senator for the main opposition New Democratic Party.  

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Cecil “Ces” McKie, of the ruling Unity Labour Party has been representing since 2010, West St. George, where the spring is located.

The ULP has suggested that McKie will not contest the next general election and that Curtis King, a retired educator, would replace him.

10 replies on “Kay proposes to bottle Gomea ‘spa’ water”

  1. Finally somebody who knows dollars and sense. We could even sell rich volcanic soil. We have so much forest and no imagination.

  2. Ladies and gentlemen Curtis King (my friend ) will be no different that his predecessor Ces Mckie, birds of a feather flick together.

  3. Evelyn Deane says:

    Some one tried but after a few days that sharp ….mineral taste was not there anymore. It can only last for about three to four days….not sure why…

  4. David Peters says:

    Maybe this water should be bottled in glass bottles instead of plastic bottles just to see if the lifespan will be longer.

  5. In order to bottle the spring water it is obvious after a few days the water will loose ita potency. To maintain that taste, there must be a way of adding some sparkle to the content. It a matter of Research and Development.

  6. Hmm. Perhaps the water needs carbonated additives to preserve the taste. In any case, research is a necessity to product development. A private entrepreneur should be encouraged to R&D this potential venture.

  7. It would be great investment but the necessary research must be done properly. We can also look into fruits and vegetables processing as well. A lot of these items go to waste yearly.

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