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An opposition lawmaker says she will attempt to have removed from the voters list the names of hundreds of deceased persons.

“My dear people, our electoral list has over 92,000 names on it. Our population is just over 100,000. Only persons above the age 18 should be on the list. This list that they think they’re going to the polls with for the next election has over 92,000 names,” Senator Kay Bacchus-Baptiste told a virtual campaign rally of the main opposition New Democratic Party Tuesday night.

“I have, in my hand, a list of dead persons, hundreds and hundreds of names that are still on the list and that should be removed. I have the name, the area they came from, the address, the date of death, where they’re buried, the date of the burial. Full details,” Bacchus-Baptiste said.

She said that under the electoral law, a person’s name must be removed from the list when they die.

“I am reminding persons of what is happening right now in Guyana. Hundreds of dead people voted. The government is able to show the death certificates of these people,” said Bacchus Baptiste, who is the main opposition New Democratic Party’s candidate for West St. George.

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Bacchus-Baptiste, a lawyer and senator, said:

“We have this list and we are going to ensure that no dead person voted in St. Vincent election. I told y’all the penalty. We are going to comb the list. We are going to check the names. Every single man will be on board, the whole 15 candidates and all their party groups…” she said.

“We’re going to make sure that no Guyana happens here. I am giving you all our solemn promise, my dear people, your vote this time will not be in vain. They have to sanitise the list.”

Bacchus-Baptiste noted that the opposition had brought to Parliament a motion on electoral reform in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

She said that motion, primarily, called for an independent electoral commission.

“We drafted the legislation, we looked at legislation in all the Caribbean islands, including Trinidad, Jamaica, Barbados, Antigua, St. Lucia, with an independent electoral commission. St. Vincent remains [in a position] where the electoral office is under the purview of the prime minister.

“And there is a tendency every election time to transfer Julian Francis to the election office,” she said, referring to the senator who is also Minister of Works and general secretary of the ruling Unity Labour Party.

“They locked out our motion so that we could not debate it. They don’t want an independent electoral commission. But I promise the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines that we will do everything to make sure you know what is right; you know what is acceptable,” Bacchus-Baptiste said.

16 replies on “Hundreds of dead people’s name on SVG’s voter’s list — senator”

  1. This is what I have been asking Arnhim to do for years. Get the supporters of each candidate to review the voters list and visit each and every house to see who’s living there. That was a simple process that could and should have been done.

  2. What has and is happening in Guyana is setting the precedence for future elections in other Caricom countries and those that are in support of unverifiable votes being counted,God forbid, will want to use Guyana as a point of reference to be illegally sworn in to govern.

  3. Sickening to see our people playing from Donald Trump the most hated Racist American leader worldwide playbook to win an election, this is vile behaviour and I hope vincys have their minds and eyes open to see through these foolishness and games, I was hoping the Democratic party can actually come up with candidates who has brains and good plans but the keep falling short, such a disappointment.

  4. Beneath every story, there is another story. There is a hand within the hand…… There is a blow behind the blow

  5. Dead people generally vote ULP rather than NDP, why is that so? Bringing to mind hordes of zombie voters lurching to the polls and checking boxes for the ULP candidate.

    What may also be interesting would be if a dead voter cast a vote in more than one constituency.

  6. Swizer Stephens says:

    Is this the new season of “The Walking DEAD? . I want to make this Crystal Clear That I have never ever in this lifetime of mine voted for any political party anywhere on this Planet. So, If anyone had ever saw my name on any voting list, please be advice that I have never done so. EVER!!!

    1. You can be sure Swizer that now you have advertised the availability of your vote, someone will use it.

  7. What is happening in Guyana is unfortunate to say the leaast. The PPP/C is a race base party. Jagdeo could not run for President because of the two term limitations. However, being General Secretary, he is the one who calls the shot. What the PPP has done is window dressing in order to attract the black votes. Every thing is race when it comes to the PPP.

    The Ulp being a Socialist party is natural ally of the PPP . No wonder why the comrade played partisan politics when respect to the Guyana election when he commented on the results of the election before Gecom announced a winner was most unfortunate. It happened that dead people voted for the PPP. It was no wonder that the same Jagdeo was instrumental in try to stage a parliamentary coup when it was alleged that he encouraged Charrandas(Judads) to cross the floor to bring down the Apnu/Afc Government. Folks these things did not happen by chance.

  8. Hashtag Prince says:

    SVG is depending on you dear Senator.

    It is “TIME FOR CHANGE!”


  9. Real abhorent and wicked is what Ralph and Conpaby is doing to Vincys and Guyanese. We Guyanese will drove hombouta Giyana with hos collie AngloAryan treasonous domestic terrorist. Guyana is King Cuffy’s land and never Modi’s India. Time for military Tribunals and firing squads.

  10. As de election approaches an the comrade offers we more “pies in the sky” once again, but only to deliver de sack ah cement, lumber an galvanized sheets, the salt sucking could only continue for most Vincentians just as it does for most Venezuelans.

    As usual we are looking forward to nothing but more exodus of the people, it’s nothing but more exodus while the elite shops in New York, Toronto and London and dines in their swanky restaurants up there. See how dem belly full as if it ah go buss! Dem get de money an we get de “pies in the sky”!

  11. We need to remind ourselves that democracy is only a concept. The objective in any so called democratic election should be fairness , therefore it is only natural that the electoral list just be purge before every election. The names of all dead persons should be removed and the names of those reaching the age of 18 before the day of the new election should be added. At this stage in our Caribbean Politics should the opposition be asking the incumbent Government to purge the electoral list. At this point in Comrade Gonsalves political life he should be behaving like a Statement and do the right thing.

  12. Percival Thomas says:

    My understanding is that the electoral list has been outdated for a very long time. It is time for the list to be updated so that the next General Election is fair to both parties and the voters of SVG.

  13. Egland Gomes says:

    Hello ST Vincent & Grenadines opposition leaders be aware and warn the citizens of the island nation a sexual predator is on the loose to steal your elections.

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